"Lei Puyin said. Wang Xing nodded to Luo Yunhuai, and walked over with the beauty. The manager of the cold drink shop skipped Lu Chen in front and said to Chen Xiaobing behind Lu Chen. If you are just a relative of the donor, you can only stay in the outer hall." Just then, an ambulance drove in and stopped in the middle of the road. Lei Puyin walked over and held up a glass to respect Du Fei, but Du Fei pressed it down.

Du Fei was a little surprised.

When everyone saw that Wang Xing didn't even dare to join Lu Chen, they were upset again. Lu Chen said. "Miss, that kid really doesn't know good or bad. Most people can't book private rooms in this western restaurant, but with Luo Yunhuai's ability, it is fine to book a private room.

Those young talents did not dare to look at him at the few tables he passed, for fear that they would offend him accidentally. You deserved it and asked for it yourself." When I came out, it was as if I was really wronged by the sky. Her original intention was to deliberately create a heroic show for Luo Yunhuai to save the United States, and then she could have something with Luo Yunhuai, and of course she could not let Lu Chen destroy it. What he said was somewhat of an afterthought, of course, it was more of a mockery. "Xiaobing, I'll go out to pick up a friend." Video Who Are You, My Husband Chapter 32-40 | Best Novel with length See more at here! Big Wave didn't expect that Lu Chen would dare to talk back, and suddenly threatened. Especially thinking that Secretary Zhang might have been arranged by Xie Shujie, all of them felt a little expectant. This thank-you banquet was undoubtedly the best word-of-mouth advertisement for the major donating companies, and it was officially organized, so he asked Xia Jun to donate 20 million.

"Go by yourself, I'll send Qiqi to my mother first." Search This Blog Posts.

I'm going, really or not, is this guy so rich? When they happened to talk about a ball game that Lu Chen also liked, the two chatted more happily. Seeing that Lu Chen didn't speak, the big wave looked down even more. , How come you get into someone who shouldn't be offended. "You are a wicked obstacle, but you are here to toast and apologize to Boss Du!"

Now there are two experienced and capable officers in the Science Park, Wang Wei and Xu Shuting, and he is not worried at all.

Look, Wu Kai drove his big g directly into it. Of course he Did not dare to offend Du Fei's men. Chen Xiaobing looked at Lu Chen, Lu Chen shrugged, he didn't care, he just came out for lunch anyway.

At that time, even if he and Lu Chen have no substantial friendship, people will recognize them as real friends. But in the past two days, they went out and they had a better relationship. However, she is not good at showing it. Those who are in the underground, and they also have some status. Don't let others dominate your judgment." If they make friends or climb a few big people in this kind of field, they will just satisfy their humble psychology. ", Lei Puyin's face became more alarmed when he heard this: "You are talking nonsense, am I that kind of person? Lu Chen contemptuously, he knew Zhang Daoren would definitely say that. She knew that Luo Yunhuai had always been interested in Chen Xiaobing, and Chen Xiaobing did not give Luo Yunhuai a chance at all, but she was still a little uncomfortable, especially to find that Luo Yunhuai's eyes were shining at this moment, which made her extremely unhappy.

In fact, if it were not for Qiqi, she might really be divorcing Lu Chen. I think it was the uncle who got Xie Shujie's appreciation, and then mentioned the four of us to Xie Shujie before Secretary Zhang came to us." The youth who can make Wang Xing back down, as far as they know, the entire Yuzhou can be counted with one hand, this guy is unknown, is it the son from above? Who Are You, My Husband Chapter 32-40 | Best Novel Enjoy Reading #WhoAreYouMyHusband #WhoAreYouMyHusbandChapter32to40. What's so good about you? "Sir, if you are a donor or a company you represent, you can enter the inner hall. Chen Xiaobing asked in surprise. His family still asks others to do things, of course it is impossible to help Lei Puyin for a small matter.


Lu Chen asked pretendingly in surprise. "Yeah."

Soon her father Lei Yanjun rushed over.

The security guard was taken aback, seeing that it was Miss Chen, and hurriedly said, "In the parking lot over there, I will show you.". The short-haired beauty also said jokingly. I am afraid that once the total donation of Yuzhou comes out, it will definitely overshadow the limelight of other provinces and cities, and it will be hotly searched. Synopsis: She and the blind date met man get married soon.

Lu Chen nodded. Lei Puyin thought, that the useless ability to drink a drink with the man she likes is also the blessing of his eight lifetimes. "Yes, yes, I guess he donated dozens of dollars at most, and then mixed in by the way to make friends with the powerful." Seeing that Luo Yunhuai's emotions were provoked by him again, Lei Puyin sneered in his heart, and waited for a good show behind Luo Yunhuai. Please pay me back. The big wave and the four were a little unnatural when they saw that Lu Chen had come to their table, but they were relieved when they saw that Lu Chen had come to their table instead of directly entering the inner hall. Luo Yunhuai hurriedly threw away Lei Puyin's hand and separated from her. Lei Puyin provoked.

"Let's go, what do you do with such a small person? Not long after he came to Yuzhou, he would be able to drive Yuzhou's economy to take off once. He spends more time drinking boiled water or tea. Decembi likes this novel so you can read both of our features on it. One step, he looked at Lu Chen disdainfully and said. His Audi is no more than 500,000 yuan. When you see us who are really rich, we have to learn to be a man with our tails clipped, because people like us are not something you guys can afford." Wu Kai's two million cars don't care, but this kid is still distressed by the hundreds of thousands of cars. "This world is really small." Even people who drive Audi look down on it. "It's okay to let you go, but it's not for me to let it go. It is difficult for her to understand why Chen Xiaobing wants to say hello to a wretched person like Lu Chen, and even invite him to dinner. "Big, big brother, I'm really sorry, please let me go." © Copyright NovelFull.Com. This is what he cannot forgive. www. Chen Churan said. Then if he provokes him Xie Shujie investigates the matter, and you can't escape it."

Wang Xing was gone, not because he scorned the table with Lu Chen, but didn't dare to table with Lu Chen. I am not a fan of Shu Ke but at least this novel is short. Du Fei looked up at Lei Yanjun and sneered: "Lei Yanjun, you mean I blackmailed you?". "Secretary Zhang, come see our four brothers and sisters. At that time, without Chen Xiaobing getting in the way, she was more certain that Luo Yunhuai would like her. It was for the benefit of her family and company that she deliberately approached Chen Xiaobing, and she was able to gain Chen Xiaobing's trust through repeated care and tolerance.

The Zhou family’s lifeline is the original stone channel. A company, an enterprise, the most important thing is reputation.

Lu Chen took a taxi back home, saw Lin Yijun also sleeping in the same room with Qiqi, smiled bitterly in his heart, took a shower and went to sleep. Chapter 614 - Volume 9 – Chapter 16: Chat, Chapter 714 - Secret Affair in Seattle (3) – Part 1, Chapter 1324 - The Exalted Earth Luminary Who Felt Terrible, Chapter 597 - Threats, Two Princes Lost Their Fortune, Chapter 590 - The Calm That Comes With A Thought(23), Chapter 1569 - Is There Something Wrong With Your Head, Chapter 680.1 - Lin Hu’s Request (Part One), Chapter 344 - Stone Slab of the Ancient Runes, Chapter 927 - Little Skeleton’s arranged love, One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love, Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke, Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler. Will he deduct your salary?". Lei Puyin walked out of the cold drink shop and saw a luxury car parked in the cold drink shop. The security guard wondered, could there be fights in the club? "Where is Lei Puyin, haven't you seen it?" Chen Xiaobing nodded and turned to Lu Chen: "Brother Lu, what would you like to drink?" As long as he humiliated Lu Chen, Chen Xiaobing would definitely blame Luo Yunhuai and even break up with Luo Yunhuai. Lu Chen nodded and looked at Chen Churan, "I'll go back first.".

Lu Chen looked at the four of them and asked. Lu Chen just nodded and said that he was a direct donor, when he saw Luo Yunhuai walking towards him. "What are you doing while sitting, don't you hurry up to greet Shao Wang?" Why is he not ethical at all? Everyone recognized Secretary Zhang, and they all started talking. The woman's name was Lei Puyin, and Lu Chen could not remember her, but she still remembered Lu Chen. Lei Yanjun glanced at the sea bowl filled with a bottle of white wine, his heart couldn't help beating, and he was in trouble if he drank the pound of white wine in one gulp. The first young man stepped forward. She felt that she was a superfluous person in the private room. "The four big families donated money in this earthquake donation. Luo Yunhuai explained.

Why didn't he take it?

This is the big guy he has been yearning for for a long time. "Brother Lu, do you know your feelings too?" (Chinese Translated)(Completed) The … She felt wronged in her heart, really wronged.

He was going to be transferred to Yiqi Technology to work, so there was no need to get out of the limelight.

Just when Lu Chen was about to say something to the security guards, a luxury car stopped beside them. He felt that if Lu Chen was sitting in the outer hall today, Xie Shujie and the others might still want him to go for a drink, and when people see that they are at the same table, they will also envy him.

They thought that as soon as Wang Xing appeared, Lu Chen would have to be a human being with his tail clipped.

Seeing the joking in Lu Chen's eyes, the four of them all bowed their heads in shame. Lu Chen nodded, took the key in his hand, and looked at the big wave. He walked towards the main hall, and saw a waiter stopped him. Du Fei looked at Lei Yanjun and said.

If Lei Puyin kept sending him WeChat, he wouldn't want to come out in such a hot weather.

Do you think it can be solved with a little money? Chen Churan said. "Boss Du, I really can't drink anymore..." Lei Yanjun looked at Du Fei, not feeling angry, but he could only hold back. The reason why Chen Churan wanted to compensate Lu Chen's car in person was because she felt that she invited Lu Chen to go there the night before, and Wu Kai and others made Lu Chen very upset. Thinking that they had stopped Lu Chen from letting in before, I felt a little flustered. Hu Biao saw Lei Pu After Silver's plan, he laughed playfully. With the help of major media to build momentum, Yiqi Technology has not donated as the starting point, and exaggerated the damage to Yiqi Technology. "I represent Shengshi Supermarket. BRAX vs. But what makes them even more embarrassed is that before they went out, they felt that they were higher than the employees of other companies. Especially those young talents with better family backgrounds feel that it is possible to come to them. "Do you know who the thank you dinner is for today?"


Lei Yanjun had nothing to say about Du Fei's words, but he also wanted to know how Du Fei would handle this matter. ", Lu Chen watched the big wave like an idiot, too lazy to care about her, turned to the two security guards and asked, "Now, do you still think I am not qualified to go in? This is mainly because Luo Yunhuai is very good at talking.

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