Silver #2 was trained by the famous trainer and handler, Glenn Randall who also trained Roy Roger’s Trigger. Michael Landon may have had up to 3 different pinto's over the run of the series. Just a bit more on Buck Jones's horse, Silver.

When Pie died in 1970, Stewart arranged for him to be buried on his ranch. But for all his skittishness, Silver #2 was the horse that Clayton always toured with and used for publicity events. Resend Activation Email.

Hopalong Cassidy's horse was named Topper. All Rights Reserved. Tony did his own tricks and was referred to as, The Wonder Horse. It more, Six months after the death of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev succeeds him with his election as first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. I prefer to remember both of them like this: Sadly, I can’t think of another memorable western movie horse that’s come along in the past 50 years. Didn't catch the title. Double was Pumpkin) : Black Jack was originally called Thunder and ridden by Wild Bill Elliott (as Red Ryder). Hopalong Cassidy's horse was named Topper.

HISTORY reviews and updates its content regularly to ensure it is complete and accurate. Can you or any one of you throw some light on this most touching movie I have ever seen. Brownie may have been his favorite. The COZI channel started running the series and movies last year so I've been able to catch up on a lot that I missed in my earlier years.

Do you know? WILLIAM EVANS (author) from GARLAND, TEXAS on March 26, 2013: Thank you for the well wishes. Allen “Rocky” Lane (Voice of Mr. Ed [ Bamboo Harvester was registered name and was a 4-time winner of the Patsy Award aka: Animal Oscar] Was fed peanut butter to make his mouth move.

However, I can tell you that LaRue's horse was Black Diamond and at a later date the name was changed to Rush., JOHNNY MACK BROWN'S HORSES, SCOUT/RENO & REBEL, Johnny started out on a white steed called Scout. When he returned to pictures, he rode Shiek, Lightning, Steel and Sundance. In addition, Champion starred in 26 episodes of his own television series The Adventures of Champion in 1955 and 1956.

In 1959, seven of the top-10 shows on national television were westerns like The Rifleman, Rawhide, and Maverick.

One such scene in which Silver #1 received the Animal Award of Excellence required Silver to drag The Lone Ranger to water. Bob Denver as Dusty in Dusty’s Trail: Freckles, Bob Steele: Brownie, Ginger, Rusty, Flambow, Boy, Sheik, Zane and Sacks, Bobby Diamond as Joey Newton in “Fury”: Highland Dale, Brenden Frazier as Dudley DoRight: Horse (real name McFly) Brown Horse was Bullet, Bruce Campbell as Brisco County Jr.: Comet (real name Copper), Buck Jones: Silver (Doubles were White Eagle and Sandy and two others who also played Silver). How The Aerial Stunt Was Filmed in Dark Knight Rises, 20 Questions for The Real Lincoln Lawyer: David Ogden, Ten Secrets Behind the Making of "Unstoppable", TEN GREATEST Western Movie Horses: Part 2 Topper, Silver & More. “Maverick” (1994 movie) had a horse named Ollie and a burro named Arthur. WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on August 19, 2013: Randy Godwin from Southern Georgia on August 19, 2013: Yes, but I loved them as a kid, Will.

Preston's horse, Rex was Richard Simmons's (actor portraying Sgt.

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