Donald Stits, the designer of the Baby Bird, was the son of Ray Stits, the co-builder of the Sky Baby. Over a life spent with his head literally in the clouds, Starr logged over 15,000 hours in the air, starting as far back as flying fighter planes during World War II. Sadly, this particular triumph was laced with a healthy dose of tragedy when on the Bumblebee 2’s final flight of the day, its wee engine quit and the diminutive plane dropped from the sky, completely destroying itself in the resulting impact and severely injuring Starr. And yet, for an unfamiliar name, he has accomplished an incredible amount. The finished plane should look like this. Test your paper folding technique with these paper airplane examples. For best results use a flat, thin-edged ruler. Fold the top edge down one more time to meet the bottom of the previous fold. Join the party! Fold up the tabs. Starting at the top of the thick nose of the plane, fold the wings down 1/2” in the front and slightly angled to 1 1/2” in the back.

Now, by weight, the Wee Bee still beats them out, with a 210 pound empty weight (that weight is according to what I’m finding), vs 396 pounds for the Bumble Bee II and 252 for the Baby Bird. Fold the upper sides into the center line. It is perhaps the latter, his love for experimental aircraft (specifically very, very small experimental aircraft), which has gained him the most attention and notoriety, and led to the flight of the Bumble Bee airplane.

There are a handful of different considerations when it comes to deciding the ‘smallest airplane’ status. So when Starr found it difficult receiving proper credit for his contributions to these early experimental micro aircraft, he decided to build his own aircraft and establish a new world record. One can only hope that he did and that if he is still alive today, he continues to look skyward with wonder and appreciate the beauty of a soaring plane, realizing his small, but interesting place in aviation history with the flight of the Bumble Bee airplane. 5 Donald Stits Baby Bird still held onto the record, though this is a somewhat muddled issue.

Cut two small slits at the back of each wing. Learn how to craft this inexpensive headpiece for an underwater-themed party or for an accompaniment to a Halloween costume. These colorful, easy-to-make binoculars will have kids on the lookout for backyard adventure all year long.

Use old book pages, flash cards, scrapbook paper or even sheet music to make these sweet pinwheels that can bring a festive, playful touch to parties and holidays. Every mermaid deserves a crown. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Fold the plane in half away from you. After a time, Starr recovered from his injuries, though he never tried to revive the Bumblebee 2. On the 8th of May, 1988, at the age of 64, Robert H. Starr set a new world record for the smallest biplane with the Bumblebee 24, though the overall record still eluded him5. Kids will have a blast with their own, personal mini circus. Lincoln J. Beachey: The Tragic Rise and Fall of the Master Birdman, The History of the Experimental Certificate - Disciples of Flight. Kids will love this fun (and tasty) science experiment. Fold the top right edge over to meet the edge of the fold from step 3. Though similar on a design level, the Bumblebee 2 was smaller and lighter than its predecessor. Fold up the edges of the wings 1/2”. It was a fascinating story to write about, and I’m always surprised it’s not more well known.

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