The list is of theories are endless in the eyes of TWC founder Chris Smith. The places the Tennessee Wraith Chasers go have real history, and these ghost hunters do incorporate actual past events into every episode.

Christopher Lee Smith was born and Raised in Gallatin Tennessee and Rocked in the cradle of southern pride and a strict missionary baptist upbringing. 22k Followers, 16 Following, 909 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tennessee Wraith Chasers (@tennessee_wraith_chasers) They are sometimes regarded in modern folklore and paranormal popular culture as malicious, evil spirits or “wraiths”.

I wanted something that would make people see the name and wonder, 'What's this about?' Scott experienced an unexplainable event that occurred one morning as Scott awoke to the smell of breakfast filling his boyhood home. Merch.

His number one desire is to find hard evidence and reveal the truth behind the unexplained, whether it be paranormal or not, to calm the fears of others and strengthen his knowledge in the field. ", It goes on to say that this talented team "combines historical research and modern science with some good old Southern know-how to find the truth at the heart of the legends.". They also have a branded line of Tennessee Wraith Chasers merchandise which includes T-shirts, jewelry, and car decals.

"Doogie" has an Extensive 12 year Background in Construction and Fabrication, but now works as an X-Ray Technician. Doogie has labelled the residence he shares with his wife and son as haunted. Chris Smith. Let your creativity flair with our customise tool. We use cookies to give you a great experience. So if yow want some new Wraith Wear before our new episodes air order today!!!

View previous events. As an investigator, Doogie is determined and high energy with a unique awareness and a knack for finding new and interesting locations. Turns Out You Can Stay at Hallmark's 'Chateau Christmas' Too!


Shop TWC Destroyed Investigator T T-Shirt created by tnwraithchasers. “We will never know what they are exactly.

Music. 91 were here. BOOKING. Please remember our products are made to order just like what we wear on the show and may take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive (only applies to domestic orders international times vary). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Home page of Tennessee Wraith Chasers.

Christopher Lee Smith was born and Raised in Gallatin Tennessee and Rocked in the cradle of southern pride and a strict missionary baptist upbringing. So what's left?

One thing I know they are not... human.” Chris uses scientific testing and a strong Christian Faith to make his assumptions in a paranormal world, filled with many questions and very few answers. Once he thoroughly searched the house he picked up the phone and called his dad only to discover that both his mother and father had left the house much earlier that morning without ever having prepared breakfast. Born in late 79, Steven McDougal has had many ventures. Chris is very family oriented and Deeply rooted in his Christian Faith. It’s our human nature. About. BOOKING. Not everybody knows what it means, but everyone is going to want to know.". In the summer of 1975 a hard headed, determined, analytical little boy was born to a deeply religious family in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Scott brings an extremely analytical mind to the team and quite often plays the devil's advocate when studying evidence. Their individual accounts are @christwc, @miketwc, @doogietwc, @brannontwc, and @portertwc. The Tennessee Wraith Chasers wrote "Run Tell the Devil," the theme song for their show.

PLUS...if your one of the next 100 orders we'll … He now hopes to help others that have had paranormal experiences by finding evidence that will substantiate what they have experienced, be it natural or supernatural. According to a 2017 Facebook post, the paranormal investigators teamed up with singer Christian Tucker to create the track.

After a quick splash of water on his face in the hallway bathroom he started to the kitchen and quickly noticed that the smell of breakfast had vanished from the air and his mother was nowhere to be found. Home. It's going to depend on your existing beliefs on the paranormal.

Zazzle have the perfect tennessee wraith chasers gift for any occasion. They also have a branded line of Tennessee Wraith Chasers merchandise which includes T-shirts, jewelry, and car decals. Follow the Haunted Towns stars on Instagram @tennessee_wraith_chasers.

Online I was looking around for different words and things. He hopes to help others like him with unanswered questions about the unexplained.

", According to their Travel Channel bio, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers "is a serious team of paranormal investigators that doesn't take itself too seriously. Our merchandise page is back up and running!


A hard core sceptic of ghosts in the traditional since, Chris believes in the plan of God the Father: You die, you are judged, you go to your “long home”.

If nothing else, Haunted Towns certainly is entertaining.

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