Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has called for the Lingayats to be recognized as an entire religion separate from Hinduism - like Jains or Buddhists - in a move designed to end the Lingayat loyalty to the BJP.

Blog: When It Rains, Especially, Kishori Amonkar Will Be Missed, Blog | Radhika Bordia | Wednesday April 5, 2017, When I told Kishori Tai of the many moods her music evoked, she dismissed my romantic waffling with a sharp "But you just said you don't know classical music or how to recognize ragas, what moods are you talking about?" Speculation is that Rajdeep will be able to attract talent from several existing news channels. Work. I do remember Ulahannan. My favourite NDTV news anchor is Nidhi Razdan. I have got an opportunity and hence I am utilising it", says Rajdeep. Radhika has a sort of intelligence which puts her in a category of her own. Nidhi Razdan might be in media because of her dad but her credentials as anintelligent journalist should not be questioned. I wish all the best. he just does not have a pleasant disposition required for a TV presenter, besides being dominating and interrupting while conducting interviews. Cruelty To Animals? She gets written about because of her Dad who is chief editor and MD of PTI. The wedding is today and they have been seeing each other for years. CAN ANYONE ASK HIM TO CREATE A BLOG OF HIS OWN. This is the comment which according to my father irked Brajesh Mishra and set the stage for his recall. I don't think Nidhi's being a journo has much to do with who her father is. The legal response was a reaction – a rarer than rare reaction – to a gratuitously terrible comment, from a platform of some influence.

she has come up from ranks and deserve to be where she is right nowher avid fan. "Absolutely Indian By Heart," Says Karachi Bakery After Protest In Bengaluru, India News | Reported By Nehal Kidwai, Radhika Bordia; Edited By Swati Bhasin | Sunday February 24, 2019. An Indian ambassador disgraced himself by opposing India while holding office abroad in the aftermath of Pokhran tests.

Barkha or Srinivasan or for that matter the cute Nidhi Razdan cannot take his place.I now don't feel like watching NDTV. He posted the tweets in December 2017, but they came to my attention only last month when R Jagannathan, the editor of Swarajya magazine, retweeted them. And to find more information about Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa please visit my Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa pages. OF LATE NDTV HAS BEEN A CHANNEL OF MY INTEREST. In all organizations, where a group of human beings assemble for a common purpose irrespective of caste, creed, and religion, management principles come into play through the management of resources, finance and planning, priorities, policies and practice. This is an opinion piece and the views expressed above are the author’s own. Take, for instance, this very month - packed into one lunar cycle are three moon-rich concepts that allow us to revel in being Indian. He anchors the weekly ground reportage show Truth vs Hype on NDTV 24x7.

Radhika Bordia Sunday, July 9, 2017 I love the moon-talk in our land. why only he ?it is in almost all tv so called jornalist.they have very limited or no knowledge of subject but pretend as if they know have seen many started their channel. I JUST WANT TO TALK TO HIM. Talking of debating societies, did any of you know that Radhika Bordia was the first woman president of St Stephen's Debating Society and that is no easy thing to achieve. Even so, there is nothing in the public record – at least none that I have come across – that can credibly establish that in his formal role as a diplomat, whether it was with the South African government, the press or in other public interactions, he stridently opposed the tests or undermined India's diplomatic efforts, as the Nayar piece avers. Yeah I heard they've got TV18 on their side.. could be good then again. He anchors the ground reportage documentary show Truth vs Hype and co-anchors Reality Check. Wby doesn't Radhika Bordia anchor. The power is eventually with the remote, and that's in MY hand.Headlines today is staid!

A younger woman, her voice trembling, shouts across room, "When I see the film, my blood boils. He is always anxious to ask his next question and tries to interrupt the answer to his previous question. Explore more on Radhika Bordia. Vajpayee immediately recalled him - today his son propagandizes at a TV channel for the “secular” forces. Sreenivasan Jain is an Indian journalist working for NDTV since 1995. and whosoever says dat Rajeev is no good....can go to hell!! Giving Up Home, Boyfriends And Ferraris: Why Young Jains Choose Diksha, India News | Written by Radhika Bordia | Thursday May 10, 2018. And Nidhi is undoubtedly charming. I guess it's good to have more news channels. For those interested, the facts are as follows: my father was indeed appointed High Commissioner under the Gujral government, and was recalled by the Vajpayee government in October 1998.

zakka jacob is good. I don't quite like the name though! It is equally true that the South Africans were deeply distressed by the Pokhran tests, and made no bones about saying as much to India, a country with which South Africa has a deep, shared history.

So that bloody Commie is quitting the bloody Commie mouthpiece NDTV to start his own Commie mouthpiece?? Click to get started. who is this anonymous guy who feel guys are falling for the beauty of nidhi rather than her skills as a presenter. I never liked this guy much. "I had a dream of doing something on my own. He was also briefly Managing Editor of NDTV's business channel, Profit. Wht abt natasha?She does a good presentation for you decide,the rest are all wrking hard at their looks.Wht do u think guys? Anil Bordia was an Indian educationist, social activist and former civil servant, widely respected for his contributions to the Indian education sector. It also assert that leadership must be more facilitative, participative and empowering in how visions and goals are established and carried out. heard he blogs too, i think on the headlines today website. I'd say Srinivasan Jain, Nidhi Razdan should do a show together. nidhi and all other female presenters can teach ignorant blokes like this fellow what gk is.he is an idiot of the first orderpriyanka menon. He is an emotional man who gets too caught up in the events.

Nidhi Razdan is getting married to lyricist Neelesh Misra? then she went on to study in IIMC in radio and television journalism. I quite like CNBC.And on a lighter note, who's ever not liked Nidhi Razdan? But then, these are the times we are in,” writes Sreenivasan Jain. But then, these are the times we are in,” writes Sreenivasan Jain. Well-known journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has decided to quit NDTV. Rajdeep had a presence and a maturity that's undeniable. I was never a fan of Sardesai or Barkha Dutt though. This website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics, Make sure all words are spelled correctly. Very pretty but could look neater. I am 21.I simply likes the way ZAKKA JACOB do the reports.I watch regularly Headlines today only because of him.In 2007,I went Delhi, but didn't find him.I just want to talk to him. 66 comments. Off-topic, Rediff could have put a better picture of Sardesai! As a journalist, I am well aware of the importance of freedom of speech. She is a humanitarian and someone who gave up on a chance to study at Oxford to go back to her home land. That's interesting, so there are people who like Zakka Jacob. If we can get more channels with good stuff it us as citizens who will benefit. i simply adore the way srinivas jain do the reports...his report during the mumbai attack was really amazing..he is one who always tries to be different.. Zacca Jacob is very good at his job! I WISH I GOT AN OPPORTUNITY TO TELL HIM HOW MUCH I ADORE HIM! Of late Rajdeep was looking a bit stressed out and tired. Find Radhika Bordia Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Radhika Bordia and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. Some of these girls sound silly but look great. i am practically in love with him...he is one impeccable orator and he has done some fabulous job in ndtv. "Absolutely Indian by heart," reads a post shared by a six-decade old bakery chain, Karachi Bakery, on its official Facebook account today adding that its founder had set up the chain after he migrated to India from Pakistan after partition. International School of Brussels. Not that one should be the Larry King extreme, literally devouring the answers, punctuated sparsely by a Why or How, leaning precariously, chin on knuckles! No one can get the participants riled up the way he used to. well read and articulate. Management need to focus more on leadership skills, e.g., establishing vision and goals, communicating the vision and goals, and guiding others to accomplish them. but went so low for creating news recently(Shakti Kapoor incident).Journalisim is or requires lot more things than these people have.hence it appears he will also end up like other ordinary journalist/tv news readers.Ask him to remember list of such people who have disappeared from the scene. I am a great fan of rajdeep since my school days. This is the irony of Media. Though many might perceive this as a precursor of a news channel, I say "more the merrier".btw I think Zakka Jacob, spells class in news reporting!!! I feel a huge vaccum in NDTV without my favourite rajdeep. (Screenshots of the relevant passages from the book below; am summarising the key points for convenience.). He said "Gandhian or no Gandhian, no one in world can be comfortable with a nuclear device.

A year ago, Parmar created a life size model of a cow with its intestines spilling out. I don't have any doubt that Rajdeep is one of the best television journo's of the country. As for the looks department which seems to be such an obsession, she is simply natural. A VERY GOOD POLITICAL ANALYST. Who is this Nidhi Razdan, does she even know anythin of politics, guys seem to be impressed by her physical assets than anything else, the whole debate on this site about how good nidhi is and how abt rajdeep is is in real bad taste. Hindu Group Leader, Named In Pune Violence, Hiding On Police Tip, Says Brother, India News | Written by Radhika Bordia | Monday January 8, 2018. They were later released on bail and a case of cruelty to animals, which carries a five-year jail term and a fine, has been filed against them.

Don't get to watch most channels regularly, but I was impressed with Indiavision during my last Kerala trip. Rajdeep was the person I liked the most in the NDTV team. Though Nidhi Razdan is my personal favourite at the moment. does this spell trouble in the ndtv ranks. He is also an Op-ed columnist for the Business Standard newspaper. For the last a few months I was really worried what happened to Rajdeep Sardesai.I feel very sad about that he left NDTV, becuase NDTV has become my favourite news channel after Praanoy and team left Star plus. She could be with a little better grooming. i just didn't like rajdeep. MCRC, Jamia Milia Islamia. Hence the notice, asking him to delete the tweets and issue a public apology, or face legal action.

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