Hotmail accounts tend to illicit images of spam or 12 year olds.

You’re not so bad yourself . The way you outline your demographic is a fantastic idea too – creates a selling point to the businesss, especially if they allign! Think about this as a potential brand/sponsor. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hi Angela, somehow I missed your comment when you initially posted it, but I wanted to make sure you got a response. Thank you very much for taking the effort to share this. Sorry! As an example, the excerpts of your blog posts, while a nice touch, could be condensed to a title, photo, and relevant statistics of engagement on those posts: if it’s really a successful post, you could have pageviews, Facebook shares, Pinterest shares, comments, etc.

THANK YOU for this article. Thank you for this great round up, Jeni! Srikantha, I love these examples.

, Thanks for the encouragement, Stacy! But you have lovely content beyond that and you should highlight it! I am most definitely going to raise my rates this year!

It has tons of cute personality but is not overwhelming (like mine–haha!) My marketing manager has told me that in her experience small business owners are super busy and don’t have time to do anything but skim emails that come in. I really like the social media information. Everything you need to tell them should fit on 1-3 pages – sponsors are busy people/companies and most people will see the page count and miss all the fabulous info. I have a similar recommendation to the above mentioned one.

So, let’s get started. Thanks Kristy! I’ll know more about how that’s working for me (or not!)

I liked #1 and #9 best as I feel they are the most professional looking and easy to see social media stats and well as being clean and easy to read. All the best! Maybe you can use that font for the headlines and a lowercase font for the body. The blue was a little bit hard for me to read with the white print. Since it is just one page, do you think you could have it embedded on your site directly? Up your prices….you’re worth it. The Modern Social Media Kit features a fresh design and several templates for various purposes such as quotes, announcements, blog post promotions, and more. e + c. Love this kit! makes use of an interactive media kit on a sub-domain. I love your elegant photographs and pleasant tone to your writing. The template includes more than 200 fonts and a stylish background that will give you attention-grabbing social media quotes in seconds. Who I’m advertising to. The media kit of break media reaches the point quickly and conveys their motto quickly and efficiently. Just a little more fluff . All the information is there without overloading the eyes with too many words. Their website is super viral and a little details is enough for advertisers to know about it. Show AND tell . Thanks, Stephinie!

I want to make kids know and believe that they are destined for greatness. Social Media Booster Kit includes 15 templates designed for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I too like the statistics paired with a icon. Hi ladies! Your children are beautiful! I would suggest that your pricing is too low. Thanks for the advice! It might be nice to also add some example images, you have some really great photos in your ‘project gallery’ that would be a great example of the work you can do. Now, go get ’em!

Each of the templates is easy to edit and customize thanks to Smart Objects. That’s ROCKIN’!!!! I suggest moving (or duplicating) your contact info to the front page. We offer banner ads (limitedly), sponsored posts/giveaways, travel sponsorship, speaking engagements, and sometimes someone will contact us with some other idea that we might try. Thanks again for featuring my kit, lovely to get some smart feedback from your audience. The Square Social Media Kit makes use of gradient overlays to bring attention to your photos.

Please leave feedback for QuilterChic here. You know your niche – that’s uncommon these days. I love the graphic look and feel of your media kit! Although the media kit of National Review isn’t quite beautiful, but it is efficiently placed for a better display of their stats. Jen. Something that might be good to add are some testimonials from readers or businesses, how you’ve changed people’s lives for the better or how you have assisted a business increase their business! The second page clearly lays out his offerings, rates, and past brand partnerships with examples of branded photos. Being active on social media is a must if you want to reach your audience, engage with them, and build their trust. Rest of the media kit is a terrible designed one, but informative and suits the news media corporation. I recently had my blog updated and requested recommendations for my PR section. If you’re just starting out, what would you do to gain attention from brand sponsors as you’re growing?

e + c. You have a great one page kit. I also loved the minimalistic style of #2 and the photos are wonderfully styled to match that minimalistic feel! Thanks for the idea Kristie. It all looks very professional and warm and inviting. Hi Stephinie, Here’s how theChive shows how to use a small and effective media kit. Can you condense it just a little? haha) and I think that your kit is a touch too long. Best of luck with your new sponsorship opportunities this year! I like that you have testimonials in your media kit, but maybe you can consider using boxes or some other graphic treatment to break them up and make them stand out more. WOW! Hands down, one of my most helpful articles for bloggers who want to connect with brands is How to Make a Media Kit that ROCKS. How do I mention my daily page views on my media kit then? I like being able to look at something and quickly get the necessary information before moving on. An eye on the competition is definitely a benefit for your business. I agree – you have wonderful content and the image you have up front is beautiful! I liked the look of your media page as well. Thank you so much Carrie! I wouldn’t use daily page views; a simple average of your monthly page views should be more stable. You can view the entire media kit of Fast Company Here. Thanks! Also pinning this! They have both print publication and Web trend details. You can view the media kit of National Review Here. Should it say “lie” or “life”? I’ve been blogging for 4 years and within the last year and a half the amount of requests and emails I’ve been getting from PR companies have exploded so I’m researching how to start selling space as opposed to just giving it away! The colors are great and all of the information that I would want is easy accessible. I appreciate your feedback. You can customize the overlays to match your brand colors or opt for a simple photo instead.

Thanks for sharing!

Even as I sent it to you I knew it needed a lot of work. I enjoyed perusing these examples! Your contact info is really visible which is also a huge plus! I just spent some time in your garden, virtually. Try this colorful Palette Social Media kit.

Use these premade social media kits to design social media posts and breathe new life into your social media presence. I love how clean cut and to the point this media kit is. I appreciate posts like this because it shows exactly what to add & I really love the creativity expressed in some of them too.

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