[22], A musical based on John's life and experiences titled "Dead Serious" premiered off-Broadway in July 2019.

It included screenshots of Facebook posts made by John in advance of the new show's recording, which solicited his fans to find "volunteers to be filmed for a TV show" in Los Angeles and Boston.

Other reviews state that this person has been indicated on fraud charges. The Contestants On Lifetime's Reality Series Get A Reading In Addition To Their Ride", "Skeptics Set a Trap and a So-Called "Celebrity Medium" Fell for the Hoax", "Jamy Ian Swiss - In Pursuit of Psychics: For Good Reason", "We can't explain our encounter with psychic medium Thomas John: See for yourself", "How a Celebrity Psychic Turned One Proud Skeptic Into a Believer", "Celebrity Medium Thomas John Breaks on Through (To the Other Side)", "Psychic medium Thomas John returns for show in West Bloomfield April 12", "John Oliver on psychics: 'A vast underworld of unscrupulous vultures, "John Oliver Exposed the Media's Complicity in Promoting Psychic "Mediums, "Psychics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)", "I'm Speechless! "Dead Serious" played from July through September 2019 at the Theatre Center in New York City. After the show's suspension, John continued to do group readings using the Internet with sessions attended by hundreds of fans. There is no entertainment value in what these grief vampires do. She presented screenshots of some of these messages as proof. It was alleged that he advertised and collected rent on properties that he did not own. But you would think that maybe, just maybe, someone claiming to be a reporter would spend, what, maybe ten minutes looking on Google to see if there might be more to this story? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Gerbic points out that "Everyday TJ posts on Facebook a message asking who is coming to his show. According to court papers, ZTPR "completed all the services of helping him build and exaggerate in the press his public profile as a believable psychic medium". Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Follows a medium as he gives readings to his ride-share passengers.

While I know that people have these intuitive abilities, I am a skeptic by nature and doubt many of the "TV Mediums" - almost all EXCEPT this Medium when you watch him rapid fire Read someone without even looking, he's driving after all. In the article, Gerbic dissected the recording and demonstrated with screenshots that the information John portrayed as coming from spirits was easily available on social media, making the performance at least in part, a hot reading. [42], In a June 2019 Skeptical Inquirer article titled "Thomas John Revisited", Gerbic reported on the aftermath of the sting.

Did I mention that this was a donation? Reviewed in the United States on October 24, 2019. Coupled with the first technique, this would allow John to tailor his presentation to specific sections of the audience based on where they were seated. Do you due diligence. Gerbic's response to all the psychics she reviewed not seeing the pandemic coming was: '"Oh, so, what good are you then?"' You can tell that either this is fake or prearranged. His readings are fun, highly emotional, shocking and, for many, incredibly life-changing.

Find a person you're curious about — search today!"

Select the department you want to search in. [5], When asked whether psychics would change their behavior now that they knew her methods, Gerbic said, "I hope they see Gerbics in their audience every time they look out and wonder if we might be there." Seatbelt Psychic, Los Angeles, California. John gives private readings to clients and claims to be often scheduled a year in advance. And each time he posts these messages, he receives friendly questions and comments from people who say they will be at the show, or maybe they mention a future show they will be attending.

Susan Gerbic reported that this appearance "was suggested by one of TJ's biggest YouTube fans (as proof of John's mediumship abilities). She concluded that the details about their lives mentioned by John were easily found on social media sources and likely fed to John, making the readings actually hot readings. [10], John is a native of Boston, Massachusetts, where he was raised in an Italian-Catholic household. ", "An Inside Look at How the Guerrilla Skeptics Expose Famous "Psychic Mediums, "Is Thomas John a real psychic?

Psychic Medium Thomas John sheds light on a father's last heroic act, relays life lessons from a deceased mobster, challenges the beliefs of a staunch skeptic, and unearths answers to console a grieving brother. [4], In 2009, John was arrested and pleaded guilty to felony fraud for posting fake apartment ads on Craigslist and stealing the security deposits from renters. His intentions were to help people.

[20] John's co-producer Alan Glist says that psychics are an inviting and common target of skeptics, adding, "Unfortunately, there is always that group of people that are trying to bring psychics and mediums down and non-believers. Amazon you have let us down. These pictures contain saved reading lists from past Google searches, including searches for specific individuals and intelius.com. It is produced by Zeb Newman, Ryan Simpkins, Sarah Happel, Emma Conway, Brie Miranda Bryant, and Ben Winston. The Thomas John Experience, now streaming on CBS All Access [4], In 2019, the "New York Times" reported that a sting operation run by Susan Gerbic found John was using information acquired from audience Facebook accounts during group readings.

'"Let me be clear: grief vampires prey on loss, loneliness, and pain; their platitudes offer nothing helpful. During the entire reading, John failed to determine the actual identities of Gerbic and Edward, or that they were deceptive during his reading. Gerbic's article includes screenshots of John's monitor captured during the live steam. I know the New York Post is not holding out for a Pulitzer and investigative journalism is not their MO. [20], Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the cancellation of his Las Vegas show dates for the duration, in 2020 John's turned to remote readings over Zoom to continue his mediumship business. Seatbelt Psychic Starts Wednesday 5 September Seatbelt Psychic is a half-hour series that surprises unsuspecting ride-share passengers with a psychic reading. After the show's suspension, John continued to do group reading… [5], These details were from the falsified Facebook accounts for the pair, which were prepared by a group of skeptics in advance of the reading, and Gerbic and Edward were not aware of the specific information in these accounts.

If you're interested in watching how a Medium works, I think watching this Show one of the best and most authentic.

Get this fake off the air.

Gerbic described the problem with this as follows: If the psychic knows who you are before the reading, then the chances that you have been hot read are extremely high. Psychic Medium Thomas John reunites a grieving widow with her beloved husband, delivers business advice from an eccentric, obtains closure from a disapproving military man, and takes a tearful dad on a ride with his son. Sorry folks. BEST Medium at work I've ever seen - STRAIGHT UP - Thomas John raises the Bar, Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2019. John reads "three grieving women", and claims the results validate his paranormal powers. 21K likes. He knew about Susanna's father-in-law and how he died." I've also unexpectedly learned some things. Caught up in the moment, especially when your coworkers are sitting right there saying that this is real, it's easy to see how someone might believe all this. On the opening day of John's show, "Skeptical Inquirer" published an article analyzing John's appearance two years earlier on the TV show, "Windy City Live" on ABC7 in Chicago. [3] He has been called the "Manhattan Medium" and starred in the 2018 reality TV show, "Seatbelt Psychic", and the CBS All Access series "The Thomas John Experience" beginning in June 2020. If she spoke up during that period of time, I don't remember that." But that does not mean that someone else didn't do some pre-show work on these people and give the best bits of information to Thomas John, which he could then claim he was receiving from the dead.[18].

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