Find guides to this achievement here. Current known locations for either Rose or George are Cannon Cove, Crescent Isle, Lone Cove, Mermaid’s Hideaway, Plunder Valley, Sailor’s Bounty, Smuggler’s Bay, Snake Island, Shark Bait Cove, and Wanderer’s Refuge.

This one is on the northeast part of the island between two trees.

After a brief battle with the forlorn Skeleton Captain, you will be able to claim George's Pendant. Why is this?? Below are some of the possible stories you might encounter…. If they were in the chest you have to take them out before you go on the island, Do you have to do this to continue the shores of gold one or can skip to the next thing. I say it’s 50–50. They're free from Rooke's curse. There you’ll find an entire marker series devoted to these steps in the Wild Rose Tall Tale Guide. Our First Dance To reenact Rose and George’s dance, you will need to go to Wanderer’s Refuge. I've been a gamer ever since I was old enough to hold a controller, early 90's to be exact. I was magnificent. Note: While you are here, you might want to pick up The Lovers' Notes #1. Someone above mentioned they got a story called Day 81. Dig right where the grass meets the beach. Don't forget to grab the Lover's Compass from the table before you leave. The day we found our pendants! Oh, thank heavens!

Alright, I don’t get the Last Dance thing. You will want to sail over to Smuggler’s Bay for this story. Olivia told me her compass helped you locate a Skeleton Lord.

At SSG our goal is to give gamers the news they want to hear, when they want to know about it. Tip: Depending on the pages you have, it can be found on Boulder Cay, Rapier Cay or Sandy Shallows. I am dismayed, but not defeated.

Retrieve the compass after the cutscene and make your way back to your boat. Once the Crew has voted on the Tall Tale and listened to the Madame Olive, they are given the Tale Book, which they can find and take out in the Map Radial menu. You need to dig the chest up and crack it open, this will add new entries to your quest book. This Sea of Thieves interactive world map shows locations for points of interest such as outposts, skeleton forts, cannons, ammo crates, riddle clues, animals, cargo runs and more. Step 5 : it can also be on Mermaid’s Hideaway. Laughing again.

Need help with the Wild Rose Tall Tale? I leaned closer.

[Spoilers Ahead]: I go over this specific part of the mission and explain how this is meant with a solid example. We have stopped to rest on our way to the Lagoon of Whispers, but the only whisper I can hear is echoes of the question.

If you’re yet to complete the Sea of Thieves Wild Rose quest then fortunately it’s one of the shorter quests within the Tall Tales. For the rest of our scoundrels life. You will eventually end up underneath two lanterns attached to ship bow on North East side of island. Listen to what she has to say, then wallop them and grab the second pendant piece. With those items, Olive thinks she can fashion a compass that would track down Rose and George. Once Quickshot is returned to the soil and we reach Sailor's Bounty, I shall try my luck again... Today has been one of the best days of my life and one of the funniest too. You can add shark Bait Cove to the list. Still... it was worth it. You will wind up on the top arch of the island. Awesome, thank you so much! and i hitched a ride on his boat to sanctuary island and was able to finish the mission. To donate feel free to check out my patreon page at the link below! Return the 2 parts of the Pendant to Madame Olive. - Check out here! As if I could refuse my George after all of that!

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