Several others and I have badgered Ron Coburn, CEO and owner of Savage Arms, to reintroduce this great rifle, even in limited edition form. The Largest Supplier of Firearms, Gun Parts, & Accessories Online, July 26, 2018 by Bob Campbell 12 Comments. I own a Model 673 and would by a Model 660 if I could find a good one. With a 1-14 twist 90gr GK would double this size and anything above that gust keeps getting bigger. The .303 Savage was initially intended to be Savage’s contribution to military rifles, but it turned out to be the first chambering for the Model 99. The 308 will certainly be easier to find on the shelf. Back then in Alaska we used the Remington 180 round nose jacketed soft point (this load has sadly been dropped from production). This gives much contact with the rifling. Savage patented his rifle and dreamed of lucrative contracts with the U.S. War Department; however, by the mid-1890s the government was committed to the bolt-action rifle. Lever actions get a bad rap but most will hang with bolt guns if given attention.

Nice pair of 99 AWS, is that marlin a 1894c 32/20? Not the best set up to wring out the last bit of accuracy but it worked well. I'm not ready to give up on it rather enjoy the little rifle just gonna have keep feeding it till it finds something it likes.

Savage instead designed a cartridge with the same case head as the .30-06—this would be very important after World War II—but with an overall length of 2.6 inches compared to the .30-06’s 3.34 inches. Among these is an early Savage rifle that is the model for the modern Kimber bolt action. Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Badger_Girl, Jun 8, 2016. One is 308 Win, the other is 300 Savage. My Model 99 is my most accurate .300 Savage by far. All said, the Savage 99 is a genius of a rifle. I, and some of the finest old hunters I’ve ever known, trust them. I took my gunsmith's advice and didn't invest any money in them as he said they can be improved a bit but would not shoot like my bolt action FN Mauser. Don't rest the barrel on anything. I treasure my 99’s and my bolt action. I used it to take my first Alaskan Bull Moose when I was 12 years old. So, handloading is the way to go. Loads from 120 to 170 grain are possible and in the heaver bullet weights and out to 150 to 200 yards bear and Elk can be and have been taken for years In my humble opinion the great Model 99 should have ranked higher. The .300 Savage enjoys a storied history. Although no longer produced, it remains highly revered, as it was the foundation from which Arthur Savage built one of America's great gun companies. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. This chambering enjoyed a pretty fair amount of popularity during the early 1900s, but its non-standard bullet and a lack of accuracy in the Model 99 eventually doomed it in the 1930s. They were an excellent hunting rifle and a very neat piece....I like the brass round counters myself. Regardless, 300 Savage in a Savage 99 is an excellent choice– I have three 99s in 300 Savage and one in 308 Winchester. These are the loads I have settled on. but 300 Savage ammo is available so a little planning would resolve that issue. I do not like the 180-grain loads as much, although if hunting heavy-body moose or bear at moderate range, I would choose these loads. seems the F forearms tend to be the cause of this inaccuracy on some guns. The Savage Model 99 had a 98-year run—1899 to 1997, less a few years for the war—with numerous variations, each designated by a letter or two after the model number. The rifle is plenty accurate to 200 yards for use against thin-skinned game. Great old guns– well made, accurate, and reliable. The accuracy has been fully comparable to a the bolt actions..The groups won't open up much if the bedding is correct at least most of the time, but that can apply to any make model or action of rifle..If I couldn't make a Savage 99 shoot desively better then I would only charge for the glass..

During the waning years of the Victorian era, America, the red-headed stepchild of the British Empire was maturing into a world force. Savage continued to refine his rifle and by 1899 had developed a truly elegant firearm. Who knows maybe one of my grandchildren may want to use it. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The .300 Savage Is definitely a superb game round that has a strong following amongst those who know about it. This is a great all purpose round,easy to shoot and very accurate. Just came across a savage 99 243 and seems to be very handy little rifle however about 6 different loads now and about the same accuracy 2-21/2 in just wondering if that's just what they produce or am I drinking to much Mt Dew also has anybody rebarreld one is it worth it or just take it for what it is. It was a great design that was truly ahead of its time when Arthur Savage developed it in the 1890s.

Also shoot .308, .338 WM, and 30-06, and keep coming back to the 300 Savage. He shot the barrel out of that thing rebarreled it in 6mm BR. Just to add, I have a freind that had a 99 in .308. First introduced on the Savage Model 1895, the magazine consists of a machined brass spool capable of holding five cartridges. The DK-bullet is nearly cylindrical. I would not like to be without my 350 Rem Mag.

Yet, they probably were okay for hunting as its the first round from a cold barrel that counts most. +1.. remove the forearm and rest the receiver on the sandbags to see if it's the forearm. However, the .300 Savage has over 200 fps advantage over the .30-30 Winchester, when the .30-30 is loaded with 17- grain bullets. The recoil is no more than the .30-30 and subjectively less than the .308. Sign up for K-Var’s weekly newsletter and discounts here. The most notable feature on the Model 99 is its rotary magazine. I plan to take it out next t. I am looking for parts for my .300 Savage and I am hoping someone on here will be able to point me in the right direction to find some. My 99F in 250-3000 has no modifications to the bedding other than to be sure the fore end isn't jamming in between the receiver and barrel. most of them were EGs and 1950 F models. Sadly, there simply was not a way to produce the rifle and make a profit today. If you have a Savage 99 in 308, and would be interested in trading for something better suited to long range, I have several long range rifles. The .300 Savage is a classic cartridge I simply would hate to be without. In the 60ls I had a 99 in .284 Win. What a sweet shooting rifle. I have found that proper feed and function in this high power lever action demands this extra care compared to a bolt-action rifle. by Dave Campbell - I load 44 grains of H 4895 with a Sierra 150 gr. I have yet to meet an "F" that was not accurate enough for deer at 200 yrds. My dads 300 savage was the first rifle I learned to shoot and got my first kill with (a lamb), I wish he had never gotten rid of it. Their light barrels tend to heat up quickly, which opens the groups. Velocity and accuracy aren't going to be on par with a quality bolt action. A longer cartridge would not have worked as well and demanded considerable redesign.

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