Just Jesus Christ, I'd love to get great co-operating teammates or people who can hold their own but that's once in a blue moon! Simple.

you can respec completely free via the Customize Data (1st option) on the System Terminal (right side of the item box in your Home instance/Kirito Room)

Unless you do co op missions and have someone carry you, leveling is very slow in this game. Without the experience, build and equipment, their level may be 300 but their mindset is not. So back then, many players that reach the patches level cap were almost sure to know their worth of salt to playing this game. 3: they are using a build that may not be optimized just to have fun with new weapons good or not. Doesn't mean nobody will help you.

Powerleveling is not the only problem sadly, the placement of weapons beyond what a new player should be getting and the large amount of people simply copy-pasting the "solo" builds they see on the internet/youtube cannot be understated either.

Sorry for the rant but surely other people find this? Not saying that there are no good Level 300 players (I know many people who can get shit done the mentally retarded way and still fare very well in SI/SC), but nowadays people don't exactly trust that level of a player because lets face it. I always tell people to 1st play the story, learn bosses attacks, figure out your build and not copy others, and get Liz to the max you can aswell as learn how to put proper chips on. © Valve Corporation. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Consider the timing as well, most of the veterans kind of already done grinding for those weapons within weeks after the previous update that introduced those type Z weapons so very few are willing to run it for the hell of it or helping a stranger get one.

Almost like the blind leading the blind here.

Plus in multiplayer its sometimes hard to move around, at least this is a problem i have a lot. They paid the money so they can ruin their own experience in their way.

Yeah it has to be this.

Lots of these people often either just slap a crit glass cannon build that is largely a high risk, not high reward build and proclaim it as the """best""" build that everyone should follow (including those powerleveled people), abusing glitches (QS abuse) to "wow" the community about how fast a possible clear time you could make on a Special dungeon without actually knowing the games basics or are in general very misinformed/lack concrete information (Ventus). Probably won’t be max level come the next update, but thats ok by me. I see this all the time but not everyone has the same playtime or has learned the same things, in the end it's just a game and no one is obligated to go beyond just having fun. Not sure about others though. And most of the time I'll need to say, optical attack doesn't work for swords, or auto reload for Gattling doesn't work.

Co-op content in particular, while some quests actually gave you up to two million EXP per run (Last Judgement 2), the sheer difficulty of it at that time was limited to those that could actually farm it.

These have a Hard Cap at 75% Max Cap Bullet Circle Accuracy / +111.00%. Considering how easy it is to get to 300 now, I would assume they were boosted in a co-op match and have no idea what they're doing.

These have a Hard Cap at 100% Max Cap Bullet Circle Stabilization Speed / +147.50% Trade Value / +147.50%. That's why they sucks now.

But even with people from Europe there is a chance i get lag to the point i cant move except for when im dodging or dashing. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. But i don't like them either cus they're just a bunch of lvl 300 player who doesn't know jack shit. Are you supposed to get 100 CP every time you level up if you're at a high level? I'm trying to farm for an ultra god build for my z sword and sniper ( getting rolls with specific 4 god roll locked chips so I can infuse the best over %chips given by the late bounty weapons e.g weapon attack 25% and such) so that means doing the special challenge and invitation, I can solo invitation with little to no trouble for the sword.

Particularly, it was possible, some months ago, to one shot Behenoth with a glitch (now more or less patched), allowing power leveling to the max level in less than 1 hour. The other catch? The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. I only played the game to beat the story, the game is too boring repetitive otherwise. Or bring your own... You know that people make builds they like or think is fun this isn’t a competitive farming game but I get your issue that’s why you should level up alone believe me most good players (lvl300) won’t accept people under their own level in their lobby so then u will get accepted by some players who have a different style in playing I won’t call them bad since every player is good in his own way, 1: Most of them don't use there weapons effectively (bad chips, poor accuracy, etc) or use the wrong type of weapon for their build.

Your Choice is Heavier and Faster Than a Bullet Lag is also a thing, the peer to peer system + the netcode is bad. I help so many people grind from lvl 150-250 up to 300 by spamming MT-02 lobbys. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Back then, when the level caps were around the numbers of 150, 175, 200 and so on, EXP yields from single player content and co-op content were rarely generous and worth their time. Yush, i just wondering how much CP you can have & how many CP you need to use to reach max level 255 or what that was today & also can you reset your skills?

And when a player gets powerleveled up very high, what exactly do they learn about game mechanics? Update 1.6.0 also added Party Hero Quests for DLC 4, a 4 man boss arena fight featuring 4 players with preset skills and a level 50 boss which makes this not too challenging to kill while allowing yourself to farm weapon proficiency of a character as well as medals. They wanna have fun, maybe not tryhard. I don't dislike people who get their level sky-rocket is short time. Simple. I have more than ten Respec Kits, but I cannot understand how to use them.

I've made a few friends from this game and I've always asked to know what chips they have to know if they have any redundant ones.

Press J to jump to the feed.

These so-called builds don't help players because not only they don't know the probable basics to the risks of it and the afromentioned rewards, but these builds are solely made to flex on the community by just slapping high damage numbers onto enemies without actual care onto how to actually win the hard dungeons should things go south very quickly. I bet you play on a PS4 right.

I mean cmon man, when there's 12 minigunners I maybe I don't know? My inventory is filled with legendary weapons ranking from rank 1 to rank 11 all of them are perfect afterall gotta have fun with the weaker stuff too. PS4, XB1, Switch and PC all have the powerlevel culture plague it for as far as these updates had appeared.

These have a Hard Cap at 200% Max Cap Ammo Acquired / +295.00%.

In comes update 1.6.0 (with DLC 4) that introduces Behemoth MT-02 to the mix......a boss that can very easily be beaten by a highly specialised yet brutally effective build that takes only up to 2+ minutes to solo and carry some low level player into the mix.....while providing 7 million EXP per run, leagues above what the others could provide. Completion also means you gain access to free weapons from Rank 6 to Rank 8. the max level is currently 275, if with all CP unspent would be at 24,820 CP. Yeah, there's a lot of people who struggle with maximizing their chip potential.

First playthrough for me right now and about 30 hours gameplay has be at level 76. 4: they where power levelled and didn't grind for hours like me to earn their place so they don't understand most systems like what weapons are good, what chips to use on weapon and accessories, the use of over clock chips, dual wielding, and so on. Still figuring out what works, whats fun, and how to optimize a build to my playstyle, but at least I got the weapon tuning down pretty good... not that it matters on your first run.

You should get behind my shield? To elaborate on all those points, game has been made easier for the playerbase in general. ).

Just trying to get to NG+ and extreme mode so I don’t feel like I am wasting time on the true ending. Im level 300, and i just do builds for skills i want, not exactly for what is good. Try and hit up the discord channel to get yourself some competent help. Levels in this game now mean nothing.

All rights reserved.

Man... wish I could help out, but I am a newcomer to FB and have been slogging solo so as to not fall into the “shister powerlevel only” crowd. This by the way heavily affects new player experience because you get weapons significantly above your paygrade, in their playthrough having only R1-4 weapons on a normal playthrough. Most lvl 300 were power leveled by other lvl 300 who played since months. Do they actually utilise skills smartly instead of blindly pressing fire until something dies? Lastly, the prevalence of "solo" builds on the internet, especially Youtube. Its hard to move around because of lag, probably because i connect to people from Asia and stuff and im in Europe. I always thought that the amount of CP you get would increase as you continue leveling up.

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