Emotional Soul: extracted as pabulum from the desire body (which was emanated from the Human Spirit aspect).

The Son, Christ, the highest Initiate of the Sun Period: has completed His union with the Second aspect of God, wisdom. There are Cosmic Ray Coincidence Counters and Sympathetic Vibration Harps. Rosicrucianism, like theosophy and other movements of the early 20th century, dissatisfied with the new hegemony of science but disillusioned with traditional Christianity, anticipated the New Age religions of today. A secret society's greatest power isn't always its network of influential members or its guarded knowledge promising untold wealth or power to adherents. The Rosicrucian Fellowship. Private Collection / Bridgeman Art Library, Secret Socities: Infiltrating the Inner Circle.

But the Rosicrucian network spreads its tentacles wide, over all five continents, and there are even events this week in Bath and Wantage.

But just like Christian Rosenkreuz's mystic journeys, a secret brotherhood assembled under the Rosy Cross during the 1600s was also a fantasy. And that's what just one of the Rosicrucian groups can manage.

This weekend, two of the main Rosicrucian sects are celebrating their 100th anniversary.

And when it comes to the questions of spirituality, the demands and disciplines of conventional Christianity have proved less attractive than searching for arcane secrets which they hope will reveal a meaning to life that his hidden from the rest of us. They maintain their beliefs date back to ancient Egyptian mysticism and were established with the aim of preserving the teachings of the universe, its nature and its human inhabitants. Caption: Mysterious Ceremony A member pf Societas Rosicruciana in America stands in the interior of his society's New York temple, in 1913. AMORC members have flooded the internet to denounce Freeman as crazed. [2], The Rosicrucian Fellowship conducts Spiritual Healing Services and offers correspondence courses in esoteric Christianity, philosophy, "spiritual astrology" and Bible interpretation. In actual fact, scholars almost uniformly agree today Rosenkreuz only existed on the page. Immediately, a large second edition was ordered: a first payment was made to the printer with the help of Augusta Foss,[8] who would become Max Heindel's wife. The Ego (not as defined by Freud) is the threefold Spirit, the God Within, which uses these vehicles to gather experience in the school of life.

The latter helps us in the task of having Christ born within; however, it is our task to form the Christ within, the "Soul Body" which is the vehicle humanity will need to live in the Sixth Epoch, the New Galilee.[16]. Organizations adhering to the teachings of Rosicrucianism continued to crop up centuries after the society's foundational text began circulating.

We can only hope they enjoy the chase. [4] Its declared mission is to promulgate a scientific method of development suited particularly to the Western people whereby the "Soul body" may be wrought, so that humanity may hasten the Second Coming.[5][6]. Volume 5, The Astrologer as Scientist, Artist and Priest-Teacher.

The "Astral body" is regarded as the "Philosopher's Stone" or "Living Stone" of the alchemist, the Golden "Wedding Garment" that Christ speaks of in the Gospel of Matthew,[17] the "Soul Body" [soma psuchicon] that Paul mentions in the First Epistle to the Corinthians or the "Diamond Soul" spoken of in some of the ancient philosophies. It is said to spend $500,000 a year just on printing and postage to its devotees in 150 countries. For them science has provided too many answers. You may have seen their ad - on a poster or in newspaper at home or abroad - promising to improve your memory, develop your will-power, overcome bad habits and enrich your spirit by unlocking the secret wisdom of the ages. Books of Initiation, 469 pages, Vol III Part I.

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This threefold body he transmutes into a threefold Soul upon which he nourishes himself "from impotence into omnipotence". "No current Rosicrucian group can trace its organisational forbears back to the original manifestoes of 1610-1616," says Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, the director of Exeter University's Centre for the Study of Esotericism, and author of the definitive history of the subject, The Western Esoteric Traditions.

It will eventually be evolved by humanity as a whole.

The 100th anniversaries they are both celebrating mark the date when their respective founders were initiated in to the Rosicrucian order in Europe.

Its followers are encouraged to set up an altar which it calls a "telesterion" at home containing images of Egyptian deities like the Sun-God Amun-Ra.

AMORC, by contrast, eschews the Christian origins of Rosicrucianism, extrapolating it backwards almost two millennia before Christ. [1] It claims to present Esoteric Christian mysteries or esoteric knowledge, alluded to in Matthew 13:11 and Luke 8:10, to establish a meeting ground for art, religion, and science and to prepare the individual through harmonious development of the mind and the heart for selfless service of humanity.

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