What King Richard III said about not poisoning his wife or desiring to Mary his niece should not be naïvely taken as truth on face value. If they were still alive, then Edward V was the rightful king. Why is it so popular? After meeting Iseult Tristan is treated for an illness by her – Richard comforted by EoY after EoM’s death. Remember Elizabeth was just a teenager at the time and she was probably self-centered and spoilt. Now it seems to me a man accustomed to willing girls develops a real.liking for women. From Normandy to Windsor, Putting the British Monarchy in Context.

We do not know Richard’s feelings about his wife. And I was dying to know if Richard did flaunted their courtship in order to weaken her family’s alliance with the House of Lancaster who were continuous threat to his throne. And then there were Henry’s English supporters, led by his mother, Margaret Beaufort, and her husband, Lord Stanley.

Perhaps she means the match in Portugal that Richard would later attempt to plan after Anne’s death.

Unfortunately the original letter failed to survive and his account cannot be validated.

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why should we any longer dwell on this subject , multiplying our récital of things so distasteful , so numerous that they can hardly be reckoned , and so pernicious in their example , that we ought not so much as suggest them to the minds of the perfidious . ( Log Out /  In the second book, she curiously wrote Richard’s motto “Loyalte me Lie” and then signed her name. If you believe there is a chance that this letter actually once existed, then you have to at least entertain the possibility that Elizabeth lobbied to marry her uncle. She undoubtedly thought it was better to be a queen than the sister of a king. She was around 17 years old at this time and still unmarried. There is also an account by Sir George Buck, an antiquarian and Master of the Revels to King James I of England, claiming that he has seen a letter from Elizabeth to the 1st Duke of Norfolk asking him: “to be a mediator for her in the cause of [the marriage] to the king who was her only joy and the maker in the world, and that she was his hart, in thought, and in all, and then she intimated that the better half of Feb was past, and that she feared the queen would never [die].”.

Though people do not agree on the extent to which Elizabeth Woodville influenced Edward’s rule, few would say that their marriage wasn’t passionate.

If Richard had an intent to marry Elizabeth I doubt he would have called such attention to it by dressing her up as a mirror image of his still-living wife.

Never was.

Elizabeth was invited to join the court of her uncle, Richard, and his wife, Anne Neville, as a guest of honor. A school crush maybe? Etc….

Before claiming that a historical document(letter) is made up, there should be evidence of it falsity. From my research trudging through resources online, it seems that factual evidences to prove or disprove the speculation is too scarce to draw any assertive conclusion on Richard’s feeling for his niece. elizabeth of york, historical fiction, History, king richard iii, Lancaster, Philippa Gregory, Tudors, White Queen, York. So yea most true historians completely discredit this rumor, the only ones who think it’s true are people like Michael Hicks and Alison Weir, both whom openly hate Richard and use the rumor to blacken his name. The privy council would have to know that. She also signed one of her books with a motto that was used by him.

After Richard’s wife Anne Neville’s death in March 1485, rumours spread that the King intended to marry his niece, Elizabeth. None of these seem to be Totally true.As mentioned in an earlier post, Elizabeth was the daughter of King Edward IV of England. During this party , it was recorded by a chronicler, actually let me just quote it . How serious he was and to what extent he had thought it through, we don’t know. Elizabeth of York was of course still the daughter of a king but she and her siblings had been declared illegitimate by an act of parliament . There were strict rules about apparel at court – gold and purple, for example, were reserved for royalty . Richard seem to treat his niece as well and Elizabeth had no apparent tension with him despite the awkward family feud. I think that became more apparent to her as Richards reign was coming to it’s end, her mother certainly knew it. Here is why I find this funny. This is particularly evident in the question as to whether or not Richard III made plans to marry his niece, Elizabeth of York, in 1485. There are only a couple novels, one of them being the white princess by Philippa Gregory, that actually have Richard and Elizabeth have a full-fledged sexual affair, and several others have them have a chaste romance which is tortured and short-lived when Richard dies at Bosworth at the hands of Elizabeth future husband Henry VII , and most have Elizabeth fall deeply in love with Richard , who only has eyes for his unrealistically worshipped but oh so weak wife Anne. We do have enough to say his judgment was deeply questionable. Elizabeth somehow became fodder for that rumor. Most likely they were trying to communicate that all was well between them and the old Queen’s family. All of this, therefore, is premised on interpretations of Buck’s note, but one version of it believed to be fairly reliable. That he tried to find her a suitable husband anywhere near the rank she had been accustomed too, furthers the suspicion. Elizabeth of York as a married woman is portrayed a meek and compliant, but perhaps she was forced to be submissive. They had just spent months fearing for their lives in sanctuary.

Did I mention that Richard III is her uncle who had declared his brother’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville invalid and made all their children (including Elizabeth of York) bastards? An Uncle and his niece, gross right? Richard III (1452–85) was the last Yorkist king of England, whose death at the battle of Bosworth in 1485 signified the end of the Wars of the Roses and marked the start of the Tudor age. ( Log Out /  Henry Tudor felt he had to keep her in her place.

Such was the wave of unpopularity crashing over him that there were rumors circulating that he had killed Anne.

His popularity there was not only on account of his actual work, but that he was married to a Neville, and the Kingmaker’s daughter at that. A historian by the name of George Buck wrote a summary of a note ostensibly from Elizabeth to a supporter of Richard’s, John Howard, Duke of Norfolk (his story and his connection to the House of York can be found here).

But the last part was a bit trickier for Richard given that his legitimacy as king was tied to Elizabeth and her siblings having been declared bastards.

But either way, the rumors began to creep through Europe, most notably spreading to France where Henry Tudor was biding his time by the side of King Charles VIII. He would also have had to address the question of her brothers. A firm believer in the idea that there’s no smoke without fire, I believe that a marriage between Richard and Elizabeth was a source of speculation.

For years, I have had this unexplained connection to Richard the Third since I was a child, don’t know why, read many books about Richard the Third and even wrote at least 2 papers on various subjects on this man. The “why” of it actually isn’t that tricky, for all that it sounds horribly incestuous. I have to wonder if the wires got crossed and the two intended marriages were confused for him wanting to marry Elizabeth ? His base was very much in the North, where he had spent the vast majority of his life, particularly since marrying Anne in 1472. However, to me, declaring it invalid because its contents are out of the bounds of possibility is naive.

Henry VII turned to his mother Margaret Beaufort for advice. He slept with Anne, yes. ( Log Out /  This may have been a gift to her from Richard. In Philippa Gregory’s The Cousins’ War series, Elizabeth of York falls in love with King Richard III while she is serving as a lady in waiting for Queen Anne Neville. Queen Victoria had 4 sons, Elizabeth II had 3 sons, and Prince Charles and Lady Diana had 2 sons.

Did she hope to marry him?During the Christmas season of 1484 , Richard, now Richard III, threw a HUGE party, still talked about by modern day historians! It was rumoured that Richard III intended to marry Elizabeth of York because his Elizabeth of York did not exercise much political influence as queen due to . Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Anne probably had been in ill health for some time.

An artist’s rendition of his face with truly human features, not that doll they came up with, shows a very handsome man. She doesn’t claim to write history books, so why do folks slam her? Like you said we have no evidence to what the relationship was like. I do not think Elizabeth regarded Richard as her brothers’ murderer because I think the princes were alive during this period. So, what of Elizabeth?

I suppose it comes down to semantics – I don’t necessarily see certain members of my family frequently, but I would still say I’ve known them all my life. I also believe Richard when he publicly swore on oath that he had not compassed his wife’s death or plotted to marry his niece. We have to consider a fact that Joanna was much advanced in age and had never given birth to children, Richard would certainly never agree to marry even for political advantages to a women that could not bear children. (AmazingCat) At a distance of over 500 hundred years, about a man whom you did not personally know, and lacking the ability to read minds, how can you claim by any authority to know what were and were not the thoughts of Richard III?

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