Connect a 12v positive feed from a car battery to the Red wire to the compressor and a feed from the negative terminal of the battery to the Black wire to the compressor. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The ECU monitors the pressure within the reservoir and, when the engine is running, maintains a pressure of: ), in systems without an external pressure relief valve, ), in systems with an external pressure relief valve. AUDI® Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and are used specifically to collect user data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. stream 1 Reservoir mounting screw â€“ front2 Reservoir mounting screw â€“ rear3 Air pressure sensor4 Reservoir, 5 Air hose connectors6 Hose â€“ reservoir pressure to valve block7 Valve block. 4x4Airseals – Uk supplier, manufacturer and innovating company of Air suspension compressor related products serving customers in the Uk and worldwide longer than any other supplier! Suspension Control Diagram. Pressure does not decrease when venting gallery = Compressor fault 95% of cases ,! You can test this by simply trying to blow through it. Remove the cover gently remembering the orientation of the spring. 5 Ashton Road is a registered trade mark of Jaguar Land Rover Limited. EAS Amber light lit, Fault code C1A20, C1A1364, C50, or C1A20-64 showing? Using a small flat head screw driver lever the first filter out of the unit. The sensor measures the compressor temperature which is measured by the air suspension ECU. The connecting rod has a piston which fits in the bore of the compressor.

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. ! Transfer box range switch 5. knowing them back to front inside & out! Refit face plates and either rivet back together or punch hole through felt and refit using small nut and bolt included (using lock tight on bolt thread).

Start the vehicle and you should hear the pump vent some pressure off within a couple of seconds of the vehicle starting. These cookies do not store any personal information. Land Rover Range Rover L322 2006 +, Range Rover Sport, Discovery 3 EAS Air Compressor Filter Drier Unit Repair Kit Instructions: Is your vehicles air suspension rising slowly, noisily, or perhaps failing to …

Attached to the compressor is the air dryer which contains a silicate box for removing moisture from the compressed air. The compressor has a temperature sensor located in its housing. Our Exhaust valve seal & dryer filtration repair kit together with fitting instructions recommended. ==================================================================================================, When your garage informs you need a new compressor in our experience you generally do not ! Take a bag and remove the drying beads from the filter unit by tilting the filter unit in to the bag, these can then be disposed of. Pour new drying beads in to filter unit, level off the beads and fit the new felt filter on top. The pressure limiting valve also operates when the exhaust pilot valve is opened, allowing air returning from the air springs to be exhausted. Take a T27 Torx and unscrew the 6 bolts on the filter unit cover, the filter cover is spring loaded, take care when removing cover, remember which bolt fits which hole for re installation. Other code Diagnosis =  Exhaust valve stuck closed/Exhaust valve does not hold minimum retention pressure/ Gallery pipe blocked or damaged / Pressure sensor fault / Air suspension exhaust silencer blocked or restricted / Air suspension exhaust pipe blocked or restricted / Reservoir valve block pipes incorrectly fitted (unions reversed), ————————————————————————————————————————————————————-. You can now test the Range Rover Sport’s suspension works correctly before building it all back up. However, there are a lot of components in the system and faults are commonplace. SUSPENSION. For example: a 1999-2002 part fits all years 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. Language: English RAPA Air Suspension Valve block. While offering superior ride quality and excellent off road ability the inclusion of all round air suspension to the Range Rover Sport has helped set it apart from its rivals. This could be from a number of things, such as a solenoid fault, but from our experience, there is usually a problem with the filter. A full list of compressor inhibits is contained in the Air Suspension Control section. Firstly we need to locate the Landrover Range Rover Sport air suspension compressor pump. Use a large flat blade screwdriver and gently ‘pop’ them off. The Range Rover Sport air suspension compressor pump is located in the boot underneath the spare wheel. yes def an exhaust valve on the compressor, but there is no air feeding back to that while it is leaking, at least the ride height is at normal so i can still use the car, luckily i have a land rover breaker local to me so it maybe worth me getting a used valve block as they only charge £50 for them Then remove the spare wheel to see the plastic pump housing below. We now illustrate at the beginning of our product descriptions for Hitachi and Dunlop/Amk compressors ! is the registered trade mark of BMW AG and the BMW Group. The electric motor drives a crank with an eccentric pin to which a connecting rod is attached. Located in the same housing as the exhaust pilot valve is a pressure limiting valve which, on systems without an external pressure relief valve, protects the air springs from over inflation. 1 Fuse 15A – Permanent feed 2 Fusible link 100A 3 Fuse 50A 4 Air suspension relay 5 Compressor and motor 6 Temperature sensor 7 HP exhaust valve 8 Exhaust valve 9 Control switch

The filter replacement is now complete, we would recommend testing the compressor at this point on the bench to check successful install of new filters. Porsche®

Landrover Range Rover Sport C1A13-64 pressure does not decrease when venting Air suspension fault repair guide. One or more of these errors: “Suspension error only normal height available” “Suspension fault; pressure not rising quick enough” Or “Pressure does not decrease when venting gallery” If so the chances are your EAS air compressors filters are saturated or your piston ring and glide ring has deteriorated reducing the output of your EAS air compressor (please see our other instructions for this problem). AIR SUSPENSION COMPRESSOR LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER (L322) REV 1 04/24/2018 1. Y]ft.,�q�L Open the boot and remove the carpet tray. either a C1A20 or C1A13. If you do not find your part, please call us at (877)443-9246 ! Otherwise this listing will supply you – Our  Quality Delivery Valve Repair kit with fitting /Video instructions suitable for Oem Hitachi & Dunlop Aftermarket compressors ,we are the original designers of this product and very proud of it indeed ! Take the original metal filter and drill out the rivet.

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