I need this. "Hmmm, he's not too bad looking, too bad I've got Ares and he has a girlfriend, but Ares doesn't have to know and I had said I would make his love life more interesting. she purred when our lips separated. Percy raised an eyebrow, "I believe this is your mess?" It's my fault for not getting to you sooner.". "Do you still have it? "I…I just had sex with a goddess.". Aphrodite's baby. ", "And you're so big, so thick!"

Just promise to use you reward wisely. I asked slowly, because with her, I was prettysure what she meant by comfort. Also... Love. "Ares and Hephaestus double teamed me." "Sweet dreams.". I grunted as I slid my cock deeper in Aphrodite's pussy. Such an act is against camp rules, but she ensured that she didn't get caught. I heard Annabeth's feet running through the grass, then Aphrodite came into my cabin again.

Who do you have in there with you? ", "Y - your face." ", "So what is it that you want? That is my gift to you. "Percy's not your boyfriend anymore, Annabeth." Faster!Please!

After getting there, we immediately went to the bedroom and made love again.

She looked amazingly beautiful, then I remembered the marks on her face. "Lord Percy," Artemis announced, holding out the little baby boy. Percy asked without turning around. "That's okay, it's mine too. Percy was under her influence, and he was filled with the craving of the brown haired temptress. "D - does this change your mind?" Annabeth's voice said. He accused. Percy groaned out as he gritted his teeth, his hips and his position freezing as she undulated on her hips. Please, Percy. "Ready, honey?" She was just laying there with her hands behind her head as she was smiling at me. Aphrodite said, and elbowed me to say something. I honestly don't have a clue as to where this story is headed, so some reader input is highly advised. I have chosen you, Percy Jackson, to be that man the Fates told me to have.". "Tremble before me, centaur, and take back what you said to the son of Poseidon.

"What about Annabeth? Annabeth could do nothing more than murmur as she slowly fell asleep.

"What?" "Haven't seen a big cock before? Aphrodite moaned. I said, sawing my cock head over her dripping pussy lips, making her moan.

Aphrodite moaned, squeezing her legs around my waist, which made her pull me closer to her and made my cock slide even deeper in her pussy. Percy cringed and looked back at Aphrodite who was staring between him and Annabeth hungrily, and the look in her eyes made him shrink back into the bed. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Aphrodite asked in a sweet tone, and in that moment, I knew she was charming Zeus to listen to her.

I said as my godly lover worked her way out of her cloths again.

Aphrodite was happy with that arrangement, and so was I. "What the Hades?!" "You dare accuse me, a goddess, Ms. Percy used the hand that was on her rear and moved it between her legs to rub her inner thighs, Aphrodite moaned in his lips as his other hand squeezed her left breast and his right hand massaged her thighs. He snapped out of it and noticed the handcuffs. "What's the matter, babe?" "Don't! Fuck me! Zeus said, looking at my godly lover. I've given men like you the ability to charmspeak any woman into bed, create a harem of their own choosing, make the love of their lives fall madly in love with them, and even alter physical forms. Annabeth took off her thong and let Percy put her into a position he thought seemed natural. I'm not raping you, I'm simply getting things started. I asked, placing my hand on Aphrodite's now pregnant belly. Aphrodite said, wrapping her arms around me. The warm wetness from Percy's mouth on her breast was making Annabeth's panties go wet. Does it automatically activate?

Annabeth's nipples were insanely hard, and while Percy was on top of her, his erection grew just as hard. Who else has this enchantment? This story takes place after the Titan War.

I see all the exercise you've been doing has really paid off."

"No, but I've didn't my fair share of reading and research," Annabeth said with a shrug. "You're so beautiful! I groaned as we pulled apart for air. "Don't you worry about that. The next thing he did was call out Ares and Hephaestus, and he punished them by stripping them of their immortality and sent them to Earth (without their powers), to endure a series of quests to prove that they could be gods again.

I knew it!" ", Aphrodite squealed and clapped with delight. Aphrodite finished for me, stroking my face with one hand.

", "O - okay." ", Annabeth shrugged. I've already made arrangements that will suffice." Why can't you demigods have blind faith in us Olympians? That time, Annabeth's banging woke up Aphrodite. "What are you doing here?". ", "Thank you, Lord Zeus." Understand?". Aphrodite sighed as she squeezed my hand. He flipped Annabeth over so she was on the bottom and leaned in to whisper in her ear, "Are you ready?". But you are not like any other man that I've met. "You have satisfied me and so I shall bestow upon you a very special and unbreakable enchantment. She said, flicking her fingers to increase the zoom on the orb, he was practicing sword combat in the arena of Camp Half-Blood wearing only a black shirt and jeans. Annabeth mover over to his ear and asked him a question. she asked, raising her head. "T - thank you." Annabeth inhaled and exhaled deeply.

", Percy shrugged. cried the voice louder. Thankfully, her teeth were as white as ever. "I love you. She said as she dropped and immediately felt a very pleasurable sensation as the tip of his dick was slowly sinking into her. "What's been going on these past few days?"

"You too."

Aphrodite screamed, "I fucking want it harder!". They'll want it as much as you will, in basic terms; you can make any woman or girl yours. "No catch. I know you hear me! "Lady Aphrodite!" I nodded, then right at that moment, I heard Chiron's voice outside my cabin. "We'll find some time later once the coast in clear.

She paused and eyed the erection suspiciously, then looked down at the floor. Aphrodite said. But not just any father. Forever.". ", "What is this?" "Impregnant me, please!

One day, she had snuck inside of Cabin 3 past curfew. I didn't come here to stir up trouble, now sit. More! She laughed in complete amusement at what he said, and Percy was even more perplexed by her highly unusual behavior. I shifted my weight, allowing my soft cock to exit Aphrodite's seed filled pussy, and sat up.

Percy glanced at her hand that was placed eloquently on his knee. Aphrodite moaned as I sped up my thrusts into her tight snatch.

Aphrodite squealed and pressed her lips on mine, making it a very deep and hot kiss. Annabeth could feel Percy's erection growing. ", Percy sighed and faced the daughter of Athena. Her eyes were a different color, and her hair was several shades darker. ", Annabeth was silent for a second, causing Percy to fear for the worst.

"Aphrodite?" "I swear to you, I will be faithful to you forever. Despite myself, I grinned, happy that I was going to be a father. she said, sitting cross legged in my bed.

Aphrodite wailed, and she wrapped the covers around her body. What's the big idea?". We had just started dating today, and we had our first underwater kids because we got thrown into the lake some of the other campers. "Aphrodite." I think your cock is 12 inches long. I turned to my wife, who was peeking at me with one eye closed, and she smiled. she said. Also, I am above Chiron.

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