Shoma invites Ringo to his house, and tells her everything outright.

After the incident at the construction site, Tabuki quits his job and leaves Yuri. Three siblings, Shōma, Kanba and Himari Takakura are living together, despite the fact Himari was given only a few months to live by the doctor. Kanba and Shoma arrive and have a standoff with Tabuki. With Ringo's planned 'first-night' with Tabuki failing to eventuate, the destiny she had desired seems to be slipping away from her. Country of Origin: Japan Air Date: Jul 7, 2011 to Dec 22, 2011 Episodes: 24. The next day, the siblings receive a shipment of frozen things, which are later revealed to be a trio of strange penguins that no one besides them can see. Just then, the hat possesses Himari again, explaining that she has extended her life but in exchange wants the brothers to obtain something known as the Penguin Drum.

This leads to Ringo disposing of Himari's hat, and Kanba starts a desperate search to get it back. Ringo is approached by a journalist asking about the Takakuras, but she shakes him off and warns Himari. Penguindrum.

connected with the people who can.

Shoma tells Ringo how, when the Takakuras were out to change the world, they took in an orphan girl named Himari.

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When she collapses, a strange entity offers to save her… though it comes at a price. Yuri uses Ringo to capture Shoma and force him to get Himari's diary, so she can bring back the only friend she ever had in a troubled life - Momoka. Shoma is visited by Ringo and his siblings as he recovers in hospital. In return, her brothers are sent on a quest for the mysterious 'Penguindrum'.

Just as Kanba gives in to despair, Sanetoshi appears to him with an offer he cannot refuse. Kanba and Shoma are tasked with tracking Ringo Oginome, a young girl with a special diary that may be the key to finding the Penguindrum. Himari has a strange dream in which she encounters a mysterious librarian named Sanetoshi, who tends to a library apparently housing her memories.

Masako thinks back to her grandfather, a powerful business tycoon who disowned her father for his perceived weakness. Shoma learns that Himari's life is at an end, while Ringo conforts him. To start chatting with other HIDIVE viewers, please update your profile settings. With Shelley Calene-Black, Maggie Flecknoe, Adam Gibbs, Illich Guardiola. Sign up now to stream Penguindrum, subs, tons of dubs, OVA's, simulcasts, plus the all new Dubcast℠ editions and more! Become a subscriber and access all of these great features: We're always adding new content. Tabuki invites Ringo to see one of Yuri's plays with him, then they attend a party where Yuri announces her engagement to Tabuki. Shoma explains how Shoma and Kanba's parents were responsible for Momoka's death. Shoma and Kanba live alone with their terminally ill sister, Himari. With Ringo's planned 'first-night' with Tabuki failing to eventuate, the destiny she had desired seems to be slipping away from her.

Aki Toyosaki, Akira Ishida, Kazusa Aranami, Mamiko Noto, Marie Miyake, Megumi Iwasaki, Miho Arakawa, Motoki Takagi, Ryohei Kimura, Subaru Kimura, Yui Horie, Yui Watanabe, Yutaka Koizumi. In a last ditch effort to bring 'Project M' to fruition, she concocts a cunning plan. Tabuki traps RIngo and holds Himari hostage, phoning Kanba and demanding he bring his father to him.

Yuri and Masako battle over Ringo's diary, while Tabuki takes Himari hostage to get revenge on the children of Takakura for the death of Momoka. When she collapses, a strange entity offers to save her… though it comes at a price. The three visit an aquarium to see the penguins, where Shōma buys her a queen penguin hat. Main Cast: (alphabetical) Himari Takakura By Miho Arakawa Kanba Takakura

Yuri is holding Ringo in a room that is coincidentally next to a room where Shoma is staying.

Shoma and Kanba live alone with their terminally ill sister, Himari.

Finally Shoma comes head to head with Kanba, determined to stop him. Tabuki remembers how Momoka saved his life as a child. Himari helps Ringo prepare for a "date" with Tabuki at the park. Kanba visits Asam in the hospital, discovering that she has no recollection of him. Start your 30 Day FREE Trial now! As Shōma sleeps that night, Kanba ends up kissing Himari as she sleeps. The Penguindrum is finally revealed, and Himari and Ringo are saved... but at what cost.

Yuri returns Momoka's diary to Ringo.

Afterwards, they are invited to a party, where Yuri makes a shocking announcement. Meanwhile, Shoma asks Ringo directly about her diary. Later, Yuri recalls uncomfortable memories of her father.

Yuri breaks off an affair with one of her co-stars, longing for a certain someone. Watch Episode 1 of Penguindrum on HIDIVE.

After he is kidnapped by Masako, Kanba's attempt to rescue him leads him into a surreal labyrinth.

Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-14 | Premiere: 7/8/2011 The Bell of Fate Rings.

We’ve partnered with Sentai Filmworks so you can shop for Blu-rays, premium box sets, merchandise, and stuff. Penguindrum 1-5 Animation , Comedy , Crime , Drama , Mystery , Sci-Fi & Fantasy 24min 2011 Asami Kuho, the girl who was pushed down the escalator, is questioned by a woman named Natsume, who then fires a red ball at her head, causing her to remember nothing about the incident. Kanba confronts Natsume about the memory-erasing balls and her reasons for wanting Ringo's diary.

Check back soon for updates. Ringo and Shoma attend one of Yuri's plays.

After a battle with Yuri, Masako thinks back to her life - the tyrannical tycoon grandfather who raised her, and the numerous murders she attempted to be rid of him.

Tabuki tells Shoma about his plans to move in with Yuri, who has meanwhile discovered that her father is consorting with another family. Start your 30 Day FREE Trial now! Tabuki and Yuri are attacked.

When Shouma leaves Ringo distraught by deciding the two should not see each other anymore, Yuri offers to help her get over him with a visit to a hot-spring resort. HIDIVE can’t give permission for you to screen our titles, BUT we can totally help you get However, Himari collapses and later dies in hospital. Leave the hard work to us: just send us a screening request,

Kanba is praised by his parents for protecting Himari, stating that they will be reunited. Terminally ill Himari Takakura is healed by a magic penguin hat, to the joy of her brothers Kanba and Shoma... then they learn the terms of her revival. Ringo meets Hibari and Hikari, Himari's childhood friends.

Natsume disguises herself as a nurse and kidnaps Shoma. All Rights Reserved. As Himari suddenly loses her strength, Shoma remembers how the Takakura parents carried out a terrorist attack that killed Ringo's sister Momoka. Kanba goes ahead with his plan to save Himari no matter what it might cost, despite Himari and Masako's appeals. A terminally ill girl is revived by a magical penguin spirit.

Ringo makes a special curry for Tabuki. Mawaru Penguindrum.

Shoma confesses to Ringo that Himari is not his blood-related sister. Kanba makes Shoma go with her, hoping to get a glance at the diary.

Unfortunately, nothing goes the way she plans.

Sanetoshi tells Kanba that Himari will die again. Penguindrum 1-1 Animation , Comedy , Crime , Drama , Mystery , Sci-Fi & Fantasy 24min 2011 Three siblings, Shōma, Kanba and Himari Takakura are living together, despite the fact Himari was given only a few months to live by the doctor. Kanba is taken to a gravely injured Masako. Shoma and Kanba live alone with their terminally ill sister, Himari.

Copyrights 2020. Shoma is coerced into helping Ringo move to Tabuki's apartment. Shoma and Kanba break into her house to search for the Penguindrum. Himari has a strange dream about her early childhood, recalling her two best friends who later went on to become successful pop stars. Meanwhile, Shoma helps Ringo move to her new home under Tabuki's apartment. There was a problem playing the next video. In a last ditch effort to bring 'Project M' to fruition, she concocts a cunning plan.

Kanba learns his uncle is going to sell their house and goes to extreme lengths to try to get money to pay for it. Ringo decides to make a special curry for her crush Tabuki, while at the same time Shoma and Kanba break into her house to get her Fate diary.

Shoma ignores Ringo, feeling she will never be able to forgive him for what his parents did. Watch Episode 1 of Penguindrum on HIDIVE. Shoma tries to dissuade Kanba from his terrible plans, but Ringo boards the train, having learned the secret that had been in the now-lost diary.

E1 | The Bell of Fate Rings.

HIDIVE and the logos ™ and © HIDIVE, LLC.

Shoma and Kanba are celebrating Himari's imminent release from the hospital when the hat possesses her again, announcing that their ordeal is not over.

Anime Sprout. Sanetoshi offers Kanba a special medicine to revive Himari, though there will be a steep price to pay. Shoma wakes up in the hospital, choosing to keep quiet about what happened between him and Ringo.

Masako appears incognito and revives suppressed memories within Himari, showing her she is adopted and who her true soulmate is. As young children, he met the orphaned Himari and developed a bond with her. Kanba confronts Masako in an attempt to obtain Ringo's diary. Please sign in to the primary account in order to make subscription changes. As the brothers mourn, they are surprised to see Himari suddenly spring back to life and cured of her condition, possessed by a spirit which has decided to extend her life, though she returns to normal when her penguin hat falls off.

Sanetoshi tells Kanba that Himari has built a resistance to the medicine, which will not work on her much longer. When Kanba is summoned to a meeting with several of his ex-girlfriends, they are attacked by a mysterious sniper.

Ringo schemes to have everything in place for the perfect afternoon with Tabuki.

Ringo decides to continue Project M, with or without her diary and Shoma's assistance. and we’ll contact that show’s licensors on your behalf to get permission. Meanwhile, Ringo is determined to complete Project M, diary or no diary. Penguindrum Season 1 | 24 Episodes. After an encounter with a journalist, Himari makes a shocking discovery about Kanba's parents, and swears to save Kanba. Shoma and Kanba are directed to observe a girl named Ringo that may possess the Peguindrum, but their search may put them into dangerous territory.

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