Some of these you can buy... Read more, Otsime aktiivseid ja haritud inimesi, kes sooviksid näidata turistidele Tallinna kõige kaunemaid ja salajasemaid kohti... Read more, Otsime aktiivseid ja haritud inimesi, kellele meeldiks sõidutada välisturiste Lahemaa, Paldiski, Haapsalu ja Narva piirkondade kõige... Read more, Traveller Tours OÜ He looked sad and jaded, like a furry Woody Hallen, sort of.

The Story of the Last Latvian Ships in 1940. Estonia has 64 species of mammals and 300 recorded species of birds. Plants if you do manage to get stung by one, it’d probably be a good idea to seek medical attention. For us humans, the best survival tactic is to stay out of the hornets’ way and bow down to these insect overlords. Many of these animals are compared with other European countries in large numbers. Animals in Latvia Civilization has left about 10 percent of the Latvian landscape alone, and many rare bird and animals have found a home in these mires or bogs. You won’t realize how big these things are until you see one. In the interior, the more varied forests with beech and spruce. A wasp will pick a fight for no reason, but angering a hornet would require a conscious effort. In terms of scientific accuracy, this list would probably not pass the National Geographic editorial board, but we’re a tour company so yeah, hey, let’s go: Dangerousness: will wilfully run into anything.

In rural life much grass snakes, vipers, lizards, newts, frogs and toads. You’re right by the way.

WolvesFolklore respects wolves as the messengers of God. A thousand wolves live in Latvia and can be seen by following their tracks or by going to the Līgatne Nature Trails. +372 5837 4800

However, the reddish-brown and ash-grey coloured „big cats” avoid human contact.AmphibiansPonds and shallow waters around Latvia are full with frogs, toads and newts. The white-lipped snake is generally harmless, but the tiger snake and the lowland copperhead snake are highly venomous and can be dangerous to humans. The black stork is much less common. Over twenty thousand white storks and at least a thousand black storks nest in Latvia. Dangerousness: can kill workplace productivity, Rarity: as rare as a world famous Estonian. Nothing says “FREEDOM” like the sight of a mighty eagle soaring through the skies. There are about 1,000 couples of the black stork.

Related: What are the most popular tours in Riga? Despite bears being softies, should you have the good fortune of seeing one in the wild, your first reaction should absolutely in no way be to try and pet it.

Not very common but are squirrels, mice, rabbits, foxes, weasels, bats, hedgehogs and moles.

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