When it does 2 weight is the same bonus, 8 +10%, 4 +20%, and 4 the full +25%. Best defensive is a good offensive. In this case they must merely hold out until the inevitable counter-attack relieves them. Even then 14-4 is not the strongest their is "space marines" which breaks the game even further and is often banned in MP. With upgraded SigC-s, Mobile Warfare can reach full planning bonus in three or four days, and Grand Battle Plan can reach its' full bonus in about 14 days, unlike what the OP said in the guide. They all have multiple, kinda awkward, low-supply fronts on all ends of the earth. For instance Japan benefits the most from grand battle plan as it usually has an infantry centric army, and is constantly on the offensive in a limited supply front in china. This land doctrine is typically used by Germany and it suits them well. First you say this about superior firepower: And then later in the minor countries you say: Superior Firepower is manageable with limited industry.

Effective staff officers ensure the flow of Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence between a commanding officer and the units he controls. More modern equipment offers better combat stats, but requires also more industrial capacity to produce the same amount of equipment. Local defeats are inconsequential compared to striking a decisive blow.

Hungary should go either GBP or Mobile. Do you want to rely on infantry more and do you want to rely on tanks and planes a little bit more? Mobile Infantry or Blitzkrieg?Mobile infantry provides a lot more general bonuses to your infantry and especially your motorized infantry. Forward Observers take up positions where they can directly observe the accuracy and effects of artillery fire, and relay the results back to the guns for correction. Infiltration is one the few branches that lacks the Breakthrough tactic.

Loses utility in low supply zones and low mobility zones like mountains and jungles. This path focuses on mobile mechanized and armored units and is the default German path. Support companies, artillery and (if you chose Airland Battle) airplanes all require quite some industrial capacity to produce. But oh boy, when the enemy does break through, you are lost. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A skilled opponent may build counter divisions to this because human players might expect you to choose Superior Firepower with infantry+artillery. The decreased infantry combat width that you get late in the doctrine tree offers a huge bonus on regular infantry. Officers from all branches now contribute to the planning of a given operation to make sure it operates at maximum efficiency. Yes I am not counting losses but its a offensive doctrine.

Fighting over a large front involves coordinating the efforts of multiple units over long distances: At an operational level, rather than tactical. You can either go 7inf/2art, which is kinda vulnerable to tanks, or 6inf/2art/2AT, which crushes tanks, but is more vulnerable to regular divisions. Do note that Mass Assault doctrine changes width of infantry battalions, so the resulting division may be under 20 width. So you'd need planes and lots of support equipment, not to mention Art and AT pieces to fully take advantage of it. So, planned encirclements remain an option. JavaScript is disabled. What infantery doctrine for Japan and why ? This is a powerful defensive tactic that is the counter to the powerful Breakthrough tactic. The extra manpower is redundant, and beating Germany is very doable in singelplayer. So basicly I would use it for medium-industry countries with medium to low manpower, and high industry countries that because of geography doesn't want mobile warfare. So I decided to play as Japan. :)Grand Battle Plan can generally be considered a weaker doctrine, but it can be nice in Colonial Warfare, and is kinda forgiving for new players. You may want to use your full planning bonus to get at least some breakthrough. Integrated Support also means a huge boost to your support artillery. It's only real selling point is the +20% extra breakthrough on tanks, but you already have +40%, and in my experience, tanks have an overkill of breakthrough at this stage of the game(excess breakthrough over your opponents attack-values are essentially wasted, but that's kinda technical). It depends on what you're doing. Pick Mass Mobilization. If your primary plan is encirclement why would you give up better exploitation? Superior Firepower is often an excellent choice, as it focuses on a solid core of Inf/Art divisions, which is manageable with limited industry, and doesn't burn up your manpower.

Grand Battleplan can develop the highest combat bonuses of all the land doctrines, but easily loses this bonuses when on the move. It focuses on using large amounts of Manpower and offers increased morale, reinforce speed and reduced effective combat width, allowing more men to fight at once to take advantage of large divisions. If you like tanks and mot/mec, Mobile warfare is a good choice. But i usally use Mobile Warfare or Superior Firepower depending what country im playing as. There exists some comments online that describe Grand Battle Plan as the jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Mass Mobilization divisions often have more men than weapons to arm them, but this just means that the living will pick up the weapons of the dead and carry on the fight, an approach that tends to work better on defense than attack. You'll mostly face random DDs at first because their fleet is there.

It does offer a way to leverage a high amount of manpower when lacking in industry and offers a whole range of side bonuses, mostly concerning supply. It really makes them kick ass! Off you course, if you play with really a lot of line artillery and no support companies, pick Dispersed Support. The second split will let you pick between Airland battle for combined arms warfare, or Shock and Awe historically used by United States long after WW2 (particularly the Gulf War and Iraq War), which keeps the majority of your focus on ground-based firepower. Just beware that your defensive abilities will suffer, especially in the infantry department. You contradict yourself in the original post. While it is a good tactic tactics are generally much harder to pull off. personally i believe the best land doctrine is based on how you wage war. United States - Superior Firepower fits their playstyle pretty great. It has been going surprisingly well for Poland. A Kampfgruppe was an ad hoc formation which was organized to carry out a specific task. Even invalids and cripples must be drafted, there can be no such thing as a civilian. Superior Firepower because it's superior. The early techs give some defensive bonuses and Infantry boosts. If you use a lot of support companies, you might want to build 40-width division so you only need to produce half the amount of support companies.

Blitz is better in a war of attrition the majority of the bonuses for it reduce tank losses with a marginal better in combat. Big entrenchments, lots of time to prepare an attack, to make a slow push before halting again. +20% soft attack. If you use a lot of support companies, you might want to build 40-width division so you only need to produce half the amount of support companies.

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