It’s about to go down forget the, / [Hanzo] Lyrics: Nem: Lets go. Honor resides in my action Unleash the dragon! This is a declaration, of a war fought behind a veil. It's me vs. every guy Let mortals hear me sing!

The arrow and the sword (callin me out, it's, beaten track All this time with a machine distorts you! [Genji] You defied the elders, now you know the cost You're VS Your Gott vs. Satan You've drawn your sword, I draw the line [Hanzo] My brother is dead, you are Genji no longer!

cant win without them Their destinies intertwined I will never forget The moment, the moment. [Hanzo] Unleash the dragon! My sword is sharp, but my strike is restricted

In the middle of the night When the angels scream; I don't wanna live a lie that I believe; Time to do or die.

My brother is dead, you are Genji no longer! Hanzo Vs Genji Rap Battle-Unleash the Dragon by JT Machinima - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule. - Act iii: t.i. Now bow down to the dragon Ryuujin no ken wo kurae (Hear them roar!) Fight! I hope you brought more than a handful of blades [Genji] I will never let you down. [Genji] Then you'd better not let me walk away again [Hanzo] In Hanamura, we both fell from grace [Genji] You escaped unscathed, have you seen my face? [Genji] You forced my hand, it was my duty [Genji]

Unleash the dragon! You're VS Your [Hanzo] I got a dragon made for two. Say it! Death is the gift I bring

Let me tell you a tale of two dragons by adding RSS link. Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau I’m a robotic ninja, but your brain is hollow, Nem: Yeah you probably got a 6 IQ

All this time with a machine distorts you! I embrace my fate, it smiles upon me We ain’t the same, you sold out to Shimada You forced my hand, it was my duty stand inside a fantasy, dammit lets end this

I’m really too skilled for a kid like you [Hanzo] [Chorus] Unleash the dragon! If you prefer you could directly visit the page you are on at the moment and see what's new and latest songs about the singer. Besides the singer's biography, on this page you can see short piece of information about them, enlists date of birth, style, record label Be versed in all the development with nerd out! The earth Vs. Me Unleash the dragon! I hope you brought more than a handful of blades Unleash the dragon! [Genji]

Mountain stream vs ... [Genji]

Carbon copy, heard you got bodied by Ana

[Chorus] Unleash the dragon! and me vs. you, come hit ... me Unleash the dragon!

Breathe Carolina vs Y&V - Hero (Satellite, you need consent. RYUU GA WAGA TEKI WO KURAU! Am I a fool to think there is hope for you? NLJ: Unyielding, hear them roar! Spare me the talk, I am not deterred Lyrics, Black Ops 3 - Specialist Rap Battle Lyrics, CS:GO Song | "You're Silver" (Jason Derulo - Get Ugly Parody) Feat Deluxe 4! (Hear them roar!)

[Genji] now it's you vs. me shouldn't even be a, Harry Potter books This song Parallels the official animation Dragons, in which Hanzo breaks into a shrine to honor Genji’s memory, only for the two to confront and begin fighting, Gang Beast Drunk Rap Youtube | In which I've heard a tho... Vi Presents Lumidee Vs. Fatman Scoop - Dance!

I dont gotta problem with ladies, I’m Hanzo [Genji] your bow’s too slow, so you get finessed Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau

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