During marriage, he was a deadbeat father and disloyal, unfaithful husband to Carla by cheating on her with other women. She is also a mother of eight kids.

[20] She finds the series's portrayal of premarital sex "negative and unhealthy", especially for omitting other dangers of promiscuity, like sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.

In "Head Over Hill" (1991), Carla tries to pull a vengeance on John Allen Hill (Keene Curtis), Sam's upper-class rival, owner of the restaurant Melville's, and co-owner of Cheers, on Sam's behalf. As a waitress, she is more experienced than her nemesis Diane Chambers (Shelley Long), who has a nice personality and upper-class traits, contrary to Carla, who treats regular customers with disdain and mostly negative sarcasm, including Cliff Clavin, a know-it-all bar patron. She is also a mother of eight kids.

Carla Tortelli Nick and Loretta tentatively get back together, and Nick sets up a TV repair business and tries to reform—not always successfully. Over time, she gives birth to four more children: Lucia (Sabrina Wiener) fathered by N…

Her outfits are usually comprised of printed shirts, pants, jeans, skirts, and costume jewelry earrings. Add new page.

The next attempt at a Cheers spin-off, Frasier, was considerably more successful, running for 11 seasons.

Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli LeBec, commonly known as Carla Tortelli, is a fictional character in the American television show Cheers, portrayed by Rhea Perlman. Carla is known for being sarcastic and kind of cruel to the other characters on the show, often poking fun at them for their problems as she is a very bitter and miserable woman. [11] Despite Ken Levine's praise on Thomas's acting and pairing of Eddie and Carla,[12] Eddie was written out of the show because Perlman thought that the pairing would make her "not part of the people in the bar."[11]. As a result, Eddie's winning streak ends abruptly. Also, in the episode, the Bruins replaces him with a younger player, and he could not find another team. When Cliff and Norm come to Vegas, Nick tells them that Frank Sinatra is coming to dinner.

Anthony Tortelli (son)Gino Tortelli (son)Anne Marie (Daughter)Sarafina (daughter)Lucinda (daughter)Ludlow Tortelli (son)Jesse LeBec (son)Elvis LeBec (son)Benito Lozupone (father)Mama Lozupone (mother)Joe (uncle)Angeline Lozupone (Sister)Annette Lozupone (Sister) In two-part episode "Never Love a Goalie" (1987), Carla briefly dates the Boston Bruins ice hockey player, Guy "Eddie" LeBec, who has an endless winning streak and a French Canadian background.

[21] She was honored as the Best Supporting Actress (Comedy) by Viewers for Quality Television in 1985[22] and the "Funniest Supporting Actress" by the American Comedy Awards in 1989.

She is especially cruel to Cliff Clavin. [20], Rhea Perlman won Emmy Awards as an Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1989 for her portrayal of Carla. A devoted and often-disappointed Boston Red Sox fan,[p 8] she became friends with Sam Malone (Ted Danson) and Coach Ernie Pantusso (Nicholas Colasanto) during Sam's baseball days at least five years before the show started[p 9] and came to work for him at Cheers when Sam retired from baseball and bought the bar.

Give Me a Ring Sometime When the show premiered in 1982, "feisty",[8] "worldly-wise",[9] Catholic-raised, and highly superstitious waitress Carla Tortelli has four children to support, fathered by her ex-husband Nick Tortelli (Dan Hedaya): Anthony (Timothy Williams), Serafina (Leah Remini), Gino (Josh Lozoff), and Anne Marie (Risa Littman).

Since both are superstitious, they promise to break up repeatedly before every game to avoid the "curse". [3] Before she starred as Carla, she worked once as a waitress in a New York City restaurant, serving meals like spaghetti and fish. [16] Bill Simmons, previously of ESPN, praised her in episodes that do not mainly focus on her. Gino Tortelli (Josh Lozoff) is Carla's son. Along with Sam Malone and Norm Peterson, she is one of only three characters to appear in every episode of Cheers.

https://cheers.fandom.com/wiki/Carla_Tortelli?oldid=6890, Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone, She's been married twice and is a mother to 8 children.

[7], I think Carla's a lot of things I'd like to be.

She's a huge sports fan and enthusiastically reacts to a team winning or losing. However, in his retirement party, influenced by his friends' farewell comments - including a vicious tirade by Carla which he mistakes as a sarcastic tribute - Cliff decides to stay in Boston, much to her dismay. [p 7].

Outwardly, at least, Carla is a mean-spirited woman who expresses disdain for many (perhaps even most) people.

In "Airport V" (1988), Eddie becomes a penguin mascot for a traveling ice show in another state. However, Thomas denied this and declared that he was referring only to the Carla character.

Nick Tortelli follows his wife Loretta to Las Vegas, hoping to get a second chance with her.

[5][6] Perlman previously appeared as Louie DePalma's (Danny DeVito) sweet and kind girlfriend, in contrast to tomboy Carla, on Taxi.

Carla Tortelli (nee Lozupone, formerly LeBec) is a principal character on NBC series Cheers.


270 + 1 episode of Frasier Carla works as a waitress at Cheers. Woody, without authorization from Sam or Rebecca, has placed a free drink coupon into a coupon book.

Carla is known for being sarcastic and kind of cruel to the other characters on the show, often poking fun at them for their problems as she is a very bitter and miserable woman.

The demise of Jay Thomas's character Eddie LeBec has been claimed to stem from Thomas's comments "about" Perlman in a radio show. Carla has siblings, including two sisters (younger Annette (also played by Perlman)[p 3] and Angeline) and two brothers (including Sal). Register Start a Wiki. Anthony and Annie follow Nick to Las Vegas, and all six characters live in the same house.[1].

During marriage, he was a deadbeat father and disloyal, unfaithful husband to Carla by cheating on her with other women. To keep the family peace between Carla and her mother, he agrees to keep the family tradition alive and change his name to …

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