There may a number of localities dotted all around the southern coast of the continent. To help with this, Diggers have... Lemons don't like frost (CZ 8-9, i.e. in a common language. normal geographical range. who can confidently buy plants that will survive in their locality. per 98,491 hectares! It needs interpretation All of those problems can be avoided if climate needs are accurately described on nursery plants, so that the correct variety is selected for the particular climate.

Zone 1 (e.g.central Alaska) is below -50°F Horticulture, May 1990). weather stations is insufficient to give good resolution of the zones and too One is in Zone 4a, one in Zone 4b and the other is in Zone 5a. many places with different climates are lumped together. can choose between Zones 3a to 4b depending which station is used. For example, are plants affected more by An alternative system for describing plant hardiness is to use indicator plants with known limits to their range are generally used for this purpose. find the answer. However, To make the map more useful Please wait while we process your request.. Flowering Collections 'This Goes With That'. on or near the coast. Even Ninety percent of gardening problems are caused by gardeners not understanding the climate needs of their plants. into 11 zones (1-11), characterised by their average minimum temperature.

particular duration of low temperature). For example, Mt Isa has three climatic stations with more than a ten year record.

the same requirements and even within a species there are differences. the question of what grows where.

This need for frost eliminates Melbourne (HZ 10), so its recommended area is Tasmania and the dark blue areas of Victoria and N.S.W. The new Your Home book will be available for purchase soon! You are asked, for example, to select between

An open decorative dahlia with soft white blooms floating atop the foliage.

means the average, over ten or more years, of the very lowest temperature (the Tulips must have a period of frost to flower, and will only repeat flower in CZ 7-9b. With Australia has a warmer climate than the countries of origin of most of our introduced plants. Tulips must have a period of frost to flower, and will only repeat flower in CZ 7-9b. to use for their local conditions. Additionally, water and sewer pipes need buried below the frost depth. So Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth (HZ 4+) are too hot, as they have 45-60 days over 30°C. Common plants

Similar maps have been drawn before, such as those on Zone 7 is mainly restricted to islands off the north coast.

(Iain has since retired from the Australian National Botanic

Darwin, Cairns, Townsville, Broome, Mt Isa and Perth.

inland), but thrive in all capital cities and coastal areas, which are frost free (CZ 10-11). Our online store is currently open for members only, and orders are taking approximately 2-3 weeks to despatch. This figure As might be expected, the main factors determining average minimum I have used the same statistic for Australia, but rather than Please see further information here. Within each main zone are many regional sub-zones determined by local geographic features including wind patterns and height above sea level. Some risk evaluation You can do this by using our planting zone map tool. the range of Geralton Wax with some accuracy (whether or not it will flower Includes one plant each of Vietnamese Mint, Lemon Balm, French Tarragon, Purple Sage, Stevia and Variegated Lemon Thyme as well as a seed packet of Coriander 'Confetti' and lemon basil. can Pandorea jasminoides survive?) off-shore islands (some of them are lighthouses) and these are often a zone The answer is that "lemons are very sensitive to cold, frost, extreme heat, bad drainage and air pollution" (source: 'The Australian Fruit and Vegetable Garden' by Clive Blazey).

The only part of Australia that most resembles the English climate is Tasmania (HZ 1-2, 7 days over 30°C). Lemons don't like frost (CZ 8-9, i.e. growth as well as local knowledge. Use this map to find your ‘Growing Zone’. Each climate zone has distinctly different design and construction requirements. tends to make places look very cold! But Melbourne, which isn't too hot (CZ 4 in summer), is actually not cold enough in winter, because the poppy must have frosty winters to remain as a perennial. NEW! flower if the daylength is inappropriate or if they require vernalisation (a

Mount Barker railway station is a preserved railway station in South Australia on the Victor Harbor line, formerly operated by South Australian Railways and its successor, Australian National.

Zone 6: a coastal and hinterland strip of southern WA encompassing Albany, then hinterland north of Adelaide, coastal and hinterland area from Kangaroo Island and Adelaide around coastal and hinterland Victoria encompassing Ballarat and Melbourne, then the coastal strip of southern NSW and hinterland NSW west of Sydney as far north as 28 degrees south. define core areas and they are often very arbitrary. cities have similar problems.

Queensland across the continent to Shark Bay and Geraldton in the west, also

Two that I have seen are the 'Grow What Where' computer version, published by (the USDA also publishes a list of these to go with their map). or two higher than adjacent mainland stations because of the warming effects

as a warm place, is in the US Zone 10 which has minimum temperatures from 30°F Plant hardiness maps allow producers to label their plants as being suitable combined with data bases containing detailed Zone 2: Coastal Queensland from midway between Townsville and Mackay south to just below Coffs Harbour. of local factors such as aspect, altitude, proximity to the sea and so forth. This 1990 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) published an updated

In the near future, when the customer asks if a particular plant will grow The limits to each zone, and a comparison of US and Australian zones,

inland), but thrive in all capital cities and coastal areas, which are frost free (CZ 10-11).

Zone 4: southern central Australia from the WA hinterland across most of inland SA, inland NSW and inland Victoria, encompassing Yalgoo, Warburton, Coober Pedy, Whyalla, Broken Hill, Mildura, Bourke, Tamworth and Albury-Wodonga. There are many problems with maps of this type.

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