He has also received coverage in 605 Magazine, The Flyest Magazine, and other printed publications as well as online including and sources and being inspired by the harsh realities of Southern

Ouese IMC also works with programs geared towards suicide prevention on and off reser­vation communities. She is a member of all Native American comedy troupe The Mayflower Welcoming Committee and Artist Ensemble Native Voices at the Autry.

B. of Dakota South Records has also spoke at Black Hills State University’s American Indian Awareness Speakers Series, “STRONG: Solid Tribal Roots Offer New Growth”. He released 2 mixtapes, Drezus Walks (2011), Big Baby Dreez (2012) and in 2013, he released the award winning album “Redwinter”.

Born Cameron Jude Monkman, this Winnipeg-Native found his passion for music at the age of 7, when he was given his first electronic piano as a gift from his grandparents. Verified and Tested.

The musical tastes of the guys then evolved, first into hiphop and then electronics.

), West Coast Legend Spice 1, G. Baby Prince of G-Unit West, and production from platinum producer Lex Lucazi (T.I., T-Pain, The Outlaws, etc.). As a Seasoned performers with hundreds of performances tucked under their belt , Relik has learned that an audience enjoys raw energy, but also appreciates some lighter, more personal moments, which songs like “thank you” and “daddys lil girl” tend to provide.

Po.10.cee (potency) is a Native American hip hop group based in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. Artson has always had a love for the arts of Hip Hop. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, it was the dance that first caught his eye and opened the doors to the culture that would eventually transform him and become his life. He first discovered B-boying (breakdancing) on the basketball courts, parks, and streets of nearby neighborhoods where he grew up. One fine day in May, FNX Fit products approached me and asked if I … Music had essentially become a household influence and it eventually inspired him to write songs of the struggles he had faced at birth. But yet, He is not the only one. He can inspire, uplift and entertain 10 or 10,000 and the gifts he shares, he carries from his ancestry, his life and his loves. College educated and self motivated, Rayce can be caught rocking shows locally as well as all over Los Angeles and similar cities throughout California. Ken Franklin is musician and an actor. She debuted the featured track, an emotional cover of Sam Cooke’s classic, A Change Is Gonna Come, at the American Indian Inaugural Ball for President Obama. Inez Jasper is an award winning Pop artist with powerhouse talent and universal appeal. 2012 saw the release of 2 more critically-acclaimed albums, Teodros’ solo Colored People’s Time Machine, as well as CopperWire’s Earthbound; a space opera of a hip hop ride (set in the year 2089) that Teodros recorded with fellow Ethiopian-American artists Meklit Hadero and Burntface. Kings”, Pozlyrix expand his music career when the group entered the 2011 “Toast of the coast”, a competition that would give the winner a performance slot at the North Coast Music festival in Chicago. With the intent to change the minds of His mantra of being in service to others is secured with his choice to engage if it’s good business, good for the world, and good for the soul. His love for hip-hop created a burning desire within himself to begin crafting his own style of lyrical wordplay, clever storytelling, effortless flow, & distinct tone that would later set him apart from the crowded field of up & coming “rap” artists nationwide. Cricket Protein has been shown to have many different benefits, but for a price. The lead single ‘Getaway’ made its radio debut on CKXS Wallaceburg. She sang at the First Lady’s Luncheon for Laura Bush. I always heard if they make you spend it’s not legit but I just don’t wanna jump in with both feet before consulting others.

His goals are to one day be involved in a life changing ministry and focuses on performances in churches and other non religious events. Mike says, “Christian Music helped with his life change.

Over the years he had established his name in the city by performing at local night clubs, making it quite known that he was a talented man that did not waste any time. Saga’s music is definitely a blend of the genres he enjoys most.  His 2015 EP Auburn Nights released on Handsome Boy, has been on the Canadian Aboriginal chart since its release and recently hit the No. He made sure to expand his touring range around Ontario and played both with a band as well as solo/acoustic for smaller clubs. This was her second performance for a First Family. As he grew older, Nahko remained tied to music as a piano teacher and casual songwriter. They are also former band-mates from Two Birds and cast-mates from the film Roses Of April. Ben hopes to reach new audiences through song placements with exciting new artists and features on nationally syndicated T.V shows, he also can’t wait to create another album! Recording, sampling, and buying records became part of their daily ritual. Las Cafeteras’ name comes from the Eastside Cafe, a community center they help run & where they also first learned to play Son Jarocho music.

“Uniquely Angeleno mishmash…. Immediately after graduating from high school, Raye moved out of her family’s home and began writing songs as a way to cope with insomnia. Her travels are based on the movement of empowering, motivating and encouraging our communities with wise words and positive music. The hard work spawned a Youtube hit with the music video for ‘Light My Way’ which reached the #13 spot landing right next to Beyoncé on its release day. 15% OFF. He began playing piano at age six. Hailing from South Dakota, B. of Dakota South Records is one of the quickest rising Native American artists in the industry with his self-titled debut album featuring Hopsin, Spice 1, G. Baby Prince of G-Unit West, and platinum producer Lex Lucazi having been nominated for five music awards and winning two of the awards the album was nominated. Stay tuned for the impending imminent.”. At the end of 2009, Knudsen licensed Dakota South Records, LLC with the state of South Dakota and began working on his self-titled debut album, B. of Dakota South Records which features XXL Freshman Class of 2012 artist Hopsin (who also was featured on “Am I a Psycho” by Tech N9n and also featuring B.O.B.

In 2014 Teodros released 2 solo projects: Children Of The Dragon – another journey through time, Hip Hop, Ethiopian musical traditions and shifting homelands with Washington, DC-based producer AirMe, followed by Evidence Of Things Not Seen – a James Baldwin-inspired portrait of right now with Auckland, New Zealand-based producer SoulChef. Her style of music tends to open one’s eyes to a different perspective and gives the listener a chance to unwind in the simplicity of words and thought. Now some years later, she is back in the music scene as well as the acting scene. Future television plans include MTV Europe and numerous Spanish audience networks. She entertains as well as teaches audiences the importance of Mother Earth and to reflect on their personal heritage. Lil’ Mike grew up a problem child. This lead to a very busy tour, and appearance schedule 2008-2009.

DWR explores various themes of life — love, heartbreak, sacrifice, celebration, despair, pain — all while expressing and evoking sincere emotion on issues affecting contemporary Native American communities. The song can be found on his first project from 2010, entitled ‘Brothers: From Different Fathers and Mothers,’ which was independently released with his former group mate G.Malicious as the duo ‘Point of Contact’. A gifted wordsmith known for his quick witted and gritty punch-lines, front man Billy LeBlanc, better known as Rellik, is no stranger to adversity and has transcribed his emotional experiences from gaining custody of his children, to the sudden loss of his mother, to political subjects and frustrations with the music industry , into hard hitting lyrics.

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