Bowser defeats Midbus, but he soon falls for Fawful's next trap by eating the "Victory Feast" his nemesis presents him with, which causes him to become bloated and get stuck in the floor (it is heavily implied afterward that he did this in order to draw Princess Peach out into the open so he could extract her from inside Bowser). The Tiny Dark Pit puppet fighters references the Flies' tiny size and coloration. Fawful, however, laughs at their "stupidity" and sends out a Fawfulcopter to speak to the bros., telling them his plans. The Pikachu puppet fighter references Pikachu's ears resembling Olivia's crown. The puppet fighter's frequent use of hand-based attacks references the Hand's ability to swat the Flies. Fawful then accompanies her to Little Fungitown, where they abduct the princess. The Robin puppet fighter references Mallow, a cloud-like character who could manipulate the weather with magic. Turd Burgler, If the spirit is in the "Fighters" class a second piece of artwork will be displayed in the top right corner. Similar with the battle with Waluigi, the purple Luigi puppet fighter represents Waluigi featured in this spirit's artwork. The blue Robin puppet fighter represents Antasma, an evil bat king in dark blue robes. The stage references the beachside town where the Blooper spirit is found in World of Light, as Isle Delfino is a beachside town itself.

He intended to enslave Bowser and work him to death, although Bowser managed to escape from his grip. The stage references the Odyssey, the airship that Mario and Cappy pilot around the world in, The music represents to Cappy's appearance in. The music and defensive battle conditions represents Broque Monsieur's battle in. The stage and the Soccer Ball item references the soccer gameplay mechanic in the. In the European Spanish versions, he speaks in a very refined European Spanish with a lot of set phrases.

This is also referenced by the floating ship in the clouds where the Odyssey's spirit is located in the World of Light.

Though he is a bit of a loon, Fawful is a genius, shown by how complex his Vacuum Helmet is. and try to roll into him. The temporary Curry-Filled rule and battle condition references Dry Bowser's ability to breathe fire. The stage and the Mushroom item references Toadsworth being a longtime steward to Princess Peach and the Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom. After taking care of Bowser, Fawful attacks the Mario Bros., who manage to destroy his Vacuum Helmet. The Mario puppet fighter references Boo Mario being Mario's Boo power-up form. The white Luigi puppet fighter references the spirit's white and green color scheme. In this game, Mario discovers a hidden room in Princess Peach's Castle. Where Does A Whirlpool Take You, Even prior to Cackletta's final defeat, however, Fawful when about to fight the Mario Bros. for the final time briefly considers the possibility of rising beyond a "toady" of Cackletta's. The Mario puppet fighter references Metal Mario being Mario's metallic power-up form.

Landing in Stardust Fields, Fawful finds an unconscious Bowser, whose body Cackletta possesses. If the text is red, he shoots at Mario, but if the text is green, he shoots at Luigi.

(likely representing a Mechawful), on the Prism Tower stage.

"Cackletta" is misspelled here. He is notable for speaking in Engrish (grammatically incorrect English), as a parody of low-quality video game translations, and making obscure food metaphors (e.g. The music play… In Battle Royale, he is the game's summoner. The puppet fighter's favored aerial attacks references how Oliva floats constantly. The Striped Mario puppet fighter references the spirit's red, white, and blue color scheme. The Peach puppet fighter's Autoheal effect references Princess Toadstool's healing spells.

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