Photograph by Greg Kahn. “The dream is dead,” Shipley remembers one telling him. Enter your email address to subscribe to OMK and receive notifications of new posts by email. Over the past six years, Shipley has exposed people who falsely claim membership in the country’s most fabled military unit, and he has starred in a web series he calls “Phony Navy SEAL of the Week,” in which he ambushes the culprits. Larry Bailey, a former SEAL then active in the Internet site, called Ashman on a Sunday night in February 2000 and told him to apologize to Arrowood within 48 hours or his name would appear on the site's ``Wall of Shame.'. I’ve contacted Mr Shipley regarding my ex and received an email back stating that he was NOT a SEAL as he has always claimed. The camp takes place in and around Shipley’s back yard, in the heart of SEAL country. Sterner and his wife helped fix that. “He even runs this ‘Extreme SEAL Experience‘ where he runs people through this course based on his ‘supposed military experience’ that is totally in keeping with his thorough training and 23-year career in Naval Special Warfare,” said Schmidt.

Some claim to have been with special operations forces, such as SEALs, Rangers and Green Berets.

Also, I think this guy is wearing a Mighty Oaks wrist band for wounded vets.

Like all the other guys, Epperson has paid $2,350 for the privilege of getting his ass kicked and his vomit documented. Should we encounter a policeman, he warns, tell him you’re with Don Shipley. A former girlfriend of one of the Hampton Roads men wrote on the CyberSEALs' Internet complaint form: ``I want to know if he is telling the truth. Nolan even persuaded one investor to pony up $30,000 when he told her about his covert activities, then presented her with papers that showed he had been honorably discharged. Thanks to you folks here for doing the heavy lifting, and sparing us all the disgust in exposing these phonies.

It was time for the truth to come out.

“Also, when you’re in the boat, watch out for drunk f—ing catfishermen,” he says. The so-called reversible submersible is designed to drive SEALs as close to a target as possible above water, then finish the last leg underwater. “My records are only accessible to the POTUS”.

Quickly became friends with Paul, but became very skeptical because he was very vague with his “service” and had no deployment photos. He wanted to stay in the suck. “Don’t worry,” he said. Shipley used a Freedom of Information Act request to pull his records. Related to the above.

“There are four poison snakes on the East Coast, and three of those f—ers are here. When a Scandinavian businessman demanded that Nolan pay a $63,000 debt, Nolan told the businessman he had been a member of the special forces with the U.S. military, according to testimony by an FBI agent who investigated Nolan. It caters to young SEAL aspirants, macho fortysomethings, and, on this occasion, an unprepared and out-of-shape reporter.

There’s a nervous energy in the air, like the first day of summer camp. Paul would give advice on workouts, on the life of a Navy SEAL, etc…  Military Phonies was contacted by someone inquiring about Paul’s SEAL claims. Short for Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL, BUD/S is the conditioning-and-tactics class every aspiring SEAL must pass at the start of his career. He acted like a bad ass to intimidate people. There’s an epidemic of phony SEALs in this country, and the odds are stacked in my favor that my “suggestion” is likely right.

No matter what it says, there’s no backing out now. He says Jay Leno inquired about two employees a few years ago. He used the same bullshit that I just read. He had told several people he was a former Navy SEAL, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Seidel, who prosecuted Nolan. His take on the day of 911 is really sad and all his story’s.

Related Article – BUD/S Class 234: Where Are They Now? She started a lobbying push for a federal law, and in 2006 President Bush signed the Stolen Valor Act, which criminalized lying about military records. The gold medallion rests in its original case, tucked in a dresser drawer in his bedroom. Shipley, who retired from the Navy in 2003, served in SEAL Teams One and Two.

The FBI went after a variety of offenders—the Louisiana man who allegedly claimed to have a Purple Heart in order to get a special license plate, the Virginia county commissioner found guilty of lying to receive disability benefits.

Shipley felt he didn’t fit in there. Here’s a Rundown.

The “dicks in the mud” instructor from earlier fires a frigid hose at us as we do push-ups on hard gravel. Required fields are marked *.

See more ideas about Stolen valor, Veterans discounts, Women figure. A Minnesota man photographed wearing the uniform of a Ranger-tabbed command sergeant major at a charity motorcycle ride honoring fallen service members will serve five years in prison for firearms offenses, which came to light as officials investigated stolen valor accusations. If you were to question a potentially fake Navy SEAL, you could simply pose it as a curiosity-like question. I haven’t run a mile since high-school gym class or done push-ups for even longer. If he is going to make up stuff…we expected better than this. Eventually, he’d drop the bomb: “What’s your BUD/S class number?”.

Shipley lets out a big, bewildered laugh: “A swim cap? Many fake Navy SEALs will claim that their records have been deemed classified, they were burned in the 1973 records center fire (barely any Navy records were touched, btw), or some other B.S. He and Diane still laugh and banter in the clips, trying to find humor in their depressing pursuit. Shipley warned us that arriving five minutes early is on time. He said he draws a pension from the State Department. It’s essentially a written request in which you describe the information you need, in the format you want it in, in as much detail as possible. Retired Navy captain.

“Would you say you’re in shape for your age?”.

Sterner believes the law is weak, and enforcing it is not a high priority. Once I’m up to my elbows in slime, I realize what he really meant by that.

Take part in Hell Night, the whole ordeal. He regaled some with tales of missions he conducted as a Navy SEAL, of clandestine operations in Central America.

Might be separated. “People look for some deep-seated reason why they do this,” says Doug Sterner, a Vietnam veteran and fellow fake-soldier hunter.

Sailor Just Litters In Public, Like He Doesn’t... REPORT: Ashton Kutcher On Short List For Secretary... “Don’t worry, this chapter of my book will be awesome” SEAL tells dying teammate, Navy SEAL: The best way to tell people you’re a Navy SEAL is to tell them, Zip-tied Somali pirates bet on how many SEAL memoirs they’ll be in, Dan Crenshaw stabs Pete Davidson in the eye, or whatever, Trump deploys National Guard to New York border to block Pete Davidson jokes, Navy SEALs no longer allowed to wear blackface, High-value target disappointed to be raided by Rangers instead of Navy SEALs, ClauseFic? Paul is asked if he is a Navy SEAL, I’m sure each of you can guess his answer because he’s a humble man. His Afghanistan story’s didn’t seem like it was something you would tell people. Would-be SEALs might think they could hide behind the unit’s code of silence and the classified nature of its work, but because Shipley has decades’ worth of names and BUD/S class numbers—18,000 and counting—he can take down a phony almost instantly. “To survive Hell Week, a trainee has to do two things,” retired SEAL Dick Couch wrote in The Warrior Elite, “take the punishment being dished out, and get past thinking about the punishment to come.” This translates into a SEAL mantra: Just make it to the next meal. “Dicks in the mud!” a drill instructor shouts.

he actually said id not find him on paper as there are multiple “bounties on his head” yet he seems to know every detail of SEAL life. Doesn’t talk much about it. One other thing to note is that occasionally the instructors will bring the bell with the class throughout their training day. He’s like “The Round Marine” and Paul Tillson rolled into one. I wanted to bitch slap him before we would close up and clean up and he would brag about meeting her on Thursday and Friday’s and couldn’t wait to meet up with her, Being happily married for 5 years and about to have my second child that would make me sick to my stomach knowing how much I love my wife and family and would like to know what he was feeding this women to fool her like he did to everyone else.

It’s about teamwork, each man draining himself to carry his part of the weight. Washington National Cathedral Will Livestream a Service for Unity Today. And have watched in disbelief as he mumbled incoherently about hugging your dog, grandpa, grandad, mother, father and family dog. This past Memorial Day, a 75-year-old retired Marine named Robert Ford walked through a festival in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is a shameless self promoter, exaggerator and at times outright liar about certain claims. Last weekend, Everette posted Moeller's name on his Internet site's ``Hall of Shame' for allegedly making false claims that he was a Medal of Honor recipient. He thought he was someone living in the movie goodfellas It was very off the wall bullshit. Note: The author of this post was never a Navy SEAL, and doesn’t claim to be. Log PT (the PT is short for “physical training”) is another SEAL tradition, appropriated from WWII-era British commandos who exercised with telephone poles.

Impersonating a Medal of Honor winner is a crime that can result in jail time and a fine. But it was all a lie, according to federal authorities and military personnel records. They should have laws that just the act of pretending to be someone who served our great country should be prosecuted whether they profited or not. His helmet of hair is even bigger than it looked on camera, so thick and unreceded he’s barely got a forehead. Shipley claims it would be hard for reality TV to woo him again. 5. Hey Delana, Sorry for the late reply! In divorce papers in Circuit Court, Moeller lists his occupation as ``Ret. He said he was screwing his neighbor since he moved into Arlington Heights last year, meeting her at hotels and bars when we got off work and used to brag about it all the time, saying how easy it was to get away with it. They asked Ford for specifics about his service, implying they didn’t believe he was a veteran. But what do you say if he comes back with a class that might potentially match up? As Don Shipley has pointed out in some of his videos, there is no such thing as “classified records”. Go get em Don. Something seemed off about that, so I did a little digging and realized, there’s actually no such thing as a “SEAL Team 9”. More than 350 people attend each summer. “You’re weird. “Some guys, there’s such a bloodlust,” he says.

“I was so good, I didn’t need to go to BUD/S”, They didn’t have to go through BUD/S to become a SEAL.

But he’ll entertain the phonies’ excuses for a while before blowing their cover.

This is another common one. The site received one complaint about a man who spins his yarns at an Oceanfront nightspot in Virginia Beach. And it swarms with SEAL wannabes like Nolan.

For most military units, water is an obstacle. I say no more!! “So it wouldn’t end up with some Colombian drug lords. Shipley in 1995 while a member of SEAL Team Two. With his parents’ permission, he quit school to join the Navy. I was in the aspiring seal group on Facebook. Shipley eventually found himself stationed in Coronado, California, where he got his first glimpse of the SEALs at their West Coast headquarters. Yup he’s legit. SEAL Teams 1, 3, 5, and 7 are based out of Coronado, CA, and SEAL Teams 2, 4, 8, and 10 are based out of Little Creek, VA.

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