Cheerleading teams are restricted to specific stunt rules based on the guidelines of certain associations,organizations and their … The first-ever state championships were held this month. 12375 World Trade Drive For many years, cheerleading was not recognized as a sport.

[7][8] They may include general safety rules about what types of surfaces the participants may perform stunts on (for example, some states don't allow stunts on hard surfaces like a track or basketball court) as well as more specific rules about exactly which stunts, pyramids, and tosses are and are not allowed.

Cheering your team to victory is usually a harmless activity.

Pyramid stunts are responsible for the majority of head/neck injuries. The level of difficulty an organization allows depends on where the teams stunt and practice as well as the type of organization they are a part of (school, club, college etc,). I understand that I may opt out of receiving such communications at any time.

This stunt is learned before all other stunts since it is the most basic form of stunting with a stunt group. Preventing cheerleading injuries is possible “As with most activities, prevention is the best medicine,” noted Dr. Olsen.

When stunting, it is easier to lift and hold flyers, while it also helps avoid injury. Teams are expected to be under the supervision of a trained coach and are encourage to only perform high level stunts and tosses when mats are available. The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association recently named "competitive spirit" a sport. In a one-leg extension stunt, the main base will lift the toe and heel of the foot to increase stability and prevent the flyer from tilting forward or backward and will be almost directly under the stunt.

For more information about concussions, visit If one to were tryout this stunt is expected to be solid before being placed on a team.[12].

Give us a call at 1-800-299-7822. Unlike other sports, most cheerleading injuries (78.8%) occur during practice rather than during game time.

Privacy Policy Cheerleading is not a sport for everyone, even if it may seem to … Appearance is very important for cheerleaders to be aware of. Any stunt can seem scary at first, but can be done with the trust of teammates. 28 Apr 2017 28 Apr 2017; Spectacular stunts, awesome acrobatics and cheery chants! Stunting can be a very dangerous part of cheer, so it is very necessary to be prepared and learn the correct form for each position. Lower-extremity injuries are the most common, followed by injuries to upper extremities, head/neck and trunk.

© 2020 Active Network, LLC and/or its affiliates and licensors. In 2009, there were approximately 400,000 high-school cheerleaders and 123,000 on competitive squads.

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