The tangential triangle of the 1st circumperp triangle. A' = AX(8795) ∩ perpendicular(X(8884), BC). The Apollonious circle is the circle internally tangent to all the excircles (Reference).

The Pelletier triangle is the vertex triangle of ABC and the intangets triangle. Change ), "The chief aim of all investigations of the external world should be to discover the rational order and harmony which has been imposed on it by God and which He revealed to us in the language of mathematics.".  A0 = the center of the A-Lucas circle, and similarly B0, C0; Let ABC be a triangle and BCA', CAB', ABC' equilateral triangles erected in/out - wardly of ABC. Define O"a as the circumcenter of SBcCb and similarly O"b and O"c. The triangle O"aO"bO"c is the 2nd Schiffler triangle. Une troisième preuve géométrique fut apportée en 1854. 2  A2O = the touchpoints of the A-Lucas secundary central circle and the circumcircle, and similarly B2O, C2O; A-vertex coordinates: Build Bi, Be, Ci, Ce cyclically. L'année suivante, le résultat fut redécouvert par le géomètre allemand Feuerbach. Archived. The triangle A'1B'1C'1 is the 1st Morley-adjunct triangle. Let A15 = X(15)-of-AB0C0, and define B15 and C15 cyclically, so that A15B15C15 is the 3rd isodynamic-Dao equilateral triangle of ABC.

Euler was able to serve his God through his mathematics. Depuis, quelques dizaines d'autres points remarquables du triangle ont été ajoutés à la liste des points sur le cercle. The triangle A'B'C' whose McCay triangle is ABC. Lines ABA and ACA cut BC at A'B and A'C, respectively, and the perpendiculars through these points cut AB and AC at A"C and A"B, respectively. The inner-Conway triangle is the triangle bounded by the lines AbAc, BcBa and CaCb. Define MB, MC cyclically. Let Ω' and Ω" be the Brocard points of ABC and A* the intersection of BΩ' and CΩ"; similarly define B* and C*. (Reference). (Reference). (Reference: Preamble just before X9123) I Reference: TCCT, p. 173. (Reference: X10523). ” Diderot had no reply, and the court broke into laughter. In geometry, Euler's theorem states that the distance d between the circumcentre and incentre of a triangle is given by[1][2], where R and r denote the circumradius and inradius respectively (the radii of the circumscribed circle and inscribed circle respectively). G (Reference: X7495) (Reference: Preamble just before of X33338.). (Reference: Preamble just before X8537).

A-vertex coordinates:

The McCay triangle is the triangle whose vertices are the centers of the McCay circles. ¯ Let A' be the intersection, other than X(4), of the A-altitude and the orthocentroidal circle, and define B' and C' cyclically.  1st half-squares triangle: Let A'B'C' be the intouch triangle of ABC. E For them, math was a tool to decipher God's design of our world. Let PA be the point closer to line BC and let QA be the other point. (Reference: Preamble just before X18300) (Reference: X16459). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. (Reference: X5927), Let AA,AB, AC be the touchpoints of the A-excircle and the lines BC, CA, AB, respectively, and define BB, BC, BA and CC, CA, CB cyclically. The triangle A"B"C" is equilateral and is named the 8th Fermat-Dao equilateral triangle. Dan Graves in his Scientists of Faith has this to say of Euler: Euler retained his firm Calvinist beliefs throughout life, holding daily prayer and worship in his home and sometimes preaching. Let OA be the center RA, and define OB and OC cyclically. (Reference: X8916), Let (Ap) be the Apollonius circle and (Ka), (Kb), (Kc) the circles defined in the Hung-Feuerbach triangle. The Lucas reflection triangle is the triangle limited by La, Lb, Lc. Let D2 be the 2nd isodynamic center X(16) of ABC and I"a, I"b and I"c the incenters of BCD2, CAD2 and ABD2, respectively. Let AA,AB, AC be the touchpoints of the A-excircle and the lines BC, CA, AB, respectively, and define BB, BC, BA and CC, CA, CB cyclically. The perpendicular bisectors of AA', BB', CC' bound a triangle A*B*C* called the 1st Sharygin triangle. A*B*C* is the 3rd Brocard triangle of ABC. Let NA be the nine-point center of the triangle AA'BA'C, and define NB and NC cyclically. L'homothétie de centre G et de rapport –1/2 transforme le triangle ABC en le triangle médian I1I2I3 et le cercle circonscrit de ABC en cercle circonscrit à I1I2I3 : ce dernier cercle est précisément le cercle d'Euler. Suppose that ABC is labeled counter-clockwise. (Reference: Preamble just before X10037), The Yff circles are the two triplets of congruent circles in which each circle is tangent to two sides of a reference triangle (see Mathworld).

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