Professional Master's Program Advising: masters at Historically, CSE courses account for a large percentage of all Academic Misconduct cases at the UW each year, even though our courses represent only a much smaller percent of the student enrollment. How does the difficulty compare? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Welcome. Although you should certainly keep these rules in mind, it is important to recognize that the cases that we bring forward to the University are not those in which a student simply forgets to cite a source of legitimate aid.   Rebecca Yuen :   Wednesdays 11:00-12:00pm, CSE 021 Code from the book COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Detailed course offerings (Time Schedule) are available for.

B Trees (Memory Hierarchy is involved), 3. In all considerations of academic misconduct, the department will carefully follow the letter and the spirit of the University’s Student Conduct Code. Below, we outline the general academic integrity policies used by many courses in CSE. February 22nd: Minimum Spanning Trees, Reading, 23. exam. or CSE 369 (2 cr. Discuss ideas together, but do the coding on your own. This document and its content are copyright © Marty Stepp, 2013. If I would have tried that shit in 143, I would have lost at least 10% on style, and probably a lot more. the course material. helpful and enriching. When i took the course with McCarty, the exams were not code based. the Engineering Topics covered on these exams may not be the exact same topics By doing so, you will be in no position to solve similar problems on exams. In CSE 373 the assignments will vary depending on who's teaching it. Policies on Collaboration and Academic Integrity, Bubble Sort: An Archaeological Algorithmic Analysis, 1. we will not require this. Your score could go down from a regrade, so please be certain that you want one. It is still not your work. Special thanks to TAs Janette and Staci for contributing many of these practice problems and their solutions! Run it for yourself and see how nearly correct your solution is. I took it with Ruth Anderson, who was great. I found it rather easy, as I spent most lectures doing the crossword puzzle in class while still being able to follow along and answer questions. Slide it under Marty Stepp's office door, CSE 636. The actual Java coding will take about a week, but it'll come back to you. March 1st: More Comparison Sorting and Beyond Comparison Sorting, 26. Yeah I definitely didn't float by in 143.

February 13th: Intro to Graphs, Reading, 19. The real exam will have a generally similar number and style of questions as on the practice tests. One of my favorite classes I've taken here. IND E 411] IND E 424 [4cr] Simulation [prereq. 2. CSE 143 Computer Programming II. Just completed it last quarter.

It is worth looking through them, at least for hashing practice.   Zelina Chen :   Tuesdays 2:30-3:30pm, CSE 5th Floor Breakout Area (area with whiteboards by stairs) Similarly, you should not discuss your algorithmic strategies to such an extent that you and your collaborators end up turning in exactly the same code. That being said, we do make mistakes, so please do ask for a regrade if Developing a good programming assignment often takes years. If you make use of such assistance without giving proper credit, you may be guilty of plagiarism. Because it is too easy to add answers to these places after the exam, unfortunately we must trust that the grader was able to find all of your work and grade it appropriately. Although most violations involve program code, the expectations apply to any work done for a course.   Hunter Zahn :   Wednesdays 11:30-12:30pm, CSE 674 Parallelism and Concurrency: Synchronization and Data Races, 6. been course long topics (analysis of asymptotic runtime, pseudocode, choosing the We strongly encourage using the Eclipse IDE, though It will be We will also do our best to support the 2nd Edition, ISBN: 0321370139. Your instructor may choose to allow exceptions in certain obvious instances. Conceptually, 373 is not easy. The final exam will have approximately 8-9 questions about topics such as: The following topics are guaranteed NOT to be required to solve any problems on the final exam: If you are not sure whether you need to study a particular topic, please feel free to ask us. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The Unofficial Subreddit of the University of Washington, Press J to jump to the feed.

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