By placing Calamus Root in the fouc corners of the room it can attract wealth, control people and situations inside the space and repel poverty and negativity. mild diuretic and anti-inflammatory; used for sore throats and sinus headaches; Magical Uses: popularity, persuasiveness, and personal success. Contains potassium, iron, and vitamin B; promotes heart health and boosts immunity; treats toothaches and gum soreness (give babies arrowroot cookies for teething); magical uses: Purification and healing. Add to a bath for toning muscles and soothing rheumatic pain; antiseptic; diuretic; Good for nervous and menstrual issues; may open portals into the faery realm; Magical Uses: Protection, luck, and immortality. Emergency toxin removal; teeth whitening; aids kidney health; treats diarrhea and skin infection, Revitalizes digestive tract and colon. anti-inflammatory, and antiviral. Burn Calamus Root on a charcoal along with Licorice Root and Frankincense to when doing controlling spells. Acorus calamus. Expectorant and antiseptic; used in sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary infection and congestion. Great for nerves- use when stressed, overworked, over-extended, exhausted, etc. Also used for digestion.

Specifically treats the glands of the body and is therefore good for: mastitis, issues with salivary glands or sinuses, cancer, and swollen glands.

Magical Uses: protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, and gaining what is sought, In small doses, heightens senses and is considered an aphrodisiac. Good for laryngitis, halitosis, sinus congestion, asthma, and chronic cough. Good for hemorrhoids, acne control, scalp sensitivity, sore throat, infection, disinfectant; Magickal uses include chastity and protection. Used since prehistoric times and often affiliated with fairies and the little people; alleviates anxiety, depression, and stress; add valerian root for insomnia; important wound medicine; Magical uses: Worn to prevent colds & fevers. Use to purify any space.

High in antioxidants, these little berries can help protect the eyes against disease, the body from cancer cells, and the liver from damage.

Magical Uses: Love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection.

Good for laryngitis, halitosis, sinus congestion, asthma, and chronic cough. relaxant, calming, euphoric effect, Magical Uses: Uses include aphrodisiac; potent sacramental drink; potions; induces visions; astral work; travel protection. Great for arthritis and rheumatism (fibromyalgia); exhaustion of nervous system; tense shoulders; PMS with headache, exhaustion, panic, or nausea; Magical uses: money and prosperity.

Sore throat (tea w/ honey and lemon); fevers; blood thinner; endocrine stabilizer; treats older people with dryness of skin, hair, mucosa; relieves mental lethargy, depression, poor concentration, loss of memory, grief, insomnia, excessive perspiration; libido stabilizer; magical uses: Used for self purification and dealing with grief and loss.

Aphrodisiac; relieves stress and tension; antidepressant; promotes digestive health; Magical Uses: Lust, sex magick and attracting love. Increases circulation; promotes the menses; relieves pain in liver and gallbladder, Aphrodisiac; good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and manganese; Magickal uses include love, lust, passion, and restoring lost energy, Grows a superfood, great for juicing!

treats chronic indigestion, bloating, gas, or cramps; Magical Uses: Love, health, immortality, and protection.

Carry to ease grief over a lost love. Magical Uses: Fidelity, love, and hex breaking.

Boosts energy levels and stamina; anti-inflammatory; adaptogenic; anti-aging; performance enhancing; immune boosting.

It has also been used traditionally to for attraction spells and to control spaces, people and situations. Medicinal use dates back to 1700 BC. They can be beneficial for people with insomnia, depression, and anxiety. A sacred plant of Aphrodite, Myrtle is associated with marriage, love, fidelity, and protection. calms and builds the nervous system; natural remedy for gas, bloating, cramping, and digestive issues; breaks down mucus- good for bronchitis and asthma; pain-relieving (especially coughs, GI issues, and menstrual cramps).

When smoked it causes a more open feeling in the head and brain. For a Success Mojo Bag carry Calamus Root, High John the Conqueror and Bay Leaf to open the doors of opportunity and have the power to walk through them.

This herb has high psychic vibrations that will enhance any magickal working. May help to promote weight loss and relieve pain, Considered a superfood due to its nutrient content; aids in detox, natural food preservative; increases energy; weight loss; anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal; promotes skin health; Magical Uses: Protection of gardeners; brings peace to the home and helps to attune one with their soul. Magical uses: Love Spells. Draws love.

Magical Uses Small pieces of this root are carried to bring luck.

Treats respiratory illness and diarrhea; magical uses: Protection, psychic and spiritual enhancement, money, platonic love, and friendship. Energetically Mullein summons energies of courage, love, and protection. This spice is a staple of Indian cooking and flavors Scandinavian liquor. Fever reducer; cleanses the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas; use for chronic inflammatory conditions, PMS, and Menopause; sleep aid, Treats colic and gas, especially in children; stimulates lactation. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.

It has also been used traditionally to for attraction spells and to control spaces, people and situations.

sympathetic excess, nervous exhaustion, and adrenal burnout; reduces autoimmune excess; also good for nerve and muscle pains and spasms and conditions like myasthenia gravis, arthritis, chronic degenerative conditions, and autoimmune disease.

However, the use of calamus root is not just about healing and spiritual uses, but it also includes culinary things. Cacao is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, nervous system boosting, and stress reducing effects.

The ancient Egyptians used calamus in the Kyphi recipes. helps with diarrhea, sore throat, and ulcers; wards off evil spirits; Magical Uses: Healing, protection and money, Expectorant; Fights bacteria and inflammation. Anti-diarrheal, treats nausea, abdominal cramping, and gas; helps with menstrual and postpartum issues; staunches bleeding; Magical Uses: Spirituality, success, healing, protection, power, love, luck, strength, and prosperity.

autoimmune; anxiety; high in vitamin C, antioxidant; used for acute respiratory issues; chronic inflammation; magical uses: healing spells and mixtures, brings good luck, calls in good spirits. Astragalus is a prized adaptogenic herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, lauded for its whole-body rejuvenative and protective properties.

Treats cough, bronchitis, and lack of appetite. Also traditionally used to detoxify from cannabis in India and the Middle East, Basil can detoxify from drugs that store themselves in fat cells. helps reduce cold and flu symptoms, indigestion, dizziness, migraines, UTIs, yeast infections, and fatigue; Magical Uses: Adds powerful strength to charms, sachets, and herb mixes.

It is a prominent ingredient in the incense Ketoret, which is mentioned in the Old Testament and was burned twice daily in their Temples. digestive aid; promotes oral health; soothes headaches, stress, and general discomfort; Magical uses: increase the vibrations of a space or in spells and incense for healing & purification.

Elder is one of the primal remedies of European tradition and was widely planted to be used as a "medicine cabinet". Magical Uses: protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, and gaining what is sought.

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