This is a 3-dimensional dungeon map, and the five terminals that we will have to activate are all labeled accordingly. Just repeat this process over and over until his health comes down.

Do the ancient weapons have special properties? After successfully hitting him, Waterblight Ganon will move to a different platform.

Euer nächstes Ziel ist die große Arena nahe des Eingangs, wo ihr das Hauptterminal aktivieren müsst. Enemies:Malice

This is how the wheel moves. Use Magnesis to access the handle on the far side of the room. - Now go back to the entrance and look to the left. Turn around and fly to the elephant's head. At this point you can climb up to the very tip of the trunk, but for most it’s easier to raise the trunk again and glide down to the doorway you where just in. Continue up the ramp and take out the eyeball near the ceiling. As the battle progresses, Waterblight Ganon will begin to shoot three ice blocks out at a time, and then five ice blocks. Stand behind the chest, then move Ruta’s trunk to the fourth position from the top. Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Vah Rudiana dungeon, all terminal solutions explained inside the giant lizard dungeon How to explore the Death Mountain dungeon, find all terminals and hidden chests. "url": "", Move Vah Ruta's trunk from your map screen to stop the gear, destroy the eyeball, and claim the treasure chest for 10 fire arrows. Use an arrow or a bomb to blast it away and then progress up to the third floor. You can break these from a distance with the Cryonis rune so they aren’t a threat at all. Turn to the head of Vah Ruta and glide over to it. Contents: Ritter Hellebarde).

Move back down one level (where you just fought the small Guardian), and head down the hallway to the end. After you enter the cave, it will automatically become a speeding point. Dort angekommen, müsst ihr den Rüssel wieder komplett senken, damit ihr zu der Rüsselspitze gleiten könnt.

Lauft die Rampe hoch, schießt den Hass-Augapfel mit einem Pfeil ab und geht in das Innere des Titans. The Divine Beast Vah Ruta elephant is the first big challenge many will face in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Next, exit through the other door and head up into a room with two water wheels. For more strategies and advice, be sure to check out our Zelda: Breath of the Wild game hub!

Now follow the battle against Ganon's water curse. Manipulate the map and choose the option that is third from the top. Jump and put the trunk on the 5th from above. Once you’re inside, kill the small Guardian on the far side of the room, then look to the left where the door is barred. Use Magnesis to pull it out and get an Ancient Spring. If you’re looking for solutions to Breath of the Wild ’s Divine Beast Vah Ruta terminal puzzles, then we here at iDigitalTimes have got your back.

Arrows with an elemental effect, such as Ice or Electric, will often stun him long enough for you to get over and wail on him. There is a small opening that Link can drop through to land a walkway inside Vah Ruta's head. As soon as two large boulders pass by, stop the latter from both with your Stasis module and you can already see the treasure chest. Official guide has them. If you make it in time, the gate will stay open even after Stasis wears off. If you don't have at least 5-10 Shock Arrows, head over to our coverage about how to get Shock Arrows (and the Zora Greaves) before heading into the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Of course, it’ll continue using its spear as well. Open the chest to find 10 Ice Arrows, then glide back toward the trunk to find a small square opening in the head of the Vah Ruta.

Could I leave one of the shrines that I opened up and go look for another? Mipha, the Zora Champion, will tell you that you need to unlock the terminals to regain control. The most risk-reward method of battling him is to wait for him to attack and then try to time a Perfect Dodge it by hopping away at the last second, followed by a Flurry Rush where you can deliver a number of attacks in a short period of time. To reach the terminal you need to wait until the ball in the middle of the gear is just about to shift to the outer position as it rotates to the right side of the gear. As you make your way into the Zora's Domain, you will partake in the Divine Beast Ruta main quest. Terminal on Vah Ruta's Trunk. You’ll appear back inside the elephant, but still at a higher lever than we previously were at. - Shoot first at the eye at the entrance, as with his death, other curse monsters are also prevented from appearing. This malice is found all throughout the dungeon and whenever there is an eye nearby, you must defeat it to clear the sludge. If you let the wheel go again, then go around and ride it up before quickly freezing the water again, you can glide to another chest.

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Stand on the board outside the waterwheel. You need to get inside before the Stasis effect wears off.

You want to do almost the exact same thing that we did for the previous terminal. Then leap off the top of the elephant and use the Paraglider to fly over to the very edge of the trunk. Second treasure chest is on the other side of the platform. If you already have tips and treasure chest locations in the remaining three caves, please write us a comment. Continue shooting and dodging, and it’ll go down. Be wary of Lizalfos with shock arrows. Content: Antique core). Jetzt wird es etwas kniffliger.

(You can only move the Ruta Trunk. However, to perform the repairs you will need a Zora Spear, one Diamond and five pieces of Flint. "@type": "WebPage", Use the same Stasis principle on the outer stone on the third “spoke” of the wheel to get another chest. Make sure you have a decent number of arrows as they will also come in handy. Solutions for all five terminal puzzles as well as hints for Ruta’s boss fights can all be found here. It is being squeezed together by two platforms. Move Ruta’s trunk down to the point third from the top. Now you only have one more terminal to access, but before you get to the glide down to the top of the Vah Ruta.

Use Stasis on the ball and it will freeze it in time. Oder habt ihr Anregungen, Kritik, Verbesserungsvorschläge? Turn around and walk back a bit. As you enter the room below, use your bow to target the eyeball in the ceiling so you don’t have to deal with any additional enemies. After Waterblight Ganon has lost half his health, this will trigger the second phase of the battle. It is very easy to miss this, but right after getting the map, a text box pops up, indicating that you can manipulate certain aspects of the Divine Beast from the map screen.

When you reach Shatterback Point, be sure to always be sneaking around — you do not want to fight the Rynel if this is your first Divine Beast quest. We recommend you take at least 30 pieces. Gleitet dann vorsichtig nach unten unter die Schädeldecke. Make sure not to raise the trunk all the way or else the doorway will be covered. These can be quite damaging, so be sure to have Cryonis readily available. Drop down to the floor switch now.

As you scale this area, there is more corruption blocking your pathway. Shoot the nearby eyeball with an arrow to clear the corruption, then climb up and open the chest to find an Ancient Shaft. Also, there is a treasure chest at the very top of the level. Hier schießt ihr den Hass-Augapfel ab und bewegt anschließend die Kurbel mit dem Magnetmodul nach rechts, um die Schädeldecke zu öffnen. (3-Treasure chest: Go to the waterwheel and turn left. One is in operation when you walk in.

With your Shock Arrows in hand, head back out the eastern exit, but this time head to the right after the long path that leads out of the Zora Domain. Climb the ice block, jump to the ledge, and then run over to the treasure chest to get a silver rupee. You can now start the Main Control Unit, located right near the entrance of the dungeon. Open the chest to find 10 Ice Arrows, then glide back toward the trunk to find a small square opening in the head of the Vah Ruta. At the start of the fight keep your distance and wait for Waterblight Ganon to attack with its spear.

Vah Ruta will shoot ice cubes and ice spikes at Link and Sidon. Use a bow to defeat the eye to clear the corruption from the door. Glide down to the chest to find a Knight’s Halberd (13 attack) inside. You’ll notice a ball moving back and forth on a cylinder that unlocks a gate.

The bottom platform and the treasure chest will drop, so quickly run over and open the treasure chest before the top platform falls. (1-Treasure chest: leave the room, turn right and discover a treasure chest with your magnetic module in the water. As the gear turns you will notice another Sheikah terminal inside, as well as a waterfall powering the gear to the left.

Still from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Drop down and activate the fourth terminal. Schaut nach links und wartet, bis die Kiste mit den zwei Blöcken zu euch kommt.

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