Take the stress out of getting paid. Intuitive data entry system that lets your users log time quickly. If a user has more than one open timer, this value indicates the COUNT of timers. This MUST be specified or the request will return an error. Note that only the fields listed in the AddUpdate view (above) should be included in your post to this url. Call this simple end-point and the system will return all of the user's active timers.

If you setting the IsActive value to TRUE has the same effect. Note that many firms don't have a formal review process for time entries -- so this value will always be "false" for those firms. Any other data will be ignored. Just use these 2 alternate properties instead of the ProjectSid field and BigTime will automatically LOOKUP the correct ProjectSid value for you.

In addition to creating and saving time entries, the BigTime API can be used to track "work in progress" with timers. Starting date for the timesheet data. Note that any validation errors will return a 400 error, and an invalid permission will return a 405 (eg - attempting to create time against a project you don't have rights to log time against). BigTime makes this endpoint abailable to accomplish exactly that task. TRUE if the currently logged in user has rights to approve this specific entry. Get started for free. Specifies an alternate staffsid for whom you would like to pull time entry details. BigTime is the only time, billing, and expense tracking platform that protects your time like your wallet depends on it, no matter where you're working from. User Login.

Want to go mobile? This MUST be specified or the request will return an error. Any other data will be ignored. BigTime was built to leverage your entire Cloud-based ecosystem, out of the box, with deep integrations to the tools you already use. Streamline internal processes from project creation, setting budgets, approving time and expenses, to sending custom client invoices. For firms that use multi-level approvals, status can be more complicated. So, an entry with an "SID" value of -123, may have a new SID value of 456 once a user clicks the SUBMIT button. Simplify time entry for on-site employees with mobile time tracking for iPhones and Androids. This article will first explain how to navigate to your timesheet customization setting. Timer information isn't included in your summary of timesheet data.

If the user has made updates to the timer they want to convert, you can post those updates as well. All the features you need and none that you don’t. The field list below is a complete list of fields available through the api (including the views within which those fields are found). Just use these 2 alternate properties instead of the StaffSid field and BigTime will automatically LOOKUP the correct StaffSid value for you. When your staffers login, they see only what they need to get their job done (typically the timesheet and expense entry screens -- along with some basic reports). Remember that only one timer can be "active" at a time, but a user can maintain several draft entries that they can switch between throughout the day.

This will (a) automatically stop any running timer(s) and (b) create a new timer with a "starttime" of the value passed in your json. Note that the DETAIL view fields will be returned by default. If there is any UNSUBMITTED time for the period, this value will be >0. Note that you can also pass an alternative staffSid to get the active timer for a specific staffer. Time and billing software trusted by thousands of professionals. For a complete picture of time entry "totals" for today's date, you should call /timer/total to get a total number of elapsed hours to add to the current date's total. if this is an active timer, then the StartTime is the UTC date/time at which the timer was started (expressed as a number: secondsFromEpoch). If you want to start a timer "as of" a specific date, then pass the UTC timestamp to StartTime. Create an account now and try OroTimesheet for free! Once time is submitted, it can have BOTH an input hours column AND a billed hours column (eg - a firm may only bill part of the hours input by the staffer). โปรดใส่ข้อมูล username และ password ให้ถูกต้อง Username.

The QB Class name to which the time entry is attached. You can save a new timer that was "already started" by passing a value for StartTime when you create a new timer. Creates a new timer (linked to the user but nothing else) and starts it automatically. You don't need to know which one -- just call this end point to get a copy of the user's currently running timer. BigTime has provided us with the tools to maximize our efficiency when entering time and expenses against consulting projects. Read-only value indicating the UTC date/time on which the time entry was initially entered into the system. The timer which is currently active (if any) will return TRUE for this field. Time entry INPUT date (eg - the date against which the time is logged, not the date the user physically entered it). Also, keep in mind that time entries can change their ID value as they move through the system (typically, when they cross the submitted/unsubmitted threshold). So, as you are reviewing a user's information, it's important to remember that only unsubmitted time entries can be edited. Password Open id login. By default, the current user's active timer is returned. LaborCode value for this time entry (note that the description of this field is governed by a firm's vocabulary). This works just like a time entry -- so any other data will be ignored. Note that the TIMER view (see field list above) will be returned by default. You can use a simple GET request to pull the details associated with a single time entry item.

The mobile app works very well and is used more than we anticipated. You should also note that setting IsActive to FALSE has the same effect as cancelling a timer. User entered notes for the time entry (up to 1000 characters). As long as time entries have not yet been submitted by the user, they can be deleted or adjusted. | 1-866-BIGTIME | ©2020 BigTime Software, Inc. |, Offline time entry that automatically syncs when you’re back online, Copy and paste feature for repetitive time entries and notes, Responsive design when using the web browser version, Capture receipts with your smartphone camera and attach to reports, Submit full reports, and associate expenses to a project, Get confirmation of expense report submission, Project and staff lists are automatically connected to maps, phone, and email functions, Get directions to client location by tapping the address to open GPS, Set a limit on the amount of project and staff information that’s saved to your phone cache, Sort the order in which information displays by projects, hours and more, Supported time-tracking audit trail with mandatory notes, Mobile electronic signature of timesheets upon submission, Restrict users from logging time for future or past days. May also be called an engagement or a phase). Simplify DCAA time entry compliance for staff with the same regulated settings in the mobile app. Specifies a projectSid for which you would like to pull time entry details. Many people lose money on projects without ever realizing it. Every time entry must have a value for the actual TIME logged. While you can "view" those entries, they are locked by the system (unless the logged in user has special administrative rights). BigTime's time entry api provides access to user's timesheet data -- allowing you to create programs and web services that query, create or edit a user's time entry data without relying on the BigTime web pages. The best way to avoid this type of error is to requery a time entry before attempting to update it. First+Last(Family) name(s) of the staff member to whom this entry is attached. | 1-866-BIGTIME | ©2020 BigTime Software, Inc. | Privacy Policy. Required fields are flagged with an "*" character. Please login to the system before you continue. Registered Email Id: * Password: * Forgot Password?

You only accumulate hours in the Hours_IN field when you pause/stop a timer.

Call us toll free North America 1-877-862-2519 Other Countries +800-8622-5192 Email us at support@replicon.com

As a final step in a timer's life-cycle, a user will convert it into a time entry. So, if you're passing IsActive=FALSE to an active timer, then you should also pass a "final" number in Hours_IN for that timer's total hours. Please login to the system before you continue.

If no timer is found, the system will return an empty 200 response. If the firm is using BigTime to invoice, then this field indicates the invoice against which the time entry was logged. Note that the logged in user will need to have admin rights in order to pull data for another user (if they don't -- then the url will return their own personal data and disregard this parameter). BigTime gives you the flexibility to customize timesheets. Simplify employee timesheets and billing. You can add columns and make certain information required, like notes. See which team members are over capacity so you can help lighten their load. BigTime will pause any running timers and start the new one you create automatically. Since timers are works in progress, their numbers aren't included in your daily summaries. If the firm uses a formal manager approval process for time, then you can use this field to track the current status of the entry. Last(Family) name of the staff member to whom this entry is attached. It also helps keep us on track of what accounts are using the most billable hours and where we need to scale back. Stop the timer (eg - call /timer/stop) and then save that stopped timer with the old value from Hours_IN. If you know a staff member's name or their email, but not the staff member's StaffSid, then you can still create a time entry. BILLABLE hours for the date (total=billable+nonBillable), NON-BILLABLE hours for the date (total=billable+nonBillable). If, however, you are using the server to track and control timers, it's best to use the start/stop endpoints to activate and de-activate timers.

Simple time tracking, fast online invoicing, and powerful reporting software. Only the fields listed in the AddUpdate views (above) should be included in your post to this url. | 1-866-BIGTIME | ©2020 BigTime Software, Inc. | Privacy Policy.

TRUE if the system has marked this billing rate as "locked" (so it won't be updated when a project or staffer rate is updated). Simplify employee timesheets and billing. Invoice faster and realize more revenue by leveraging BigTime’s central hub for tracking WIP, drafts, billing rates, cost rates, PDF formats, billing rules, and more. Use the /Add endpoint to create a new (blank) timer that is automatically started.

See notes on Hours_IN for details on the data format for this column. Get a real-time look at resource allocations and avoid over/under scheduling–keeping your consulting teams happy. Each project in the system can be attached to a client record, and this convenience property displays the clientID for the project to which a time entry is attached. Once an entry has been submitted, however, time entries can no longer be edited by a non-admin user. BigTime supports any of the Open ID providers shown here. A timer is a work in progress. Then, we’ll explain your customizing options.

Calling this function will (a) create that entry and (b) delete the timer. In addition to the basic time-entry related fields, every Timer object returns the following information. Pass a date range and the system will return a single object for each date during that period that the user has time entry data. They may have dozens of timers "in process", but only one of them can be actively accruing time at any given moment.

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