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https://www.eurooptic.com/Vortex-Razor-HD-AMG-6-24x50-FFP-EBR-7B-MOA-Like-New-Demo-Riflescope-RZR-AMG-4.aspx. Beschlagsicher, gegen das Beschlagen von Glas bei Kälte und Wärme. 10 Sterne! This ‘problem’  – which may have even been my fault forgetting my clockwise from counter-clockwise – was absolutely a non-issue and I was looked after perfectly. 2.221,55 EUR inkl. Out of stock ok just looking for best LEGIT price and place dont need one right away but maybe a little later... Yo!

Actually it weighs 35.8 ounces which is positively a featherweight compared to my Vortex Razor II’s. Bottom line for me is this scope seems to be the best bang for my buck I have spent on a scope. The scope is held in place better with foam. Jetzt nach einem guten Monat Test muss ich klar sagen dass es für mich das beste Glas der Oberklasse ist. The reason they put it in is to make the force required per click more uniform and predictable. Das 6061T6 Flugzeug-Klassen-Aluminiumrohr, das außergewöhnliche Stärke und überlegene mechanische Eigenschaften hat , schützt diese „World Class“ Optik! For someone using every scope on the market recognizing clockwise to anti-clockwise is no excuse for scope quality. But from what I can see all looks good. Bitte klicken Sie auf den Link für eine detaillierte Absehenserklärung: APRS first focal plane illuminated MIL reticle.

I was told I have to see it to believe it. I have to say that I was ( I am ) very impressed with the glass on the Cronus which is  very bright and clear with no discernible CA. Ein „Zero Stop“ erlaubt Ihnen, Ihre Nullposition zu sperren und beim Zurückdrehen mit einem scharfen und präzisen Anschlag direkt an der Nullmarkierung zu verriegeln. Dies bietet größtmögliche Haltbarkeit und viel höhere Schlagbeständigkeit gegen Rückstoß. I don’t have any military service but greatly appreciate those who do. I have now or have owned in the past vortex viper pst, burris xtr2, Steiner tx5i, primary arms platinum series and now an Athlon Cronus BTR rifle scopes. The system allows you to lock down your zero position and dial back to it with a sharp and precise stop right at your zero mark even you are turning it in pitch-dark or blind folded.

If you decide on the Cronus I have a brand new one with your name on it! Das Absehen bietet schnellen Zielangriff bei geringer Vergrößerung und bietet präzise Haltepositionen mit feineren Details, auch bei hohem Zoom. As was mentioned here by kezselby you can sometimes take the oring out and change the feel. Nice reticle aswell. Aber dieses Glas ist von der haptik wie von der Lichtleistung und Motorik das Beste. I am also a bang for the buck kind of guy as I work hard and when I spend money I want the most I can get for it.

It does however have one feature which I – and many others – think really important – zero stop. So können Sie das speziell entworfene Absehen, das sich mit Ihrem Ziel verkleinert oder zusammen mit Ihrem Ziel vergrößert, vollständig nutzen. 100% made in the USA BABY!!!!!!!! ( Log Out /  Reviews & articles for shooting sport enthusiasts. I sent it to another guy doing reviews. Startseite » Zielfernrohre » Cronus BTR (FFP) » Cronus BTR 4.5-29X56 MIL. Without getting a heart attack… Yo! A DATA-DRIVEN Approach to Precision Rifles, Optics & Gear, The Athlon Cronus BTR – Exceeding Expectations, which may have even been my fault forgetting my clockwise from counter-clockwise, Getting Started in F-Class – Target Shooter Magazine (UK), https://athlonoptics.com/product/athlon-optics-rifle-scopes-cronus-btr/.

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