Besides this, Production Planning (PP), Plant Maintenance (PM), Quality Management (QM) and Warehouse Management (WM) can be considered as extensions of Materials Management.

All the articles are to be individually listed, this is one time activity.

The Assortment forms the heart of the SAP IS Retail system. Plant (Site) - Can be a distribution center or a store. Most important step is to create REFERENCE ARTICLE (this is will be discussed later) It always corresponds to a single hierarchy node above the merchandise category level. Organizational Structure; Master Data; Core Business Processes; Data Distribution; Information Systems; Organizational Structure 1. Here Hierarchy is also assigned. Single article (MARA-ATTYP = 00): Individually created articles similar to standard-materials.

IS is a reporting system which helps to collect, analyze and aggregate data that is relevant to retailing areas like purchasing, sales, inventory, point of sales. Group Articles (Value-based Inventory Management). To name a few. Article Master (Article is referred to as the product you sell in the retail business), European Article Management (basically for bar code management) and is a part of Article Master.

Every site is a customer in Retail solution.

Maintain all the default values and save the article. Article hierarchy is implemented in SAP retail.

T.Code WG22 An inbound delivery is entered for the shipping notification either manually or via EDI. Essentially the following values are possible: 1.

One merchandise category article can be created for each merchandise category.

They can, however, be changed and displayed in Article Processing as well.

Article Code Creation Reference article

The Generic article codes are created and all the variants are maintained accordingly as explained in demo It is grouping of articles with sales oriented approach, customer oriented approach.

One can find the Create / Change / Display in the same transaction. Press Create button and assign the defined profile (Characteristics Profile is created in earlier Step). The merchandise category article is created directly in the maintenance screen of the appropriate merchandise category. This leads to placing a purchase order with the vendor.

The solution is highly customizable to suit varied requirements. In T. Code WG22, change mode for MC, we assign the profile Merchandize hierarchy (required for reporting purpose). But it may be necessary at time for procurement of high value articles or bulk quantity to request for quotations and evaluate the quotes. Merchandise categories can be assigned to stores and store departments. All the Characteristics defined in earlier step are to be inserted in show field. Most important step is to create REFERENCE ARTICLE (this is will be discussed later), Characteristics Article categories are also defined for the individual value-only article categories. Select and Press COPY button. Single material (industry) (MARA-ATTYP initial): ‚Standard'-Materials of non-Retail systems, created for instance by MM01. In Retail, it is very common that articles will be reclassified under different merchandise category based on the need of business. Here Hierarchy is also assigned.

This type of value-only article is called a group article. By assigning assortments to sites you specify which assortments - and therefore which materials a site can buy and sell. Enter the values in all the tab mentioned Classification is very vital in IS Retail. Choose Screens like BASIC DATA, PURCHASING, SALES & LOGISTICS: DISTRIBUTION CENTER

T. Code: WSP4 articles will have an assignment to a merchandise category. Now save and come out.

SAP IS Retail has got a very elaborate Master Data which forms the basis of transaction processing. This classification is used for assignment and to enable the article master to support characteristics and characteristic values. Group articles are created in Article Processing.

SAP IS Retail Components.

And based on the promotions we can do various subsequent planning. SAP DEVELOPER NETWORK Assortment: IS Retail components can be broadly divided into following categories. It gives you the option of grouping articles according to customer specific criteria. It is very well suited for both, small and large scale enterprises. Assignment of Characteristics Profile to Merchandising Category Some of the reasons may be due to growth of the product business volume, moving the product under correct merchandise category. Retail Pricing, and ; Merchandize Categories. When a merchandise category article is entered at the cash register, sales of articles in that merchandise category (that is, merchandise which is not managed on an article basis) can be processed on a value basis.

© 1999 LearnSAP All Rights Reserved; Privacy Policy, ☎+1-832-419-7371 || +1-832-481-9144. An article is assigned to a merchandise category (it is similar to material group in core ECC system). The merchandise category article is created directly in the maintenance screen of the appropriate merchandise category.

The IS retail solution helps bring marketing, merchandise, supply chain and IT to provide competitive edge to a business. In retailing business, business plan merchandise requirements based on demand, market trends at regular internals for their distribution centers. 1. Whenever the merchandise category is subsequently assigned to stores, the value-only article is automatically listed from the relevant change documents. In seasonal products we have something called marked down planning for automatic markdown of prices depending on how the season progresses.

Merchandise category helps classify and structure all the items / materials / articles in an organization which have similar properties. {"serverDuration": 92, "requestCorrelationId": "5b9a37a6cb478943"}. The vendor delivers the merchandise ordered and it is recorded in the system as goods receipts against a purchase order. In this case, the articles merchandised by rack jobbers need to be posted to a different value-only article than to the merchandise category article associated with the merchandise category. Articles are procured for a Distribution Center (Site) and from there they are delivered to individual stores and/or external customers. A specific article type (WERT) is provided for defining value-only articles.

A customer is a business partner of an organization. Merchandise Category is created in first step.

Press ENTER and come out. Before you start to use the article, it is advisable to maintain it in more detail using article master transactions. It is fully integrated comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for business and retail industry. Now repeat the process until all the defined characteristics are created. T. Codes: CT04

The solution can be mapped for all the proprietary business scenarios, business processes, and business functions. Assortments are nothing but the site codes. T. Codes: WG21 / WG22 / WG23 The fourth difference is the support of more complex article types like generic articles with variants, sets, displays and some more. T. Codes: MM41 / MM42 / MM43 Assortment is a logical object which has got the articles and assortment as a user (a user in this case can be a retail-site). Another very important part of the Master Data would be the Retail Pricing and Classification. CLWE Create Characteristic Profile (MMS)

In financials, it is the Accounts receivable master or can be classified as debtors.

This is basically the enterprise structure and we use almost all the Organization Units that are available in the SAP system, like. In doing so, each article is assigned to a specific merchandise category. The ECC system has three core Modules which corresponds to the business process of an organization: The Logistics in turn has two major components, namely Materials Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD). Here the defined characteristics are created and values are maintained in those. What’s Merchandise Category in SAP ? The invoices when received from vendor against the delivery of merchandise are verified, any volume discounts and rebates applied and payment released. A retail organization using store-specific, value-based inventory management can use group articles for inventory management purposes, as a finer hierarchical subdivision than a merchandise category article.

The replenishment process of merchandise can be automated using Requirement Planning where by a purchase requisition created are automatically converted into Purchase order proposal and confirmed or released as Purchase orders. Enter the name of the Characteristics Profile and enter the screen. We use classification to group various entities with similar characteristic, like sites for promotion, merchandize assortment planning, or even merchandize distribution. In retail business, usually relationship between vendors is established over a period of time. Another very important proprietary master data would be the Assortment.

Insert the article and site code and execute After filling necessary details, save the profile. The article type (MARA-ATTYP) determines fundamentally, how the article will be stored on database and how it will react. If a sale is to be processed via a value-only article valid for a number of merchandise categories, the hierarchy article is used. The following article categories are defined in the standard SAP Retail System: Single articles Generic articles Variants Empties and full products Structured articles We can also maintain promotions that happen in the retail business as a master data. SAP also has the process for request for quotations that can be applied during the procurement process. Retailers also often need (or wish) to sell articles belonging to different merchandise categories under the umbrella of a single value-only article; this is necessary if, for example, a store has cash registers with fewer merchandise category keys than there are merchandise categories. SAP's flagship software ECC 6.0 (Enterprise Central Component version 6.0) is already established as the top-choice for manufacturing, trading, or service providers.

When a merchandise category article is entered at the cash register, sales of articles in that merchandise category (that is, merchandise which is not managed on an article basis) can be processed on a value basis.

Characteristics Profile Merchandise Category T. Codes: WG21 / WG22 / WG23 Merchandise Category is created in first step. This assignment is valid throughout the enterprise. SAP recommends retailers using SAP to use SAP business intelligence system to analyze data.

We need to create Reference article. Merchandise Category: Value-Only Article Categories. The main heart of the system is the functionality which is specially developed to cater to retailing companies and these are called IS Retail Components. Merchandise category articles can be created and deleted via the merchandise category transaction only. Here is the description of SAP IS retail business process. In the fashion industry too, it is common practice to use "catch-all" cash register keys which represent value-only articles below the level of the merchandise category.

For example, some articles in the merchandise category "Confectionery" can be merchandised by rack jobbers in certain stores but not in others. This will take to Article Code Creation screen (Note: the direct article code creation transaction code should not be used) Always use convenient code names, so the MC and Ref Article can be correlated. Generic article (MARA-ATTYP = 01): Generic articles do not exist physically and are not sold, but do only exist as a data reference for var…

A vendor is an Accounts Payable master in financial and from Materials Management Procurement point of view its a business partner from whom we procure goods or services.

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