source: ( As a matter of fact, it is like a movie unfolding right in front of me. As a Pastor, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s primary responsibilities is caring for the flock that God has entrusted to him by teaching the Word of God and developing disciples of Jesus Christ.

Impact blends the worlds of lifestyle, faith and culture to not only entertain our you but to empower you.

Go back to the Bible. Your life will be impacted on daily basis through our content ranging from music, ministries, reality, talk, films, live events and more. ( Log Out /  The Impact Network is more than a television channel. He made history by launching The Impact Television Network, the world’s largest African-American owned and operated Christian tv network alongside his wife Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson. Made with great respect for entrepreneurs in Missoula, Montana. I have learned from it and made sure to thoroughly reflect on it. The Impact Network was founded in April 2011 by Bishop Wayne T. & Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson, a husband and wife team who have served their local community in Detroit for over 30 years as faith leaders, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Bishop Jackson has been a strong advocate for those who cannot help themselves. Change ), Social Media Television Broadcast Video Production Editing Photoshop Final Cut Pro Microsoft Office Video Editing Video Public Relations Radio Social Networking Entertainment. AMAZON “In his long and devoted efforts to provide spiritual and personal guidance to others through the ministry, this dedicated and unselfish man has touched many lives through the power of faith. I was raised in a Christian household while growing up. When you have a dream, many people think that it will simply go well. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida. Every minute of every single day is critical. “Do you think Donald Trump will manipulate the people? Our website is in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s STATEMENT OF POLICY REGARDING COMPARATIVE ADVERTISING.

● Entrepreneurial spirit Social Media Television Broadcast Video Production Editing Photoshop Final Cut Pro Microsoft Office Video Editing Video Public Relations Radio Social Networking Entertainment. Call 313-491-3900. Jackson!!!!!! Their fame is very often superficial and short-lived and it usually comes at the cost of bringing others down in exchange for their own fame.

The Impact Network is the fastest growing and largest black owned faith-based tv network spanning across the united states, the Bahamian Islands and parts of Africa! Be the first to contribute! It is growing at an exponential rate. According to the columnist, Jackson is being accused by colleagues of giving Trump credit by inviting him to his congregation. DETROIT (WJBK) - A brawl breaks out inside a Detroit church as an activist accuses the pastor of not doing enough to help his impoverished community. Publicity Listings However, it is not nearly as simple as that. Under Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s administration, he has developed and implemented several programs to help the underprivileged and has ministered to them both spiritually and naturally. Jackson also gave $625 to Gov.

I help children get school supplies.

By placing our faith in Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself by dying on the cross has atoned for the sins of the world. Honestly, we can’t believe what these entrepreneurs achieved at their young age.

LISTEN: Rodney Harrison Says Colin Kaepernick ‘Is Not Black’, Jackson, a registered Democrat, praying. First I would like to commend you for coming to our community as a Republican Candidate. I had to straighten up my life and take this calling, take this second chance and become a better person. In 2008 and 2012 we had two Republican Candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney and neither one of them came to Detroit, or any urban area that I can remember to even address the concerns of our community.

I believe that media transforms the mind. Bishop Wayne T.

The television network airing the Trump interview with Jackson, The Impact Network, is owned and operated by Jackson, his wife and other ministers. His mission is to bring the demonstration of love and the miracle working power of Christ to those he encounters. Our fragrances are NOT to be confused with the originals and Sir William Jackson Incorporated has no affiliation with the manufacturer/designer.

The Impact Network is an active part of the community. I have to plan each day and delegate the workload to those I have trained to address the specific operation. He is a strong advocate of feeding, clothing, and housing the poor. source: (, The Impact Network provides family friendly entertainment and educational themed inspirational content through its many distribution platforms. Blessed Father’s Day Man of God! It is a very useful strategy / tool. We believe that if we can impact a person’s spiritual, mental and emotional well-being that it ripple into the world around them. He has taken men off of the streets into his own home, to help them get their lives back on track and endeavors to one day start a Nehemiah House, a transitional home for men. Under Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s administration, he has developed and implemented several programs to help the underprivileged and has ministered to them both spiritually and naturally. He and his wife of 36 years have opened several business ventures. A vital portion of Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s ministry is to help those that cannot help themselves. All rights of the above male or female biography information belong to the individual(s), partnerships, corporations, author or authors, public information and/or fair Use providers, owners of all content and/or context provided in the leadership biography, and the Sir William Jackson Corporation (aka: does not have any product endorsement, partnership, affiliation, collaboration, agreement, association, financial agreement, financial benefit, binding contract, mutual understanding, arrangement, ownership or participation contract with any of them. ALTICE, DISH – CH: 268 Bishop Wayne T. Jackson a trailblazer and entrepreneur. Your use of the site (and our mobile application) and your reliance on any male or female leadership biography information on the site (and our mobile application) is solely at your own risk. So should you. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. My father was actually a Pastor.

( Log Out /  We should know that everything that is placed in your hands is not necessarily for you. The interview, also closed to the media, won’t air for at least a week, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Submit your prayer request and download your Journey of Prayer eBook today. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson appears to live … Our community is diverse and not all issues relate to all black people, but our goal is to address those issues which our most pressing to parts of our community in these times.”. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Impact is the only African-American founded & operated independent international inspirational tv network. Although the nonprofit’s reports to the IRS only show Jackson’s wife, Beverly Bozeman-Jackson, as a paid director at $1,000 per year for an average of 20 hours per week, the network reports $206,655 in employee-related compensation in 2014, the last year of available documents.

The Impact experience is designed to inspire, inform and uplift your spirit, soul and body. He is also the senior pastor of Great Faith Ministries International located in Detroit, Michigan. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is the Pastor of Great Faith Ministries International in Detroit, MI along with his wife Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson. Time Warner Cable – Spectrum

This commitment immediately led to his call into ministry. My consistent faith and do what I am called to do and stick with the vision that God gives us. Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison purposes only.

Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2020 (Facebook). “My congregation trusts my judgment. The nonprofit doesn’t detail who or where it spends its money. I waited too long for me to reach my destiny. Learn how to activate the Prayer of Faith, Prayer of Agreement, Prayer of Thanksgiving and Prayer of Petition in your life.

Young Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2020 source: ( Bishop Wayne T. & Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson want to uplift urban communities through educating, enriching, empowering and engaging people to take their lives to the next level. I can also connect with more people that I can potentially help in one way or another.

Everyone will receive a personal prophetic word from the team of prophets. “Every individual, regardless of race or ethnicity, must have access to the full array of opportunities in America. These relationships get you where you need to go. The nonprofit reported $1.59 million in revenue in 2014 but $2.6 million in expenditures, finishing the year $1.04 million in debt. When you feel like you’re alone, exercise your faith. I start my day early in prayer and meditation. Jackson submitted his questions to the Trump campaign before Saturday’s interview and a draft of Trump’s responses was leaked to the New York Times, which ranges from racial tensions, charges of Trump being a racist and Trump’s vision for black America. Impact TV Network Founder. Coming into a community is meaningless unless we can offer an alternative to the horrible progressive agenda that has perpetuated a permanent underclass in America. After his interview with Jackson, entitled “Voice of the People,” Trump is scheduled to tour Detroit with former GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson. In addition, despite our consistent efforts, we can’t assure that the leadership biography information made available by us is complete, correct, accurate and/or updated. DOWNLOAD NOW You only need one person to connect with you to help you get your dreams to become a reality. Although he supported Democrats in Congressional races, Michigan’s 2006 gubernatorial election and a state senator, Jackson also donated $2,000 to Republican President George W. Bush’s re-election bid in 2004. That is simply not the case. DIRECTV – CH: 380 Trump’s visit to Motor City includes stopping by Jackson’s church, Great Faith Ministries International, and answering questions in an interview format in front of the congregation during its Saturday worship service. I have been using meditation as a way to inspire myself in the morning and it has really helped out. source: (, source (, Bishop, Preacher, Charity Organizer, Broadcast Media. Live for the potential that you have within.

Broadcasting in over 80 million homes, Impact endeavors to be the foremost innovative inspirational network both locally and abroad. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is The Founder and President of The Impact Network, the only all African-American Founded and Operated National Christian Television Network. It looks like we don't have any Biography for

With the help of daily meditation, I get inspired and I can see it. Technology is surely one thing that absolutely inspires and excites me! We need to be true to our word and offer all Americans more opportunities so that each and every one of them can reach their full potential.”, Ajamu Baraka: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Jackson’s wife, Beverly Bozeman-Jackson, and the minister. Through positive imagery and messaging The Impact Network plays a vital role in the aspirational African-American lifestyle. Since the networks’ inception, Bishop Jackson has been able to create new employment opportunities within the broadcasting industry which greatly benefits the Detroit Michigan community. I firmly believe that consistency and persistence definitely make me more productive as an entrepreneur and Bishop. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

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