Their first project was meant to be Sittin' based on a script from David Williamson but Williamson was still lecturing at the time as well as being inundated with other work and was not able to complete it in time (it eventually became Petersen (1974)). Still, it generated enough income in Australian dollars to warrant a sequel, Alvin Purple Rides Again, released just a couple of years later.4/10. There are a few moments of brilliance. [7] This film was pulled from screening, due to censorship concerns, but was passed after some cuts had been made. Burstall says he rewrote much of Hopgood's script, adding many chases and the water bed sequence, and turning McBurney figure into a sex maniac. Became a big hit in Australia; partly, one has to assume, because of it being a sex comedy (or Ocker movie, whatever that means) but the story of poor Alvin does have its subversive quirks and empathetical qualities. It was then sold to television for $40,000 in 1977. Alvin Purple was a massive success, and took $4,720,000 at the box office in Australia,[5] which is equivalent to $36,721,600 in 2009 dollars. The film follows the misadventures of a naïve young Melbourne man named Alvin Purple (Blundell), whom women find irresistible. The Exploitation List - or how I learned to stop worrying and love the sleaze. This is nominally a sex comedy, but it plays out more interestingly as a harrowing study of sex addiction, Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender's Shame transported to 70s Australia and helped along by possibly the most annoying score I've ever heard. Barbi Taylor Shirley

Soaking up all this cultural wattage, I went into this expecting your average ground breaking, but otherwise incredibly rough and dated Ocker comedy. Despite this it was a major hit with audiences, and became the most commercially successful Australian film released to that time, breaking the box office record set by Michael Powell's pioneering 1966 Anglo-Australian comedy feature They're a Weird Mob. Despite this, it was a major hit with Australian audiences. They are powerless to resist his charms, and he can’t escape the armies of lust-crazed women who need to use him to satisfy their depraved desires. Week 12 of the 2018 Cult Movie Challenge.

Valery grew up in Southern California surround by the entertainment industry. Mrs Phipps

Watch it for the pretty ladies. The book celebrates and chronicles over one…, The Grindhouse Cinema Database is an online database of cult/exploitation/grindhouse movies from the '30s to the mid/late '80s. Girl in see-through blouse Alvin’s friend does presentations for the public while Alvin does the at-home demonstrations (you can see where this is heading, right?). Alvin Purple is a seemingly regular guy who stirs utterly boundless lust in the loins of women – ALL women.

Woman in Blue Movie A pat on the back for bringing commercial success to the industry, but run along now. IMDb So he runs from most but has sex with a decent amount. View Now |

If you can’t make it out to visit the location in person, this is likely the next best thing, as the photos cover the entire interior of Dave’s Los Angeles home and provide a great view of the complex itself. As a lover of the history of Australian….

Jacki Weaver An unexpectedly solid and funny comedy about a hilariously hopeless doofus who everybody inexplicably wants to have sex with. La Mama was a major focus for the new wave of Australian drama that was emerging at that time, showcasing many new plays, performance pieces and films by people such as Jack Hibberd, Alex Buzo, David Williamson, Bert Deling and Burstall himself. This was followed by a low-budget surfing feature Getting Back to Nothing (1970). Second Nun “The problem is, I just can’t seem to avoid sex.”. Among the very few things in life you can truly count on, it is comforting to know that winter turns to spring, taxes must... Ralph Fiennes plays a paranoid ex-cop dealing in illegal virtual reality clips that replicate sensory perceptions in this dazzling sci-fi thriller from director Kathryn Bigelow. It’s also got a surprisingly enjoyable car chase at the end. It has this weird fucking ripped off Benny Hill type score, like how the reanimator opening sounds almost identical to the Psycho theme, AND THE MOVIE HAS ITS OWN SONG AND ITS QUITE CATCHY. Let…. Dr McBurney The experience affected Burstall strongly and also influenced other directors and producers, including John B. Murray and Phillip Adams, who observed the hostile reaction to 2000 Weeks and who as a result took their film-making in a more populist direction, as Burstall soon did himself. Low-Budget & Lurid: A List of Exploitation/Grindhouse Fare (Every Movie on the Grindhouse Cinema Database, Almost), New Beverly Cinema Films by Quentin Tarantino, Genre: Exploitation (100 Years: 1896-1995). Includes investments, loans and grants. Film data from TMDb. More info . His psychiatrist is, of course, a woman. [9], Tim Burstall, Alan Finney, Robin Copping, Graeme Blundell, Jacki Weaver, and Ellie MacLur (25 Mins), 1972 Australian film directed by Tim Burstall, Interview with Tim Burstall, 30 March 1998. St. Andrews Bungalow Court Exterior Filming Location: Dave’s Kitchen in the film Alvin and the Chipmunks: Living Room Filming Location: This movie may be brilliant, and it may be idiotic and frankly I don't know what it is.

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