Der Krebskandidat ist erst sein Boss, später will er Krycek töten. After Mulder's realization of Krycek's true intentions, Krycek is forced into hiding, before re-emerging some time later. While speaking with Glasses Man, Krycek was attacked by Mulder, who took him hostage and drove away in a truck.

— (Requiem). At one point, Mulder acted as if he had accepted Krycek as his new partner but ditched him while he had been obtaining a car for their investigation.

Krycek escaped from Mulder, but as he attempted to reach the camp via the Siberian woods, was confronted by local one armed partisans who took him and amputated his left arm as a defence against the black oil.

Alexei 'Alex' Fyodor Krycek was a double agent of American-Russian descent, who has ties with both The New Consortium and Shattenjaeger.

Krycek subsequently accompanied Mulder again, first to Marita Covarrubias' apartment then to JFK Airport, where Mulder planned to abandon him in their car. When Vukjovic noted that the organisation should be wary of the danger Mulder posed, Krycek dryly responded that he was well aware of the danger. Krycek prevented Mulder killing him by agreeing to take Mulder to the location of the tape in the US. However, Billy Miles critically injured Skinner in the attack. The X-Files has been shut down and Mulder and Scully are separated. Later, while serving as the driver for the Well Manicured Man, Krycek offers to run the Smoking Man down in a vacant lot where they had met. When Scully is abducted by unseen forces Mulder launches a desperate search to find her, only to be thwarted by a stunning betrayal. Following Skinner's security checks into Senate Resolution 819, Krycek poisoned the Assistant Director with nanotechnology that was designed to simulate a heart attack under remote control.

Krycek learned that Mulder had requested permission to investigate the death of Doctor Saul Grissom, who had apparently died in a fire, although no evidence of a blaze had been found. [11] Krycek, who was initially created by writer Howard Gordon to temporarily replace Scully as Mulder's partner for three episodes, eventually grew into a character that lasted eight seasons on the show. ... Impfstoff aus Russland ... arbeitet jetzt für den Well-Manicured Man. Krycek was born in 1967 in the United States to Russian parents, who were Soviet Conspiracy Agents disguised as cold war immigrants.

In early 2001, Mulder's deceased body was found, having been returned from the aliens. One of these individuals was Dario Vukjovic, whom he travelled to meet in Hong Kong. Alias

When Lea appeared as Krycek, the producers felt that they could kill him off if the portraying actor didn't do a good enough job. Krycek warned Mulder that the conspirators would kill Marita if she admitted that they still existed so, when Skinner began to press her for details on the identities of the super-soldiers, Mulder insisted that Skinner instead dismiss her. Krycek also helped Mulder to learn the location of the alien rebel captured by the Syndicate, kissing Mulder on the cheek when he delivered the information — (The Red and the Black). He initially served as an assistant to Fox Maulder and occasional series deuteragonist in the absence of Dana Scully until revealed to be a Syndicate assassin and henchmen.

TBC ("Nemesis").

Note: Krycek's ghost does not have an artificial arm. Becoming an adjutant to CSM within the Syndicate, Krycek oversaw the attempt by Jeffrey Spender to become a fully fledged member of the group and promptly manipulated him into turning against his father. Mulder races to make physical contact with a downed UFO before a secret government team can cover it up. Doggett found Skinner, released from the hospital, in Skinner's office, and they phoned Mulder. Krycek was assigned by them to bring the Cigarette Smoking Man out of retirement and to escort him back to them, so that the CSM could conduct an operation. Krycek also discovered that the fetus had been stolen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

In der sechsten Staffel führt er in Folge 12 Jeffrey Spender in das Syndikat ein. Nicholas Lea as Alex Krycek (3/21 episodes) James Pickens, Jr. as Deputy Director Alex Krycek (7/21 episodes) Tom Braidwood as Melvin Frohike (6/21 episodes) Bruce Harwood as …

Using his knowledge of the black oil and the mars rock recovered from a diplomat, Krycek lured Mulder to the site in Tunguska where they were apprehended. Using a voice synthesizer to phone and taunt the dying Skinner, Krycek was noticed by Mulder (although not recognized, thanks to the disguise), who gave chase in the parking lot. Despite this, Krycek escaped the partisans and ensured a powerful position within the Russian conspiracy. On May 13th 2001, a group of biologists employed by Schneider and led by Hidetoshi Kaeto, who were reknowned but imprisoned engineers in cloning, began the PHOENIX Program. — (Apocrypha), Their next encounter came in 1998, when Krycek, now a member of the Syndicate's agents once again, is sent to retrieve the Smoking Man, who had gone in to hiding after his colleagues attempted to kill him for his poor handling of Mulder. During an escape attempt, Mulder took Krycek as a hostage and drove out of the gulag in a truck. His sample, along with a number of others, was stolen by Schattenjaeger operatives in 2002.

... Biogenesis-Trilogie ... Michael Deffert, Boris Tessmann, Michael Iwannek. Mulder attempts his own escape, taking an unconscious Krycek with him.

Krycek later recovered the tape from it's locker and met CSM, under the influence of the black oil, and exchanged the tape for access to the UFO.

When Krycek mistakes the Bible the soldier is holding for a gun, he shoots Cole, killing him. When Lea appeared as Krycek, the producers felt that they could kill him off if the portraying actor didn't do a good enough job.

After failing to negotiate with the Well-Manicured Man over his release and the acquisition of the vaccine, his captor deduced that Krycek had, in fact, come into possession of a cure. Mulder was buried in a cemetery, although other returned abductees had been healed from this state by Jeremiah Smith, prompting Skinner to exhume Mulder and treat his bizarre condition. Mulder and Scully uncover a chilling link between a UFO cover-up and secret government experiments. Purity |

Krycek successfuly found him and brought him back to the Syndicate. When Mulder infiltrated a government facility and got chased down, Kryeck appeared to him as a ghost and let Mulder escape through a door.

Following Fox Mulder's return on Earth, he appeared on Walter Skinner and blackmailed him in order to kill Scully's unborn baby — (Deadalive) and in return he would give him the vaccine to save Mulder's life.He also helped in her abduction (Ascension) by the Syndicate. Goals depend on the episode.

Agent Krycek working on the X-Files with Fox Mulder, As he had been working on the case, Krycek had met Scully and had implied to Mulder that he had followed his work while training at the FBI Academy.

They attempted this, unsuccessfuly, before joining forces with Mulder and Scully.

Krycek does not appear in the first season, but Nicholas Lea did have a small part in the Monster-of-the-Week episode, "Gender Bender".

Because of his character's willingness to switch sides, he was known as the 'ratboy'.

Initially assigned to assist FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder in the X-Files unit, it was revealed he was working undercover as an operative for the Syndicate. As CSM walked away, Krycek offered to shoot him, as he had a good angle, but WMM refused the option, saying that he still had use for him. Kryeck was shot and killed by Walter Skinner in 2002.

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Two years later, they succeeded, recreating Alex Krycek in "perfect" hybrid form in a laboratory in Alaska.

Skinner refuses, and Krycek has a violent confrontation with John Doggett before escaping. By means unknown, he then poisoned Skinner before doing the same to Orgel. He met her at the sight of a cosmic event in Russia and argued with her there, ending their seeming disagreement by spitting at her. After discovering the Rebels had stolen the Alien fetus, he fled and left the Syndicate to die in an ambush at El Rico Air Force Base. Following this, Krycek was betrayed by her, when she rescued Dmitri from Krycek's captivity. However, Krycek said he was only there to bring him back.

While tracking the ruthless bounty hunter who has abducted Scully, Mulder uncovers an alien plan to colonize Earth. He plays an almost-victim of the episode's culprit. (TXF: "Tunguska") also at some point the CSM had got in contact with him and hired as an undercover agent for the FBI.

He later killed Barry by unknown means before disappearing after Mulder had become suspicious of him. He is initially introduced in the second season as a partner for FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder in the absence of his previous partner, Dana Scully. — (Paper Clip). Again working on the orders of CSM, Krycek (alongside Luis Cardinal) attempted to murder Scully, but accidentally killed her sister Melissa instead, before fleeing the scene.

Upon finding him, Krycek seemed tempted to simply kill him, rather than bring him back.


Little is known about Krycek's early life or education, other than his parents were Cold War immigrants and that he is consequently fluent in Russian.

— (Requiem). Deprived of food and water, Krycek admitted to possessing a vaccine when WMM threatened to send him back to Russia. Krycek contacted Skinner and promised him the alien virus vaccine (which could save Mulder's life and prevent him from transforming into an alien replicant), in return for Skinner making sure that Scully's baby did not come to term. In 2002, as Mulder attempted to flee a pursuing Knowle Rohrer inside Mount Weather, Krycek appeared to Mulder, opening a steel door for him before closing and locking it on Rohrer. — (Anasazi), Soon thereafter, Krycek and his partner, Luis Cardinal, were ordered to kill Dana Scully.

As the Syndicate prepared to meet with the colonists, the CSM noticed that many were absent and queried Krycek's whereabouts. Krycek, who was initially created by writer Howard Gordonto tempora…

Krycek revealed that he had hidden the tape in Washington, D.C., and vowed to give the tape to Mulder in exchange for his freedom. Born His role was most prominent in the show's conspiracy plot, being part of the Syndicate, a secret organization which worked to hide evidence of extraterrestrial life from the public. Krycek later escaped an attempt on his life via a car bomb by CSM, and fled to Hong Kong with the tape.

Krycek told him that the Syndicate members were preparing to be given the hybrid genes, with the exception of Spender's father, who had gone to retrieve Cassandra.

In 1995 he and Luis Cardinal made an attempt on her life under the orders of the Cigarette Smoking Man but by accident they killed her sister Melissa. Before fleeing, Krycek maliciously continued to punch Skinner and left him bloodied and unconscious in the stairwell. Episode 2X06 Air date: October 21, 1994 Written by: Paul Brown Directed by: Michael Lange Guest Cast STEVE RAILSBACK as Duane Barry NICHOLAS LEA as Alex Krycek WILLIAM B. DAVIS as the Cigarette-Smoking Man SHEILA LARKEN as Margaret Scully MITCH PILEGGI as Assistant Director Walter Skinner STEVEN WILLIAMS as X MERIDETH BAIN WOODWARD as Doctor Ruth Slaughter …

In 2000, the Cigarette Smoking Man managed to have Krycek thrown into Forj Sidi Toui, a Tunisian penal colony. Egotistical Rogue

After using his position to sabotage a potential rescue of Scully by Mulder, at the CSM's behest, Krycek eventually was forced to flee the Bureau and work directly for his superior. This title may not be available to watch from your location.

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