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The antidote to mass society, the pamphlet declared, was a decentralized movement based on small, self-organized collectives.20. Mayday took place a year after the Nixon administration invaded Cambodia, an escalation of the Vietnam War that had provoked angry walkouts on more than a hundred college and university campuses.

The stakes were tremendous: a small slip-up could lead to torture and death.

And I would appreciate it if people would speak to me as a human being and not a freak object."42. This process of self-examination and collective discussion was best suited for small groups, which facilitated intimacy and internal democracy. Another 1500 were packed into the jail's recreation yard. The description of small feminist groups is from Jo Freeman, The Politics of Women's Liberation (New York: David McKay Company, 1975), p. 103. "My first night at the camp, I attended an open meeting of almost the entire camp," one woman wrote afterwards.

The police gave the campers until noon to clear out. Unlike any national demonstration before it, this action was to be created through a decentralized structure, based on geographic regions. Mayday Tactical Manual, p. 3; Gandhi is quoted in Harris Wofford Jr., "Non-Violence and the Law: The Law Needs Help," in Civil Disobedience: Theory and Practice, ed.

Brass recalls, "A lot of the people in that contingent were very happy to be included in something like [Mayday]. An organizing leaflet elaborated: "[T]he overall discipline will be non-violent, the tactic disruptive, and the spirit joyous and creative." "Most everyone I know is tired of demonstrations," wrote New Left leader David Dellinger. "27, All the participants in the Days of Rage were organized into affinity groups, which Weatherman treated less like egalitarian collectives and more like military platoons. Rennie Davis and David Dellinger of the People's Coalition for Peace and Justice and Jerry Coffin of the War Resisters League began planning the actions; later in 1970 Michael Lerner joined their number. Downtown Albuquerque more closely resembled a theater of operations on Sunday night as riot police released tear gas and shot rubber bullets at protesters and journalists following hours of peaceful protests.




[5], The Nixon administration secretly canceled the protester's camping permit. 64-65. The protesters engaged in hit

"1, Opinions vary as to whether the action was successful. Stokely Carmichael and Charles V. Hamilton, Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America (New York: Random House, 1967), p. 37.

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