The film is directed by Staten Cousins-Roe and stars Katie Brayburn as lead character Lou, a woman desperate to get out of her brain-numbing job and away from her definitely toxic, smothering mother. Bravo Mr. Roe for doing just that, the writer, the producer, the director, damn even the editor, absolutely a gem that I would be proud to show anyone looking a good recommendation. The submerged treasure of Italian and international cinema. Follows a writer seeking peace and solitude in the countryside to recover from tragedy and finish her book. var zergnet = document.createElement('script'); Val pitched in with some hit and miss one-liners, but her character added some quirkiness to the film which I liked.

Katie Brayben Poppy Roe Ben Lloyd-Hughes Tomiwa Edun Sinéad Matthews Sian Clifford Fiona Glascott Sarah Ball Owain Rhys Davies David Newman Carys Lewis David Manson Matthew Woodyatt, Giles Alderson Charity Wakefield Staten Cousins-Roe Poppy Roe, Self-Help: A Serial Killer's Guide to Life, Руководство для серийного убийцы, 81 mins   It cuts to the title card and then proceeds to the main protagonist of the film, Lou, walking down a hill towards the beach where she’s wearing her headphones listening to Chuck Noah’s self-help audio recording. – Check out the top online pokies in Australia at Casinonic gaming club!

CW: contains spoilers for the film. Sojourner McKenzie is a writer/editor with ‘chaotic bisexual energy’, according to some guy at a party. | Built by, how much “changing your life” depends on will rather than money, Wicked Winters: production company with a difference, New Nigerian film For Maria Ebun Pataki breaks the silence. Killer dialogue, characters, and performances combine with witty humour to make A Serial Killer's Guide to Life a classic in the making, one that is all killer, no filler. Only this time, without Simon’s yellow Fiat. Add the first question. And if you are going to be lame enough to Fight Club an audience, then you'd sure as hell had better have earned it. Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck to star in erotic thriller Deep Water, Ana de Armas on transforming into Marilyn Monroe for Blonde, Anna Diop’s Starfire gets a new look for Titans season 3, 10 Absurd Film Sequels Which Almost Happened, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds share Red Notice behind-the-scenes photos as filming wraps, Rami Malek says that No Time to Die will shock Bond fans. It’s a world full of people who mostly mean well, but often seem to simply spout the same platitudes about self-belief that people have been hearing for their entire life. var znscr = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; Lou’s mother Maureen, played by Sarah Ball, compares Lou to her friend Betty, who is now a high flying lawyer. There is an obvious similarity, but the style is quite different. Great performances, great script, great cinematography. … There was a solid dynamic between Lou and Val. And when she meets the not necessarily sane guru wannabe Val Stone, a murderous spree begins. We hope you're enjoying BRWC. 1. Here we have Lou, a self help junkie who collects all the dvds, books and live show tickets she possibly can as she looks to change her mundane life of working in a shop and looking after mom. Movie titles, images, etc. Having a compelling and relatable story also helps, but this journey of self-discovery that Lou and Val take completely throws this film off the rails.

The best part was the end, I'll never get that time back again, only pleasurable part was seeing the actress who played Val, her big eyes and appeal kept me from turning it off.

The last great British comedic film I’ve watched has got to be Four Lions. When the police arrive, there is no trace of Val. Louise Farnt is obsessed with the world of self-help. Sarah Ball was the standout performer in this film and it’s a shame to not see her get as much screen time in this film, as her fellow castmates. The films dark comedic aspects along with just the right character development and intrigue made this a very enjoyable watch. It reminds me of the time I went to the infamous ‘Landmark‘ forum over the summer to have a ‘breakthrough’. Is this perhaps a reflection of the current state of cinema where films are just pumped out, to eventually end up on streaming platforms?

I'd never heard of this film, and the thumbnail on Hulu did not have a trailer so I almost didn't watch this at all. She is on her knees, holding a bloody rolling pin and hitting someone on the ground. Films playing at this year’s festival.... Tobias Andersen made a great list at and I've watched some great (and not so great but bearable) movies…, A continuous list of every title currently released by Arrow Video, my favourite distribution company. If your ethos is less complex than the moral outlook of a Disney film, you probably shouldn’t have a book deal and a TV show. BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese. So I was primed to like A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life. Roe, meanwhile, oozes confidence as Val, and seems to exist permanently with a withering look on her face – as if baffled by the prevalence of self-help gurus who, in her words, often look like “greased-up paedos”. Funny. Equally funny and sad, A Killer’s Guide to Life is a delightful tale of loneliness, friendships and what feeling empty can do to you. Lou dreams of self improvement and a better life. But, there was one that stood out in regards to the mispronunciation of a certain country starting with the letter S. For me, there was too much inconsistency with this film, not so much with the comedic side, although that is one aspect, but with the story as a whole. Addicted to self-help guides and guru's Lou becomes beguiled by a mysterious women (Val) who seems to have it all, amazing self confidence, clear life goals and a action plan to achieve them. That’s until she meets Val, played by Poppy Roe, an enigmatic woman who wants to be the best life coach in the world. Love this movie, don't understand how it's rated so low here??? I loved the contrast of colours used in between Lou and Val’s individual scenes. This scene is a microcosm of the things that do and don’t work about the film.

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