10900 Wilshire Blvd.

See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Replaced differential to fix noise along with some vibration. Hard shifting 1st to 2nd gear. if this is normal, this will be my last Toyota. The only thing that changed prior to the onset of the spontaneous acceleration was that I acquired a blackberry curve to replace my previous cell phone.

Known Toyota problem. I took the vehicle to the dealer, lithia Toyota in klamath falls or, and was told "the computer needs to adjust to your driving style", but it still hasn't happened. Rear axle seal failed and leaked differential fluid into rear brake drum on driver side.

Shifts way smoother and gas is more responsive after update. I used the same technique and it eventually slowed.

2009 Toyota Tacoma doublecab 4x4 trd, upon slowing down and entering a turn engine rpm will increase while pressing the gas pedal without vehicle accelerating before transmission engages abruptly. I have no proof, but I think they did not grease this u-joint when I took it in for service. Rod was repositioned and nut tightened. And charged me to inspect. The cruise control was not engaged. I have taken the truck to two dealerships, both have not been helpful or have recognized the problem. If you are in heavy traffic or crossing a busy highway this is very unnerving and in my opinion a safety issue and an accident just waiting to happen. See real-world Toyota Tacoma transmission problems and repair histories as reported by other Toyota Tacoma owners. 2009 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 crew pickup truck with auto transmission and v6 engine accelerated unexpectedly to over 80 mph, then later on the same trip it happened again. Bearing was chirping, noise when away with clutch engagement. I bought the truck new from the dealership and have experienced four instances where after pressing the gas pedal hard, thus into overdrive, the truck either kept speeding up or did not rev back down. Serious safety hazard, as this has happened when making a u-turn in traffic with cars approaching. Delayed engagement in these Tacoma models is a public safety concern, as many owners have extensively complained about the transmission’s failure to engage while driving on the streets. Lubed clutch fork pivot. Roaring and vibration. Brought this to the attention of Toyota and their answer was,"vehicle is operating properly and is doing what it is designed to do". the service manager said, "well, I can tell you we are not going to buy it back. "

Nothing done. Two different Toyota mechanics told me the tranny is computer operated and needs to learn my driving habits. Brought to a different dealer who fixed it under warranty.

Truck has been to the shop several times for the hesitation issue w/o resolution of the problem, Replace entire transmission under warranty, Driver side needle bearing in front differential. Toyota Tacoma owners have reported 84 problems related to automatic transmission (under the power train category). The pedal did not get stuck after I had pressed it all the way down. When ascending mountain passes, in drive, letting off on gas as summit is reached, vehicle accelerates over summit and continues acceleration. It now has 9000kms. truck shifts good now .

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